Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Nic Cage on SNL

Last night Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprise appearance on SNL. Even better, the skit also featured my second favourite actor Nic Cage.

Earlier in the evening, Jake went to see the musical The Book of Mormon at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Broadway.

This is an emergency post - there could very well be more later on.

Thanks to IHJ for the picture.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

mermon said...

Good Morning!
I would be very pleased if he would go to the musical base on "Book of Mermon", but I believe it was "Book of Mormon" :) I've read that Josh Gad has a part in that musical.
Nicolas Cage doesn't look at all like a real one, but his voice is incredible alike.
Jake really does a lot to promote SC. Do others actors do the same. I think he's real treasure for directors and producers.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Mermon! Oopsadaisy! Freudian slip there - I have fixed it :D The voice was amazing for Nic Cage! Jake does a lot - I think it's pretty normal for most actors to do all this. It must be quite a big part of th ejob.

Eureka said...

Hi WDW and Mermon , I did not have much time to read the last couple of posts. But let me say thanks for all the detailed information.
Nick the white Samuel L. Jackson. That was funny! ;o)

Box office for the UK said...


Do you have box office tally for SC in the UK? I notice you never post the UK box office for Jake's movies. No matter how much you love Jake as an actor as I do, the box office is important. It does determine the quality of films offered to Jake.

Amy said...

Lol I caught this last night, I came home surfing through the channels and I came across Jake and "Nic" aka Andy Sandberg on SNL's weekend update. Too funny.

Saw Source Code , OMG IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! I think it's Jake's best movie since 'Zodiac'

And sorry I gotta say this about Michelle Monoghan, she looked so bloody adorable in the film. But all these promo pics of her the last week or so, she does not look good. Is it the blunt bangs? I dunno, but to me looked much better in the movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Eureaka :)

Blimey, Box Office, you're talking to me as if I'm some kind of idiot... The UK Box office isn't out yet, as far as I'm aware. When it is, it'll be all over the net, just as the US one is. Plenty of people post BO info here as it becomes available, as it often isn't when I do my posts.

I agree with you, Amy! Best since Zodiac. I love it.

Hope everyone's had a good Sunday. Not such a good one for me.

Alejandra said...

Hello, WDW. Sending you the best vibes to help lift your spirit. :-)

And Box Office... Saying money determines quality is almost evil in my book. But do look back on the history of films and try to trace a money line and see where it gets you.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Alejandra x I totally agree - just look at this week in the US for example - Hop No 1, Source Code No 2.

sass said...

So happy for Jake. He deserves so much more...Box office MOJO SC weekend $15,000,000. His best BO yet!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch the SNL skit cause it said it reached its daily total or something like that. I'll have to look for it elsewhere online.

I plan to SEE SC this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I am sure I speak for 99.99% of the readers of your blog by commenting that you do a fantastic account of Jakes every public appearance and accounts of all sensible news regarding what is going on with Jake daily, doing an admirable job of avoiding the the gossip and pap type rubbish. This is only achieved by you in person shfting through monumental amounts of data, through downloads ,scans, tweets, emails etc etc etc.
All this you then put down in a most admiral way in order to put across to us very elequently news as it happens.This is a dedication for which we are truly thankful for and through this you have built a close community of followers not just of Jake but also of you and your accounts of Jake and your own interludes.
I want to say thankyou for being you, a very special unique
Kind and intelligent person that is Kate.
I hope" box office for UK "never bothers to come back to this site with their stupid immature rants. Their comment deserves a major apology to you, as it was put in such an undermining way.(If not I pass on a virtual Glasgow Kiss to them)In the past 2 and half years I have never felt the need to comment on anything anyone has written as it has all been good natured opinions some very different from others. But "Box office Uk "s comment was a very snappy personal rebuff and not clever.
Keep up the good work Kate love Love love your enthusing
way.Hope we can catch up again soon for some froth and champers. Keep well hope Mon is a better day day for you as you bring lots of sunshine to our days with Jake.
P x

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I totally agree with anonymous 01:50 - you do a great job and noone's to complain about that. Even if you'd choose not to post BO, it'll still be your business, after all it's your blog. If "BO for the UK" wants to post it (s)he can have her own blog...

