Saturday, 12 March 2011

[Updated] Source Code premieres! Jake, Vera, Michelle and Duncan shine at SXSW - a first report

Updated to add this great video of the Q&A!

Thanks to Mermon for the heads up.

What a night! Source Code premiered in Austin, Texas, and Jake Gyllenhaal was back on the red carpet, along with Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Duncan Jones and writer Ben Ripley. There's a huge amount to catch up with and so this post is a preliminary report. There will be more to come. But now it's time to dive in to a night of Source Code goodies.

I particularly liked this first interview with Jake, in which he talks about how fans can be inspired by a movie and can develop its ideas further. This took me right back to 2006.

You can read Jake's words here. “What I think is cool about Source Code Mission is that the idea of the source code in the movie is that it’s a computer game, and you know, off that computer game, different tangents are created,” Gyllenhaal told WebProNews. “And you affect the world as a result of that game. And the computer game that’s actually in reality – this reality – that’s on the Internet – is that same sort of idea, and is a tangent off the movie – that you can actually create other realities, and based on where you are, and the potential for the game is…just beginning now, but I think the user will create whatever it’s supposed to be.”

“To me, normally, you have a lot of games with movies [as] a way of marketing movies, and this feels like a way of creatively telling another story based on the story that was already told,” he added. “I just have all of these crazy, amazing ideas based on it, because what if we can get people on the Internet involved in the story after they’ve seen – or even before they’ve seen the movie, but particularly after they’ve seen the movie, there are so many possibilities…the possibilities are endless…”

I've purposefully avoided reviews of the film but there are lots of photos around of the Q&A that followed the screening. KVUE has a couple of galleries - of the whole gang, of Just Jake. They also have a video from the red carpet.

Here Jake, Michelle and Vera talk about being in Austin: '“This is not my first time in Austin. I love this city,” said actor Jake Gyllenhaal... “I already had a bike ride this morning. Would like to hit up some of the food trucks around town. Whatever I can run into. That's what I love about Austin,” Gyllenhaal said. “This is my first time in Austin...really happy to be here,” said Monaghan. “I'm going to go for a run around the lake tomorrow. I'm really excited about that actually.” Faniga said, “I'm excited to do some exploring, eat some fabulous food, listen to some great music.”'

'“We're opening the film festival with a movie I'm really excited about," Monaghan said. "And some guy named Jake Gyllenhaal. He's all right.”'

It was exciting last night following events on Twitter - there were some thrilled tweeters about, capturing photos of Jake and Michelle during their Unscripted interview for Moviefone. Here are some links to just a few: tweet 1, tweet 2, tweet 3, tweet 4, the theatre, and this great picture from a meet and greet with Jake. One can get slightly over enthusiastic though... ahem.

Many, many thanks to IHJ, who has done a magnificent job and so quickly! There are many more pictures there. I must say that Vera Farmiga looks absolutely sensational and I love Duncan's t-shirt! Duncan showed Moon at SXSW back in 2009 and it was clear that he was glad to be back at this his favourite festival.

The panel takes place today and so there will be details of that later as well as, no doubt, much, much more from last night as the hours go by. So stay tuned.

And finally...

Going off in a completely different tangent, we have our first taster of Jake on Shalom Sesame...


Wet Dark and Wild said...


Good morning everyone! What a night. I'm playing catch up but this'll do for starters. Have a great Saturday!

Alejandra said...

Morning, WDW! What a fantastic way to start the weekend. I checked the pics on IHJ hours ago and was absolutely amazed by them. Jake is looking so young and happy! Makes me glad. :-D

But of course, you had to find something that would take my mind away from Source Code: Sesame Street! Loved the clip. And saved it too. ;-)

I'll be a kid for the rest of the day now. Thanks for the post! xo

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Alejandra! I'm so glad you liked the Sesame Street video - it did make me laugh and took me right back to PoP days :D Have a lovely Saturday!

Carlota said...

