Thursday, 7 April 2011

Berlin! Source Code comes to Berlin - a WDW adventure with Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones (and a very comfy theatre)

Let me tell you about my evening here in Berlin... I've been more than fortunate that during the past four years that I've been writing about Jake Gyllenhaal and his movies, and even before that time, I've had adventure upon adventure in cities near and far. Tonight, Berlin 2011 joins that list. And it's been even more special than normal. Not least because so many Gyllenhaalics were at the Astoria theatre today, and quite a few of them were readers of WDW. It was a pleasure to meet all of you and to share a drink afterwards (despite the karaoke). I'm also delighted to say that the two spare tickets found good and deserving homes. And guess what? My pictures were good tonight!

I'll start at the beginning. The theatre, despite the building works outside, put down a red carpet, which I wasn't expecting. That meant that a few of us gathered by it, ignoring the professional autograph hunters. Having joined up with friends Christina, Ayda, Mrs JG and others, including some from a German Jake forum, we were moved indoors because we had tickets. There was champagne there. I didn't need telling twice.

After a short wait, a girl walked past with thumbs up and so you knew it was about to kick off. Duncan Jones with the lovely Rodene came by first and I was so thrilled that Rodene recognised my blog name when I told her and shook by hand. She and Duncan posed for a picture that I am going to treasure!

Next Jake walked in and the place went crazy as you would imagine but Jake was signing everything offered to him. I didn't have anything this time (I've run out of hooks on my wall) and I just told Jake that I'd come from London to see him. He took my hand in both of his and thanked me and I might have passed out and entered a parallel universe where dolphins waltz and tigers purr. It was just a moment but it was my moment.

The crowds were thick where Jake and Duncan posed for cameras (I did get some great shots of Jake's forehead) and so we went into the theatre, which was amazing. Without doubt this was the most incredible cinema I have ever been in. The seats leaned back and there were footstools! Being in the middle of the front row helped, especially when Jake and Dunan stood in front to talk about what Berlin meant to them.

Duncan has spent time in Berlin (his father lived in the city). Jake also mentioned he'd had some life experiences in Berlin in the 70s. Apart from that I remember little because my brain had entered another level that didn't involve audio capabilities.

But then, when they had gone, we had the pleasure of leaning back, putting our feet up and watching this incredible film called Source Code. It was awarded laughs and gasps by the audience and when it ended, and we all said our goodbyes, without doubt I knew this trip had been worth it.

I've not sorted out all my pictures - it is very late here - so there are a few here and many more to come. Plus, there will be pictures by others who were there tonight.

The pics are all mine here tonight so if you use them, please include a link back. Thank you!


Monica said...

I arrived at this time.

Good to know that everything worked! Oh,you're so happy. You deserve it!

Rodene and Duncan seem to be wonderful people.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you Monica! They are :)

I should point out that I'm never ever washing my right hand again...

Anonymous said...

Well. Done!!!!!
Thanks for all of it.Really been a lot of fun!...and I never had to leave my 'puter.:)

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I'm so happy for you and incredibly jealous of you all at the same time!! I'll probably have to travel halfway around the world to have a chance to see Jake in person -- and since that will never happen *sigh* I'll just continue living vicariously through your adventures. What amazing adventures they are! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

I've only seen source code twice, so far, and I'm dying to see it again with my regular group of movie buddies so I can discuss it at great length and marvel at what a magnificent job Duncan did and how awesome Jake was in it. I do hope this one does exceptionally well at the box office just because Duncan and all the rest deserve the attention that will come with a financially successful movie.

Winterbird said...



Another new record? Well done!!

I'm off to watch it for the 3rd time tomorrow.

mayumintolor said...

Hello! Thank you for sharing this incredible your adventure!
I'm very excited by your articles recently. because It's pleasure to know the experience that you and someone met Jake and had a conversation directly. :)

regina said...

Congratulations, dear! I am jealous of you too!
You deserve it for your dedication and your generosity to share with us.

gyllenhaalic4jake said...

I am trying desperately to cope with the reality that web friends of mine met Jake and I probably never will. I'm not ashamed to admit this; I'm sure it is the sentiment of many Jake fans. But I accept your good fortune and know how wonderful it must have been. I shall continue to go along my merry way promoting dear Jake in my own ways. He is, and always will be, my fondest dream! Congratulations, ladies!

BBMISwear said...

Well this just says it all: "It was just a moment but it was my moment." Isn't that EXACTLY the feeling?! That moment?! He has such a way of making us feel a certain way and I am so happy to hear that that is how it was for you in Berlin tonight WDW!!!!!

And...I say this half laughing out loud and half serious...OMG your pictures were good tonight?! Really? Really? (sorry...I'm laughing here and I hope you can hear it)! They are great pictures and I can't wait to see more!!!

Cheers to all the WDWers who were in Berlin and thank you for sharing the experience! I've said it before and I'll say it again - this Source Code ride has been so incredible!! Looking forward to more of whatever is to come!

