Saturday, 12 March 2011

Source Code's SXSW panel and Jake Gyllenhaal catches up with Nailed co-star Peewee Herman

The third post of the day takes us to the Source Code panel at SXSW, which, as we're used to with Jake Gyllenhaal panels, was guaranteed to make people laugh and enjoy themselves, but this was enhanced by Duncan Jones who has been described as being positively 'giggly'. Before we get to that, Peewee Herman tweeted today from SXSW and he had this to say: 'wanted to find out what the #SourceCode is... so I stopped by to ask Jake!'

Peewee stars in Nailed alongside Jake and so there is history there. I just hope it comes to the conclusion it deserves.

We are so lucky today to have pictures straight from the panel. Ryan Boulding wrote about the premiere last night on ManMadeMovies and today tweeted throughout the panel. I particularly like this answer of Jake's in response to the question of if can travel travel through time after appearing in so many time shifting films (Donnie Darko, Prince of Persia, Source Code): 'I do know how to travel through time. I have a time machine if you want to join me. My delorian is out back.' I'm very grateful to Ryan for letting me share his pictures from the day.

You can read a full account of the panel here. I'm delighted to hear about the Twelve Monkeys vibe (I'm still managing to avoid all spoilers...).

There are more details of the premiere here on Wired. Duncan's enthusiasm for being back in front of the SXSW crowd is catching.

You can read a SXSW interview with Mark Gordon, the producer of Source Code over at Hollywood Reporter.

It's going to take a while to take stock on the treats that SXSW has delivered to us but the buzz for Source Code is immediate. I'm avoiding reviews at the moment but I hear, for example, that the Guardian gave it four stars. There is more to post - it'll follow tomorrow. Congratulations to Duncan, Jake, Michelle and Vera and everyone else who represented Source Code in Austin!

Many thanks to Ryan for sharing his pictures and experience with us.


Anonymous said...

WOW there certainly is a lot of goodies to go through. Thanks for bringing them all to us who could not be in Austin (darn it)

thanks WDW


Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Sweetpea :) Just don't expect any sense from me tomorrow :D

Hui said...

WDW~~~you r really a hard-working bee, but I love it!!:)
So many wonderful vids and pics and I am too exceited to sleep!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning WDW,
Thanks for all the great news, pics, videos etc.! Love them.
Have a nice day :-)

TD said...

I like reading about the film's press from the-fans-of-Duncan-Jones-angle, they seem really nice and are polite about Jake and the cast in a refreshing way. Easy to read.
Still no poster up for Source Code at my local Curzon, even tho they trailer'd it. :(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Moving in slow motion today...

Hi Hui! What an exciting couple of nights. I dreamt about it all last night.

Thanks Christina!

Hello TD :) One of the real, real pleasures of the SC promotion is sharing it all with Duncan's fans. It's meant a lot to me and I'm so proud at how they have embraced me. It's been quite an experience. And Jake's chemistry with Duncan is so clear and good to see. Such good days :)

Lots more to post today :) Have a good Sunday!

Ruby said...

wow, so much great stuff! I haven't given it the attention it deserves yet, but I seem to conveniently have a free afternoon. Hopefully I can catch up. :D

Carlota said...

Standing ovation and this diploma that your full coverage inspired me to design this morning! :)

Amazing work Kate! Super interesting and detailed information! You can't ask for more.This place is for sure the CNN of Gyllenhaal! :D

So fun that pic of Jake with Pee Wee and the video of Jake explaining the Pee Wee Herman show on Broadway is the cutest thing! :D In case you haven't seen it, here is the link…

And don't miss Duncan/Rodene perspective on the event on Tumblr. Love these guys!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Just got back from the movies and saw the Source Code trailer! I swear I nearly spilt my icecream in my lap.... Looked fantastic on the big screen and the blokes behind me were talking about how good they'd heard it was - fab!

Great to see you, Rubes! Enjoy the catch up. More on the way :D

Thank so so much, Carlota! I shall print that out :D I have these things saved for the post.

Just doing the new post now :)

mermon said...

WDW - thank you form everything.
"He's (Jake) got an admirably upbeat personality, but he seems downright morose compared to Jones, who contrasts with his cerebral films by coming across as downright giggly at times."
It's something nice about that festival, some good air around it, despite restroom incident. Such a positive energy. Interesting that
Vera didn't have too much chances to work with Jake. They have some nice pictures together from festival.
I don't like too much Michele hairdo, she looked better somehow in the SC movie.