Monday, 14 March 2011

Source Code - the first five minutes, new stills and more interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal from SXSW

Source Code may have left SXSW but there's still plenty to catch up with. First off, nothing makes me smile quite like seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on a red carpet - he's so good at it.

There are also a couple more video interviews with Jake, including one from a journalist from Wales, Cat, who wins brownie points from me because she wanted to get the word 'stonking' into her interview. If you head over to ManMadeMovies, they have Cat's interview with Duncan.

So far so good, but this video below is so spoilery it's got spoilers bursting out of the spoilers. It's the first five minutes of Source Code from Yahoo. I have no intention of watching it til I've seen the film so please don't discuss it unless I've got my fingers in my ears.

Duncan and Rodene have been blogging about their weekend and have included the picture from my post yesterday that they were laughing about on Twitter last night! I think you can tell which one. Duncan mentions his and Jake's funny moments with Paul Ruebens - aka Pee-wee Herman - and Reubens has been talking to The Playlist about Nailed. He has some lovely things to say about Jake and Jessica Biel:

'I would go home every single night in awe of both leads in the movie, I just could not believe what they were doing. As an actor, what they’re doing is very, very complicated and complex. It’s really hard to pull off what they did. You have to be effortless, but it’s really hard to do,” Reubens said. “And I’ve never seen anybody be so successful with something that complicated [as Gyllenhaal was]. And Jessica Biel is literally—I hate this word, but I can’t think of another word to use—is like a revelation. She’s so incredibly good in the movie, and again, no one’s ever seen her do anything like this… This is like an ingenue. It’s almost like Dorothy in ‘The Wizard Of Oz.’”'

There is a new interview in Toro magazine and, interestingly, Jake reveals that they spent two years looking for a director for Source Code before they knew that Duncan was the one. Jake talks about working on big and small movies and compares working with Duncan to working with Ang Lee:

'And then patience, which is, to me, one of the most amazing qualities I saw from all of the people I’ve worked with. I find a lot of similarities between Ang Lee and Duncan Jones. In personality, in interpretation of scenes, in the ability to let actors really encompass a world and feel empowered but at the same time have total control over the story that they’re telling. It’s almost like a magician. You feel like you’re creating the thing that’s happening, and in some ways you’re helping it be created, but ultimately there is a true wizard there. Personality-wise, Duncan is very quiet and sort of soft spoken, very introverted, very similar to Ang. When I met him, it was strange, my instinct connected to a similar thing when I met Ang.'

'In terms of bigger and smaller films, it’s a testament to the fact that any movie can be any size. They can grow, they can shrink…they become what they become when they are put out into the world. What matters to me is that there’s a human connection to the situation that any character is in. Something real that they’re struggling with. Ultimately, what are they really trying to find? Or, as an actor, why do the movie? Sometimes, when a film gets too large you lose perspective on the sort of smaller aspects of a character, or to a human connection. With Brokeback, Jarhead and Zodiac, these movies always had a human undertone to them. With Source Code, it’s in a similar vein. You go back to the human story even when you’re entertained; you go back to the “why” every time.'

And finally...

There's a chance that I may be having a little adventure tomorrow, so watch this space!

Source Code stills from Yahoo (thanks to Eureka for the heads up!).


Carlota said...

It's a great pleasure to see him interacting with fans and interviewers he's so charming and always ready for a good laugh enjoying the moment he is living.I like it, that spirit keeps people physically and mentally younger.

And now you got me thinking all night long about the little adventure! :D Can't wait for the mystery to be revealed!

Nighty night!


Anonymous said...

Hi WDW! I had an incredibly busy weekend so I'm just now catching up with all the latest from SXSW. Phew! There's a lot to get through and it's ALL fantastic; thanks so much for all your hard work.

I'm trying to avoid SC spoilers as much as possible, but the temptation to watch some of the clips is nearly overwhelming. *must not watch... must not watch... must not watch*

I've been following Duncan and Rodene's travelblog and enjoying it immensely. It's fascinating to get a glimpse of the craziness from their perspective.