P.S. Just got home from seeing my 3rd viewing of SC in the same theater I saw it in advance and met and talked to Duncan in Boston - it was so great to bring a friend that hadn't seen it yet. Everyone loved it as far as I could tell (no surprise there)!

Cheers! :-)

Carlota said...

It's 6.30 AM in Madrid and have just woken up to read the AMAZING news! I'm so happy and excited to see that my predictions about you having the luck on your side were RIGHT! Sometimes life is so fair and fantastic that looks it has been designed by a wonderful script writer that loves us! :D

Congratulations it's something that will remain in your heart forever and that will bring a HUGE bright smile on your face everytime you recall it!
And that feeling is priceless.

The pictures are incredible he looks STUNNING . Someone should  mint coins with his profile right now!

Gotta go to work but I'll keep compulsively checking to dive into your adventure!
Congrats again!

Eureka said...

Yes, yes Kate!
How fantastic! I'm so glad for you.
Now that I know how it is and how it feels definitely it's a GREAT memory to cherish.

Ha,ha. Don't wash your hand.

I'm so happy that this SC tour visited more countries in Europe and we had the chance to live it.

Beautiful pictures you got. :o)

Can't wait for MrsJG account too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Wow! Didn't sleep a wink... Thanks so much for the comments and for being so kind! Just amazing and amazing and yep, I definitely echo the sentiment that it is great SC has been to the continents!

Having serious trouble with email today - can't get on it at all. Maybe it's down. So apologies for not being able to reply to any emails for the time being.

Oh and there are many more pictures - I can't believe how they turned out! Isn't it amazine, BBMISwear! :-)

Catch you all later! Have a great Friday :)

mermon said...

Oh, @Kate! I'm so happy for you. That you had a chance to tell him, you're from London and that he appreciated that by holding your hand in his two hands! I wish someone took a picture of you at that moment! :)
I can imagine the look on your face. Did anyone take a picture of both of you?
Thank you for sharing that magic moment and whole experience with us. The pictures are great!
I wonder if Jake goes to London today?

Snow said...

My first reaction when seeing the first close up: Oh my gawwwwwd. And that being said in English.

MAJOR congrats on this top experience which as I have read seems to be one of the best.

Berlin has definitely given luck to all Gyllenhaal ladies.

Washing hands? Ahh forget it, no one of us will mind you don't!

Have a great and pleasant -and more relaxing- day in Berlin today. It's fantastic you're having good weather!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

The great thing is, Mermon, Mrs JG did take a picture! I've not seen it yet and I cannot wait to! It will take pride of place on my wall! And thank you :)

Thank heavens forStarbucks - coffee and free Internet!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Snow! I cannot believe I took that picture!!

Carol said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time WDW.

The pictures are fab. You deserve these great adventures as you always go beyond the call of duty for us all:) Thanks so much.

Enjoy your touristy day in Berlin.


mermon said...

@WDW -"Mrs JG did take a picture!" - that's absolutely fantastic, a great souvenir from THAT moment and a treasure on your wall.

TD said...

God WDW, this is miles better than a news blog! What an utterly, utterly fantastic time and what wonderful people we all have the very great taste to mix with, talk to and choose to admire!
We're so lucky - and you are part of that luck. wow wow wow. Now I'm going to read all this again!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Hi Kate and everybody.

What a night it was! I will upload and email my pics later tonight.

I just wanted to thank everybody for making this such a special night!

And Kate - I got a pic of Jake smiling at you (only got the backside of your head though!)

Anonymous said...

wonderful report, WDW. I look forward to seeing more pics. well maybe hand washing is overrated :D I felt that way when I met a celeb I liked alot too (he took a pic of me and I felt him rest his chin on top of my head and I didn't want to wash my hair!)

I have learned you can never say never. so who knows, I might get a chance to meet Jake too.

until then I look forward to hearing the stories from my fellow Gyllenhaalics :D


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much to you all! Your comments have put a spring in my step today as I walk around an extremely windy Berlin! It's not that easy standing upright.

Thank you Carol, Mermon, TD and Sweetpea :) I can't wait to see the pics, Mrs JG! And tha one - sigh... the back of my head is my best side...

Ayda said...

I think I've never sighed and grinned so much in my life as I've been sighing and grinning this past 24 hours! It was such an amazing experience to actually see Jake and watch this incredible and amazing movie two months ahead of its scheduled release date - how lucky we are, though Kate, you're the luckiest of us all! :)

Would you maybe e-mail me the other photos you took last night?

And - even if I repeat myself, I'm sorry for that! :D - I'm very glad I met you, Kate, it was so much fun listening to your great stories! Don't forget to visit Cologne, you'll love it!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ayda, thank you! It was such a pleasure to meet you. And I definitely want to come to Cologne - hopefully this summer. It was such a good night. I'm gonna post all the rest of my pics this evening so if you click on them and save them you'll have the lot. Glad you got home safe and I'm SO glad I met you too! xx

Ayda said...

Cologne in the summer - prepare to get tanned. :D But it's beautiful here in the summer, you'll enjoy yourself. Hopefully I'll be in town then to show you around. ;)
Alright, can't wait to see them, thank you!
Hope you get home safely! xx