Morning everyone!
It's such a pleasure to spend every minute reading all the juicy details about Source Code that you have compiled,Kate!

Thanks so much for making this process easier, it saves so much time having all the interesting info organized in here instead of hopping from one site to another!

I've only read a review (where they say good things about the movie and the cast) and I must be strong enough not to read any others because I 'll have to wait until the end of April to see the movie in Madrid so I don't want to go all conditioned to the theater.

But just wanted to check if critics were treating our guys good...Sometimes I feel bad in a stupid way when people that I look up to get negative reviews I take it too personal I'm afraid! I blame it on my spanish roots hahaha!

That CUUUUTE Shalom Sesame clip is priceless! I LOVE IT! Back in the days when I watched Sesame Street I can't recall seeing such cuties/alluring creatures on tv! :D


mermon said...

Shalom everybody! Shalom Jake!
Fantastic news from premiere. So far people seems to like the movie a lot. The twits are so nice. And they don't spoil anything. It's seems, that all the actors are appreciated and our Jake very much so. And so many pictures!
I agree with you WDW - Vera Fermiga looks well.

Sesame's Street - just sweet.

I found this:

Anonymous said...

WOW you've been a busy beaver, WDW. Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled for all the Jake stuff. I liked how he described the movie, I heard it's hard one to describe. And it seems to me that he is interested in the gaming aspects of the movie, stuff that can be marketed to fans afterwards (and developed with the movie) I wonder if that is a field he wants to have a stake in for his future movies.

I wish I were in Austin right now.

And I loved the Shalom Sesame.


karmentxu said...

It's true! Here, always a lot of news , details quickly. As I said, Love this web.

Thanks Carlota, in Spain the end of April, genial, soon. I also feel bad for negative reviews but "blame it on my spanish roots", ok... funny

Look at this: 15 fantastic photos last night, just Jake

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It's a pleasure Carlota! Glad you enjoyed the post - and there's lots more to come later. I'm really avoiding the reviews. I did seem without reading it, that the Guardian loved the film.

Hi Mermon! That's a great video, I must add that :D

I wish I were there too, Sweetpea :) A really interesting interview that one.

Thanks so much, Karmentxu! I'm very protective of Jake too. Those pics are great - they're actually linked to in the post ;)

Such a lovely day here today, which is crazy because in the north they've got more snow...

BBMISwear said...

Wow! So much great stuff! Thanks for all the updating WDW (and I know you'll have more more more)!!

I wish my day wasn't so busy as I'd love to sit here and just surf the net and take it all in but I guess that's what I'll be doing tomorrow during my "day of rest". Not a bad way to spend a quiet Sunday, huh?!

I'll check back when I can and do a big catch up tomorrow. Any word if the panel this afternoon will be streamed anywhere? If not maybe the SXSW site will have a podcast up of it afterward - I hope so!!

Again...great, great stuff and I'm so happy for Jake, Duncan and the whole SC gang right now. Of the many festivals, Q&A's, etc. that I've been to I would have loved for my schedule to have worked out to have been to THIS one. Oh well. Maybe next time!

Talk later I'm sure... :-)

Get Real said...

EEEE!!! So loving all the Jake/SC love going on!!!

Great videos and pics!! So thrilled to see all the pr going on for SC. I have see the ad on tv a lot and am happy about that.

Btw, what a asshole to trying and take a pic of Jake at the urinal...disgusting. So glad Jake has quick reflexes.

Thanks so much WDW for keeping us updated!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Just put post no 2 up ahead of the panel, which is just about to start.

Hi BBMISwear :-) I think we'll get something from the panel. There's also a full report of the Q&A coming. Fortunately there are some good friends to MMM in the panel audience and it sounds like they have things covered. I know, I wish I were there too :) So exciting.

It's been so busy here - not stopped following it all, catching up, so tomorrow may be a day of rest for me too :D

Isn't it all fantastic, Get Real?! But that was just terrible. Can hardly believe it. What an idiot.