Good luck on your adventure, whatever it may be!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Carlota! I love the video of Jake on the red carpet - brings back some wonderful memories for me :)

Enjoy the catch up, Susan! A lot going on :D I'm doing very well at avoiding spoilers, so I'm certainly not watching the opener here! But I'll appreciate it later. A huge bonus for SC is Duncan - it's wonderful following him and Rodene through all this. And he tweets at me! Even better :D

BBMISwear said...

The SC SXSW stuff has been so amazing I'm going to miss it! But I guess with Duncan's press tour continuing and Jake probably hitting at least a couple of TV shows (although so far only Jimmy Kimmel on 3/23 has been announced) we certainly do have more of this type of stuff to look forward to. And then, of course, the movie itself!!

Have fun tomorrow WDW...I know you will!! :-)

gyllenhaalic4jake said...

Lordy, Lordy...Jake looks so HOT in Source Code I shall take my fire extinguisher to the theatre on April 1!

Anonymous said...

I've taken several trips over the years on Amtrak, been on the subway many times I have one question....

WHERE WAS JAKE?! :D I do have to admit that on my last trip up to Boston there was a guy sitting diagonally from me that, from the back, looked like Jake. When he stood up he even looked like Jake until he turned around and I could see his face. He was a good looking guy just not Jake :(

thanks WDW for all the stills and vids

I think this movie is going to be a WINNER (sorry don't mean to use one of CS catch phrases)

mermon said...

I couldn't hold myself and I watched first 5 minutes of SC. Actually it's not spoilery. It's just, that I know now what is the beginning of the story.
Nice interviews with Jake.
I like when he compares Ang Lee and Duncan.
Have a good afternoon.

LadyEkster said...

Really WDW, I should dislike this place. You're making it SO hard for me to keep away from clips, spoilers and stuff! Arrrgh! *big grin*

On a brighter note: Jake was born for premieres, red carpets and interviews. The way he charms the socks off everybody, like that woman who forgot her 'stonking' mission... it's so cool to watch.

Oh, and did I mention I'm having my fingers crossed for your little adventure, plus how much I enjoyed Jake comparing Duncan to Ang Lee? :)

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW and everyone...
WOW, there are sure a lot to catch up... so much it makes me forget what to say here... hahaha :D
All the excitement, the news, reviews, interviews, stills, and vids are very very wonderful..
I love the article where Jake's talking about how working with Duncan was similar to working with Ang Lee, and that he related working on Source Code with BBM, Jarhead, and Zodiac.
The Twitvid of Jake and Pee-Wee is really funny, I watched it over and over again..;)
And right now I'm facing my dilemma for the first 5minute vid, I know it will be so spoilery it's got spoilers bursting out of the spoilers(that is one hell of a funny, but it is so tempting that everytime I'm going through the vid while I'm sliding up and down the page, it's as if it is screaming "PLAY me now, there will be lots of Gyllengoodies!!!", so please give me strength to resist, friends!!
I got my LAOD DVD today from, and I'm so glad that it can be played on my DVD player, yay! Haven't watch it yet though, only two bits of the deleted scenes, I'm really excited about it...
So Thanks a lot for all the great great posts WDW!!! Off now to continue my catching up...

Monica said...

I know you're not reading the reviews, but I hope that is no problem putting this excerpt here. It is free of spoilers:
There are two things you should know about Source Code: it’s funny, and it’s not a twist film. The humor comes from the excellent performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, who delivers his most diverse and entertaining turn yet. This script calls for him to embody amnesic confusion, military discipline, and a wide-range of emotional stuffs inbetween, and the actor is up to the challenge. Impressively, he does all of this while still centering the character as a sharply humorous and generally charming guy- this tiniest hint of Cary Grant accentuates the strong wafts of Hitchcock that permeate the film itself.

You're doing great work all those days.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! I've been offline all day - for a great reason! I can definitely say that you will be doing yourself a big favour if you resist spoilers! It was wonderful watching it knowing so little about it.

Waves to everyone! I can't write more as shattered so I'll catch up tomorrow.