Thursday, 24 March 2011

[Updated] More Jake video interviews to go with Jake Gyllenhaal on the Jimmy Kimmel Show - comes with a Karaoke warning...

While we catch up on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, which has left an image in my mind of Jake's mum traipsing around the less salubrious streets of London Town in search of elusive street artists, here are some more video interviews from today, courtesy of Collider and Reelz Channel. I particularly like the former because Jake talks about playing Wii Tennis. Wouldn't mind giving him a run for his money on that one... Ahem. Jake also says that he, like David O Russell, has no idea about what is happening with Nailed and that he always follows his director. Like that.

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And some more bits and pieces:

And back to Jimmy K!

Last night, in the wee small hours, Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the full interview in four chunks. As a Brit, I think I have just about unconfused Jimmies Kimmel and Fallon in my head now. Unnamed sources have informed me that Kimmel is the one with the merkin and not the yellow bananas.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Another beautiful day (although I'm at work again.... harrumpf) and this makes a great start to it!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thank you so much, WDW. Too bad I have to wait till I'm home to listen to Jake and Jimmy.
Enjoy your day at work never the less.

Carlota said...

The story behind his mom's bday present is the cutest thing ever! :D And the recurrent joke during the whole interview about Jimmy's tie crackep my up, because he is absolutely right, "the cape tie" hahahaha So true! Jake is such a fashionista! :)

BTW what did Jimmy whisper about Oprah? I love Jake's face but since they were talking at the same time I couldn't hear the "evil comment" I'm assuming here by Jake's reaction that it was an "evilish" remark.. am I right?


winterbird said...

Excellent interview. I love that he mentioned BAFTA time again :)

His mum's birthday gift is a great story, and Ikea swedish meatballs, lol.

Carol said...

I love his mom's birthday gift story. Really cute one:)

Anonymous said...

I listened to it before I came online, I taped it. I thought Jake was adorable. He and Jimmy K get along so well. Jimmy loves to use Oprah for his jokes. When Jake mentions being in Australia at the same time as Oprah and he went to a restaurant I think Jimmy said something "and she ate it." or something along those lines. I'm not 100% sure, but it is something Jimmy would say.

I was so glad Jake started to appear on Jimmy, he and Ellen crack me up day and night.

I loved the birthday gift his mom got him (and what lengths she went to get it. What a mom!)

I noticed that Jake seems to be bringing up BBM and Ang Lee while he is promoting SC. I expected it to be brought up during LAOD, since he and Anne worked together in BBM, but I like his comparison to Duncan and Ang. It just shows how much BBM affected him and is on his mind. I thought the birthday story of his friend being with him at the Baftas and tying his tie was funny.

I hope Jake appears on Ellen


mermon said...

Very nice interviews! I understood almost everything but Mom's gift. What did she give to him?
Jake looks good and relaxed. I also like the story with him and his longtime friend tying his tie.
I like Jimmy Kimmel, he doesn't make a star of himself like some others, he really listens what his guest has to say.

sass said...

Delightful interview...Jake is always so much fun. Next Friday I go to see Source Code. TY!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! So glad to be back home...

Thanks Mrs JG :) I've still not watched them - I'm about to do that now while I eat my tea. I must update the post then.

Hi Carlota! I'll be sure to listen out for that bit :D

Good to see you, Winterbird!

I'm looking forward to hearing that bit, Carol :D

Hi Sweetpea :D It's been interesting listening to Jake talk about Duncan and Ang - he's done that a few times now. I like that.

Hi Mermon! I understand that Naomi gave Jake a print by the London street artist Banksy - they're incredibly difficult to get hold of.

Yay for that, Sass! Me too :D

BBMISwear said...

