Friday, 1 April 2011

Good luck Duncan, Jake, Michelle and everyone involved as Source Code opens today! More videos, interviews, pics, screenings, auctions...

The day is here - Source Code is released today in the UK and US and is set to sweep across the rest of the globe in the coming days and weeks. This means that I could very well me talking to myself this afternoon because I'm hoping that a good proportion of you have your bums on theatre seats. But to keep you entertained, hopefully, while you wait, here are some more updates to go with the videos of Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly, which I posted late last night in the post below. The latter featured a rather romantic moment and, at a glamorous red carpet screening in NYC last night, Jake Gyllenhaal talked some more about how he gets involved in affairs of the heart.

As for the NYC screening, there are pictures in this post, which show that Jake and Duncan Jones have more than a love of scifi and making cracking movies in common - yep, knitware.

Earlier in the evening Jake attended a silent auction for one of his most well-known good causes, New Eyes for the Needy.

As you can imagine, release date brings with it lots more interviews. Here is one from MTV.

There are also lots of written interviews. The Independent featured a double-page spread on Source Code yesterday. This interview is both excellent and extremely spoilery and so click this link at your own risk. I have scanned the image from the paper.

These few little snippets are not spoilery but you'll want to read them: '"As giddy and innocent as Duncan is in his press, which I think is genuine and very wonderful and positive," ventures Gyllenhaal, "when he's on set he reminds me of someone like Ang Lee. He's quiet, he hardly says a word. He's strangely confident in this way where he allows people to be themselves and then ultimately you realise you're in his vortex! He really empowers his actors. I responded to his confidence as a visionary with Moon – I could feel it in that movie – and because I also have a certain amount of experience there was a real camaraderie between the two of us. Duncan and I had to be almost in sync because you see the story through the character I'm playing so if he made a choice I had to move with that choice, we couldn't really veer off each other's choices."'

'"Bottom line is that, as a director, Duncan feels like a contemporary but at the same time he's just as in charge as somebody like Ang Lee or David Fincher or Sam Mendes or anybody I've worked with which is a rare quality for a young film-maker on a second movie."'

"When I was first working, I would just take whatever I was cast for. But now, it's like I have to have 'that feeling'. I've done movies where I didn't have that feeling and I knew the audience didn't either. So every time I have that feeling, I know that I'm taking the audience along with me and they're gonna say, 'What's this about?' because I've made enough consistent choices that they go, 'It may be interesting what he's doing, let's check it out'. I just feel the responsibility to people who might go see it that there is something new in it. I respect the audience so much and I think it comes from growing up with storytellers. I watch movies a lot, I get feelings from movies, I love watching trailers, I love hearing directors, actors and everybody whose job has to do with movies".

'"A lot of times, the most wonderful, interesting movies are not exactly fun to make. One of the hardest processes I went through – and I'd say that every actor would agree on this – and which wasn't a tonne of fun was Brokeback Mountain. Yet we loved each other on that movie so much that we are all still close and we will be for the rest of our lives. Also if that movie would have been successful or not, financially or whatever, there was still something special about it, even though it didn't feel good at the time. So in accepting this role, working with Duncan, I wasn't sure if it would be fun but I knew it was gonna be rad! There's a mystery about Duncan that is totally original."'

'"I think everybody has time to fall in love when they're doing anything. I think there's always some time for that. But don't just take it from me, you should ask the presidents of countries if they have time to fall in love while they're trying to save the world."'

SheKnows has also interviewed the man it has found the sexiest alive (understandably). There's an interview at Flicksandbits. And a quick Q&A with the Daily Record reveals that Jake might like to use those eight minutes to alter things for the good for Abraham Lincoln.

So it's the Apple store tonight and more to come, no doubt, before the publicity train comes over to Europe. Do keep watching Duncan and Rodene's blog and Man Made Movies for further updates.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pictures, there are many more there.


Anonymous said...

WOW thanks so much WDW for all you do for us fans. Bringing us all these goodies. I liked Michelle's dress at this opening (more than the one she wore at the SXSW con. It just was not her color and the lipstick was too bright. This look at the NY opening is perfect)

I'll have to wait until next week to see the movie. so I'll be avoiding any spoilers (I won't be home this weekend otherwise my butt would be in a theater right this very min)


Alejandra said...

Jake, I think we're a match made in Heaven. You as the star and me as your audience, of course! Love so many of the things he says, I can't comment on them all because... it'd be boring for the rest of WDW readers. ;-)

He's my hero. My superhero. Eyes For The Needy earlier, then Source Code screening. And all done with the sweetest smiles.

Been so happy lately -with Jake news and the return of someone I was missing really badly- that I'm not worried by the fact that there's still no release date announced for SC in Argentina. My best friend, on the other hand, is on the verge of madness over that. But it will come, I know...

Hope everyone who gets to see the movie today or in the next days has a great, great time. xoxo

mermon said...

I also wish the great time to everyone who watches SC today. Have fun!
I like that turquoise dress on Michelle a lot.
Jake said:"I've done movies where I didn't have that feeling and I knew the audience didn't either. So every time I have that feeling, I know that I'm taking the audience along with me" - Oh, I've always had that feeling with Jake's movies. And I am always took along with him watching his movies:)

Thank you for all the news in that post - WDW. Enjoy SC again this afternoon!

paulh said...