Looking forward to seeing you!

mermon said...

Good Monday!
Talking about Box Office, still US, I couldn't find UK one :).
After three days of screenings Source Code - Domestic Total as of Apr. 3, 2011: $15,053,000 in 2,961 theatres. With Production Budget: $32 million. So it earned a half of budget after 3 days screening. Took a second place in BO.
First place is kid's movie about a bunny - Hop.
Domestic Total as of Apr. 3, 2011: $38,118,000 , but in 3,579 theatres.
It looks that the best movie business is to make kids' movies. That's why we have so many of them.
But who knows what the future brings. On Rotten Tomatoes Hop reached only 24%, SC has sill 89%. That means to me that after promotion time - families went to the cinemas to see Hop, but didn't praise it too much. With SC is opposite - most viewers love and praise it!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone :)

That's great news, Sass!

Hope you get to see it, Sweetpea :)

P, thank you xx I've had a case of the blues and your sunshine has scattered them. Thank you so, so much. You are a wonderful, kind and generous friend and yes! bubbly and froth soon!! Much love to you xx

Thanks Mrs JG :) And see you soon!

Morning Mermon! Hop had BO success written all over it. Whether that makes it any good or not is another matter....

Have a good day everyone!

mermon said...

Oh, I have nothing against Hop. I've just tried to figure out the difference between BO and rating.

"Source Code" opened this weekend in seven foreign markets, grossing a solid $5.6 million and performing best in Britain. Next weekend, the film will debut in 12 more markets, including Brazil and Turkey." - 12 markets?

So together is over 20mln. Already!

And Jake flew away to Europe. Welcome Jake!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! It is an interesting to see. Not surprisingly, Sucker Punch seems to have dropped off considerably once it was put about what a horrendous film it is! But family movies will always top the lists, not least because a whole family can buy tickets.

Yep Jake is on his way :)

Monica said...

Very happy with the box office of Source Code.

I think the LA Times was wrong. The debut in Brazil will be June 17.
Or will they change? Fingers crossed.

This was posted on the DC forum:

Director/Writer: David Ayer
Producer: John Lesher
Casting Directors: Mary Vernieu and Lindsay Graham
Start Date: July 6, 2011 for 5 weeks
Location: Los Angeles
Budget: $5 Million


STORY LINE: This is a documentary-style look into the lives of TAYLOR and ZAVALA, two dedicated young cops who are doing their part to clean up the mean streets of Los Angeles. Good buddies as well as police partners, the duo never hesitates to rush in where angels fear to tread -- but their gung-ho style may have earned them some serious enemies in very high places...

JANET] CAUCASIAN/LATE 20s -- This petite, very pretty young woman is Taylor's new girlfriend. She is a brilliant engineer and a bit of a geek. She is every bit Taylor's match intellectually which means that she just could be the girl of his dreams. Janet is a straight shooter who makes it clear from the start that she's not interested in a fly-by-night relationship. She and Taylor wind up married in short order, and they are thrilled to learn that Janet has become pregnant. She also gets along famously with Zavala's wife, Gabby -- who may be her help and support when tragedy strikes...LEAD

There is much more there.

mermon said...

Wow! Thanks @Monica! I like that story and I'm glad he will have a wife and become a father. That's fantastic. A flic story with two friendly couples - that sounds nice. A Caucasian girlfriend - that something new.
Dan Taylor - I like a name, Short and strong.
I can't wait! Thank you again.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Mermon - Caucasian is just the american way to say "white without any mixture"....

PS: I hope noone feels offended by me putting it that way, otherwise please delete, WDW.