I'm so glad those in the states have the Jimmy Kimmel Show interview available to watch on line - it's a great one! I have it recorded and must watch it again (and again) - it's THAT good! I don't know if it shows up on the clips but there is a quick shot of Jake backstage behind a bar making and pouring drinks for people - I love it! And even though the content of the interview was fabulous and there is so much to focus on I have to add that those pants he is wearing - *THUD*

Is it tonight yet?! I need to watch it again and soon!! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) Just settling down to watch it now - I'm glad it's available online for us lot outside the States too!

mermon said...

Thank you WDW for explanation.
It was funny when Jake was asking for an available guy for his mom. That was sweet. Does that means she's ready for a new relationship? It's so nice for a son to try to find some happiness for his mother, even if it was a kind of joke.He asked for a guy in her age, but why not to find her a younger guy? :)

Carlota said...

Thanks so much sweetpea for your help on Jimmy's joke about Oprah! :) I enjoy his interviews, he always makes me laugh!

Too bad I haven't had the chance to see that part of Jake pouring drinks for people that you mentioned BBMIswear! Sounds so cool and sweet to see!

You're going to enjoy the interview for sure Kate!


Eureka said...

Hi everyone!
Lovely interviews. I like Jimmy Kimmel and Jake interviews always fun. About the present, I had to google it. She got a Banksy stencil.
I had to look it up cause I did not know about this artist.
At last we know how was Jake's birthday... last we knew was about a trip to the Artic...but that never did happen right?
I'd like a drink, could Jake pour some for us? ;o)
Thanks a lot WDW.

Eureka said...

Ohh! and I loved him mentioning Withney Houston songs. I loved those songs. Although he may be probably making fun of the songs... :o(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Finished watching Kimmel - loved it :)

Hi Mermon!

I did, Carlota!

Nope, no Arctic for Jake, Eureka, but maybe he'll head up there during the summer, or maybe he'll do something pleasant instead :D

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the best friend Jake is talking about is Chris Fischer. Right?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Friday at last - one week to go til SC in the US and UK.

Your guess is as good as mine, 05:00, Jake appears to have a lot of best friends :)

Have a good day everyone and huge birthday greetings and hugs to the lovely Ruby xxx

Carlota said...

Morning everyone! Hope you have smashing plans on mind for this weekend! :)

I found the interview so cool and hilarious. The idea of Jake playing Wii Tennis while singing "I will always love you" cracks me up hahaha! I definitely LOVE his sense of humor. It is something really important in my life and I've realized that sense of humor can either join or separate people, simple as that! :)

Thanks so this one and for the other bits of Source Code. I'm seriously thinking of flying to London to see the movie this April 1st .... It's crazy because I would have to lie to my boss but I've caught myself checking for cheap flights in the net ... Schhhh don't tell him! What happens in WDW stays in WDW! :)

Talking about Jake's friend, I thought he was referring to David Modigliani, the filmmaker. Wasn't he the one who attended the BAFTA's? and since Jake mentioned recently that he had been visiting his best friend who lives in Austin and apparently David lives there ... the Sherlock on me told me they were talking about him. But I may be wrong!

Anyway, have a good weekend everybody!

Anonymous said...

He was talking about David. If you got to IHJ and check out the videos you can see him sitting next to Jake at the Baftas when he won.

mk said...

jake will be on jon stewart the daily show on march 30

karmentxu said...


Just ate, and now to watch all videos, trying to understand something

Just saw this, you know?

Anonymous said...

thanks for update about Jon Stewart

I like Jon

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for the comments, and the info, MK and karmentxu :)

I fully understand the pull, Carlota! The places I've travelled to because of Jake...

Hi Sweetpea :) I'm not a big fan myself but the more shows the better!

Carlota said...

Hey Karmentxu! Good news! We won't have to wait as much as we thought to see Source Code in Spain, the premiere has been rescheduled and now it's taking place in April 15th! :) Can't wait!

BTW if you ever have any problem understanding some interviews or news I'd be more than glad to help you (I'm also Spanish). Feel free to give your email address to Kate (WDW webmaster) and we'll be in touch!

Thanks so much Kate for your help.