Friday, 22 April 2011

I go away and what happens? Jake Gyllenhaal shaves his head. The End of Watch photoshoot...

Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear... I go away for two days and look what happens! Jake Gyllenhaal decides to go and shave his head. This is what happens when you follow an actor - you leave him unattended for just a few hours and who knows what might happen. Jake and Michael Pena were photographed in LA yesterday for a photoshoot for new movie End of Watch. While some may be glad to see the police uniform and the return of The Swoff (as barbers across the continents now call this particular 'haircut'), I was more concerned about whether Jake had suntan lotion on his noggin.

I'm glad to see that Jake managed to get the Big Gun off Michael during the shoot. Michael kept his hair, the least he could do is grant Jake the Big Gun.

Does my bum look big in this?

I must wipe my eye and catch a tear as I remember Sasquatch Jake...

And finally...

I have returned from the Isle of Wight a fine shade of cranberry sauce, a reliable indicator of the spectacular sunshine. A proper Interlude will follow once I have un-numbed myself from two days on the back of a Triumph that makes sure you appreciate every single bump in the very bumpy roads. In the meantime, this is a photo from our pre-breakfast walk this morning.

I must end by saying two things: 1) never ever ever EVER eat dogfish, ever and 2) Jake, may this be the last time you shave your head and scare your mother.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pics!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Hope you all had a good FRiday and are ready for the weekend. I'll not be moving. partly because I'm as redder than any lobster.

And what did you let Jake do to himself while I was away, eh?!!!

Ruby said...

I like it. :D

Monica said...

I do not expect to see him bald for this movie, but I think it's good.

Still raining here every day.

Margot said...

Like I said, I was not expecting a Swoff look for this film, but I think he looks a lot younger like this than he did in SC.
The first think I thought was "I wonder if Jake scared his mom again with this look".

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Rubes! The Guardian of the GyllenScissors - I thought you might like this, but alas, I don't *sobs and eats chocolate*

I didn't either, Monica, quite a surprise. I thought LAPD allowed hair. Sorry to hear about the rain.

Me neither, Margot, and I thought that too! And on this Jake's mum and I may agree...

mermon said...

So Kate, you caught first suntan? Cool :)
Yes - bald Jake it was a big surprise for me too. Actually - an unexpected shock. Firstly, I thought it was a photo montage, but now it's no doubt. Jake is Swoff again. I'm getting use to it slowly and starting to like it. He really does look younger. He certainly knows how to surprise us.
Sorry Kate, we didn't do anything to stop him, cause he didn't ask for permission. Till July hair will grow again. Who knows how he will eventually look then.

Margot said...

WDW, embrace the artistic side of what Jake does for his characters!!! (Hopefully my enthusiasm helps the adjustment a bit?)
I am sure he or Ayer (or both) thought this was best for the character and I am sure we will agree when we see the film (hopefully). Jake has never let us down yet!

And it amazes me how (from these pics, though they are kind of far away) just how much like Swoff he looks! It's like he hasn't aged a day (IMO). That's so weird!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I think we'll have quite a while to get used to this new look as if this is a publicity shoot for the film, Jake will look like this through July and August at least for filming :)

Hey there Margot! Swoff looks just as young as he did :) I'll never like this look. I didn't in 2005 and I don't now but never mind... If it's a good film I can forgive a bad haircut.

LadyEkster said...

My jaw quite literally dropped to the floor when I saw the pics on IHJ tonight. Welcome back Swoff! Me likes The Swoff, a lot actually. :) Not too sure about the uniform yet... not to mention those shoes!

'Does my bum look big in this?' *lol* You're caption queen of the evening, WDW! Now you put your feet up for the rest of the weekend - yoghurt seems to help with heavy sunburn. *grin*

Alejandra said...

Best thing is to see him laughing. :D

After a whole year of promoting movies, he will soon be shooting a new one. Yesss.

Think this has given me the perfect excuse to watch Jarhead again. Been postponing that for a long while now and with no reason!

Glad to hear you enjoyed your time out, Kate. In spite of the redness. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jake your butt looks GREAT and so does the rest of you!

in Jarhead he kept some tuft in this one he is totally bald. I'd like to think he used some lotion on his head, we don't want any burns on that beautiful skin.

I almost swooned when I saw the uniform. I am going to have to do something BAD so he'll arrest me (frisk me Jake!)

I am looking forward to this one.

love the pics you posted WDW


TD said...



Sasha said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sunburn, WDW. Try Aloe Vera.