You are absolutely right about having no one to talk to this afternoon, WDW. ;-) An hour from now, I expect to be a theater watching "Source Code."

Claire said...

Tomorrow is THE day for me to watch Source Code!! Cannot wait..

Thanks WDW for all the posts, sorry I've not been around to comment (although I've had my daily fix by reading them) as have been snowed under with university work - can't believe my first year is nearly over (bar exams in May)

We watched PoP again today, my son has just got the xbox game and it brilliant before but the accents etc made sense now!

mermon said...

@Paul - it's not so great for everyone. Some has to wait more than one month to see it :(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Just got back from seeing Source Code again - absolutely fantastic and the buzz is incredible. Never bettered.

I loved Michelle's dress, Sweetpea - lovely colour. Not long now :)

Wonderful comment, Alejandra! I'm so sorry you have no date yet. You have a wonderful attitude xx

Thanks Mermon - I really did!

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think, Paul :)

The wait's are terrible Mermon - we've been used to them here too. I'll keep spoilers away and I'll be so glad when you can see it too :)

Good to see you Claire!

mermon said...

Thanks Kate! I will try to be patient. And in the meantime I have watched "Moon", for the first time today and I liked it very, very much:).
I'm happy that you had a chance to see SC again. And soon will be the next time, in Germany!

paulh said...

I'm really sorry that you have to wait so long, mermon. :-( All I can say is that, if your reactions are anything like mine, you will love it. I'm back from the theater now, and I think this is one movie that hit the ball out of the park. I came out feel extraordinary. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

There are lot of movies that begin well but lose their focus in the middle. Not this one. Everything moves forward. Every new clue matters, and is crucial to the next ones. This is a rare movie, in that every actor connects with the rest of the cast.

The only people who shouldn't see it (at least not now) are the ones who might be riding on trains in the near future. On the other hand, though, it's just a movie. There isn't actually anything to be afraid of. :-)

BBMISwear said...

Thanks for update after update after update WDW! I have watched so much TV this week having recorded all the talk show appearances - all very, very entertaining! And videos - WOW - how many video interviews have their been?! A gazillion I think! And I've loved them all - SC publicity has been so great for us fans! Now all I need is a few days with nothing on the agenda (ya, right) to read the STACK of articles and interviews I have printed. I don't think that's going to happen so I guess I'll be reading a little every day until summer (but no complaints here).

In the meantime I'll keep going to see Source Code! I saw it for the second time today and, yes, the second time is even better than the first so my recommendation is go once and be blown away, go a second time and fall completely in love with the story and then go a third time because you just should!!

Have a great weekend all!


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Wow, thanks WDW for that great post. And all the viewers of SC for their great reviews. I can't wait to see it come thursday.

Sorry for Alejandra and Mermon who have to wait that much longer!

sass said...

Evening everyone,
Jake absolutely blew my mind this afternoon. He hit this role out of the park. I have not seen Moon but my boy has and is excited to see SC. We will go tomorrow...lucky me I get to see it again. *Senior rates* big grin*
Duncan is a super talent and brilliant. Jake has found his director, a director who got one of the the best performances out of him I've ever seen.
TY again WDW for all the information, videos, interviews, all of it...Wonderful. You're a peach!

LadyEkster said...

WDW, once again you're proving your star quality. So much to catch up with, so many goodies, thank you!

SC is unfortunately pushed back to June 9th in NL, what a bummer. Nevertheless I wish all you guys a great time seeing it. Just please don't spoil the ending etc. *grin*

I'm off into the sunshine. Better not stick inside while we have summer-like temperatures outside. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Taking it very easy today after such a busy week (and with another extremely busy one to come...).

Moon is great, Mermon! So glad you enjoyed it. And so many extras too - this give me big hopes for the SC DVD :)

I totally aree, Paul :) Most films have their waivering moments, but not Source Code. It's tight and thrilling and yet I love the moves between thriller and romance. I think a lot of it is due to the tight length of the film and the confined spaces. Really, really works. Very Hitchcockian. And the music is too. I bought the soundtrack this morning. I really like it.

Morning BBMISwear :-) I'm going to enjoy some hours catching up today too - I saw the TV shows last night. I'm still catching up with the other videos. I was looking through them - there are a lot! Source Code has been particularly special for me - my favourite genre and with a director that I'm crazy about. Fantastic :)

And yes about the viewings! Loved it yesterday evening. Tomorrow I'll see it again in a cinema with a big screen and great sound system. Jake has done good - he is superb.

Hi there Mrs JG! Not long now :D

Absolutely couldn't agree more, Sass! Everything has come together here. When I left the cinema yesterday, I could hear people were talking about it and praising it and trying to work it out. Love that. And thank you so, so much Sass xx

My pleasure, Lady Ekster! Oh, that is a pain. Hopefully, there will be some press attention in June when it reaches you and other parts of the world. But it's really a pain. It's lovely here too - have a great weekend.

For all Brits, Jake covers the Telegraph magazine today! There's a great interview inside, I'll post it here later today :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Source Code has been postponed in Germany as well - to June 2nd. No idea why?

I am all the more grateful I get to see it next week and can then catch up on all the spoilery stuff I left out so far.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I heard that, Mrs JG - not good at all. Germany got Moon very late too! But not long til Thursday :)