Thanks for these wonderful pics - I LOVE THEM!
They made me miss a heartbeat or two there, but hey.
My favourite show is CSI and I love crime novels, I liked Jarhead a lot, I love the uniform (except for the shoes) - BTW: no, honey, you're ass is just right that way - I think I like this movie already.
Why is it that I seem to like each one of his new movies even more than the last?

Serene Hill said...

Oh.My.God...Hi WDW...
Saw the pics yesterday and was waiting for your post and reaction on this... It was hilarious *lol*
Never thought Jake will have to be bald for this movie either, seems like after Swoff quited the army, he joined the Police Dept, haha...
I've never liked bald man, but there's always exception for Jake ;p
"Does my bum look big in this?" *rofl* I'm a bit gloomy today, but you've lighten it up with that caption! And Jake scared his mom for the second time...haha.. You've definetely made my day!:D
Thanks for the posts WDW!!!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Jake with a pretty long hair for example like he was in The Prove.

But, imagine if he had that hair style and wearing this uniform he was soo insupportable handsome that nobody paid attention in the movie!

TD said...

Its not so much the (lack of) hair, its the uniform. Play the association game with a cop uniform:

1) fat (TJ Hooker)
2) stupid (Police Academy & any 'wildest videos' reality thing - rooting for the poor, harassed 'bad' guy)
3) corrupt (any film with an italian american in it - thank god MP isn't!)
4) violent (ditto 2 & 3 above)

So much for american exports eh? Come to think of it, 1 & 2 probably apply to british bobbies too though.

I seriously hope the production of this one does not take long. I can stand the finished product, but months of run up with Jake looking like an idiot is not gonna be fun.


Ayda said...

I like it... He looks kinda dangerous. Sexy. :D Can't wait for this movie, though it'll be ages until we can see it!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! What a stonking day out there. I'm off out to top up my sunburn.

Interesting to read the different reactions to the look of End of Watch Jake - hair(lack of) and the uniform. personally, I tend to agree with TD.

I think we could be in for quite a few months of that Jarhead hoodie look (photos to come) that I was kinda hoping we'd seen the last of back in the mid Noughties.

Oh well, just glad a movie's being made and hopefully they'll get the filming done VERY quickly!

One thing's for sure, Jake won't be exercising his muscles with the PoP hairwashing routine...

Have a great Saturday everyone! Keep the opinions coming - nothing quite like chatting about Jake's hair even when he hasn't got any (the summer moult :D)

Serene Hill - your comment got spammed! I'll rescue it :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Ayda! Posting at the same time :) Email back at you today!

TD said...

Ps. my comment was as usual IMHO. Just talking about cops in films. I'm sure all real US (and UK) cops are exemplars of perfection! 8-D


LadyEkster said...

One thing's for sure, Jake won't be exercising his muscles with the PoP hairwashing routine...

I imagine he'll replace it with the Daily Shave Exercise. Work those arm muscles baby! *mrrauw*

Have a great Easter weekend everybody! One of the highlights of the year. :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Couldn't agree more, LadyX.
I wonder if they made a video of the head shaving like they did for Jarhead. That was strange to watch.

Still - I like it a lot!

sass said...

Morning from rainy NYC :)
Oh Jake, I have no the post and the comments...never thought he would shave his head again *sob*
Oh well, I went to see Source Code again Thursday...It will be remembered when Oscar time rolls around.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster, Mrs JG and Sass - nothing quite like Jake Gyllenhaal's hair to cause a rumpus...

Keep the opinions coming in the new post!

lemniscate said...

Happy Easter WDW bunnies ;-)
After a bit of a cloudy start, things are looking up here in Sydney.

Ok, I'll just come right out and say it.
Are Charlie Hunnam and Jake Gyllenhaal in some kinda hairdo conspiracy, or what?

Charlie has opted to shed his trademark goldie-locks for this:
Yep, a "Swoffie".
Photo is from the set of "Blackbird".
Orange convict wear is obviously NOT flattering, not even on Charlie.
I think he would look so much better in LAPD blues... next to the Gylls.
Sorry Michael Pena, you are an incredible actor, but I wish they had cast Charlie to partner up with Jake on this one instead.
Guess there must have been scheduling issues... Typical!
Better luck next time.

But damn, does that police uniform look good on Jake. I'd break a few road rules just to have him pull me over... (making sure I don't endanger the lives of anyone else, of course.)

lemniscate said...

Uh,... looks like the link broke.
Sorry folks.
Here another: