Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal - a stowaway on the Mumford and Sons Railroad Revival Train

Mumford and Sons just can't shake him off... Jake Gyllenhaal was so seized by the moment when he saw the Brit band at San Pedro the other day that he hopped on their vintage train and stowed away. He didn't even take a change of clothes. One would have thought that Mumford and Sons would have discovered him by now and chucked him off at the next station. But they haven't. Perhaps Jake is working his passage, doing the cooking and washing.

Last night the Railroad Revival Tour reached Austin in Texas, mere weeks after Source Code's triumphant premiere in the city. Before the show, the band played at Austin High School, jamming with the school marching band and playing basketball with the kids. Never one to miss an opportunity to get sweaty, Mumford and Sons' mascot got out there to test those hoops* (*making up the lingo as I go along) and take out the opponents. Do check out the K-AHS flickr - there are lots of photos of Jake and the band on and off stage.

Two things to note here: 1) Jake's head is a little less shiny. I do believe we have some growth. 2) Jake didn't bring a change of clothes - he'd have been better off playing without the shirt.

The whole tour is being filmed for a documentary by Emmett Malloy. One hopes Jake will feature. What with Man Vs Wild, this could be the Jake Gyllenhaal Documentary Season.

As for that school marching band...

Next stop New Orleans!

There are more details of the tour - and the train - here. And this is the official tour website.


mk said...

maybe he thought he given them a heart attack if he took his shirt off:)

good to see jake having a good time

Snow said...

I agree on the not having tshirt "issue". Some in the crowd might have collapsed... as we'd done!

Lovely intro picture, I love that one!

Snow said...

I mean the Railroad Revival one :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It is good, MK :) And that is very true!

Hi Snow! I love that picture too - so evocative.

Anonymous said...

thanks WDW,

I agree their mascot should have taken his shirt off


albrit said...

While I definitely appreciate the value of him doing it, WDW, I don't think the poor girls at the high school could have made it thru the basketball game if Jake had removed his shirt. It would have led to mass hyperventillation and overtaxed the Emergency Medical Services.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Sweetpea :)

Hello Albrit and welcome! That is a good point. Jake must have been thinking of others :)

paulh said...

I love the spontaneity of Jake jumping on a train and touring.

While Jake was riding the rails and enjoying Mumford's performances, I was in a movie theater watching "The Conspirator," a film about the trial of Mary Surrat, who ran the rooming house where John Wilkes Booth plotted the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It's kind of a downer at the end. It underlines some of the issues covered in "To Kill a Mockingbird regarding tyhe duty of any lawyer worth his salt to defend people who don't have a prayer of winning. It had Robin Wright, Tom Wilkinson, Kevin Kline, and James MacAvoy in it, plus a siginifcant Jake link: Toby Kebbell, who plays Wilkes-Booth, was Garsiv in "Prince of Persia."

Alejandra said...

If they are filming a documentary, maybe it wasn't that spontaneous of Jake to join the band for this tour. Guess music and film is a combination he could never turn down. :-)

Love to see him having a fantastic time.

Still, I've never listened to Mumford and Sons... Give me some time and I'll fix that. ;-)

Thanks for the post, WDW. :-)

mermon said...

Lovely post, Kate. I feel like I'm on the tour with bands and Jake, as well. Judging by Jake's lack of clothes change - it was really spontaneous decision to stick with the bands. Good for him. He's a real scout.
Lucky students - to have a chance to play basketball with Jake and others. Thanks to Jake - we fans from Europe get familiar with Mumford and Sons. I know few titles already :). The one you posted here, I like.
@Alejandra - "Guess music and film is a combination he could never turn down." - IMO - he was very discret, rather hiding, like he wanted to have real private time or he didn't want to come in bands light. He was just a guest standing backstage or at a side. Most of the pics are poor quality because of that.
With basketball is different. Maybe he couldn't resist a chance to play a game. I bet it was great time for him to play with his favourit group in casual clothes and shoes.

Rodene wrote few nice words on Duncan's blog.

Susan said...

So good to see Jake having fun and just "hanging out."

I feel like I'm living through some of The Day After Tomorrow - the part where tornadoes take out L.A.! We've had severe weather here since last night with several deadly tornadoes wreaking havoc all around us, coming through in one wave after another. The warning sirens keep going off and there's non-stop weather news/warnings on every TV channel. I just had to check the blog again before I go back into "hunkered down" mode - at least I still have electricity!

Excuse me while I grab my Dastan action figure and prepare to ride out another wave of awful storms...

mermon said...

Nothing new, but still..
Jake Gyllenhaal joins Mumford & Sons for train tour

I just discovered that Mumford and Sons is a British group. Probably you all know about that :).
I thought they are Americans. So now is even more exciting to me that Jake was travelling with them. It was really very attractive and rare opportunity for him to be that close and long with a European band, he likes.

Carol said...

I love that Jake is travelling with Marcus and the rest of the guys. He seems to have struck up a great friendship with them.

I think Jake was definitely thinking of others by leaving his shirt on:)

BBMISwear said...

Yay - I'm glad so many pictures from their visit to Austin High surfaced especially after my rambling email to you last night, WDW, re: all the sightings but no pictures. I couldn't figure out where all these high schoolers kept their cameras! There are some great ones and I'm glad they shared. What an experience. But talk about not being dressed for hoops!!

So the Chia Pet growth has already started huh?! (hee hee) I like it!!

This tour has been fun...wish it could last longer. Looking forward to the documentary!

Thank you WDW!!


Katherine said...

He was sitting 2 seats away from me at Camellia Grill in New Orleans (at midnight) tonight. =) He was wearing the same thing as in the basketball pictures..I'm hoping he has multiples haha.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! It might be Thursday but it might as well be Friday - another four-day holiday coming up! I don't know.... maybe there's an event taking place tomorrow...

Hi Paul! The Conspirator sounds so good. I'm fascinated by this period of American history. I hope I get to see it.

Alejandra! You must listen to them, they're so good. I love the spontaneity of it too - I love that Jake's done that!

Hi Mermon! yes, Mumford and Sons are a British band that have won quite a following in the US. Jake's always liked Brit music and I love his relationship with this band :D

OMG Susan! That sounds terrible! I do hope those storms keep at bay. Do keep us in touch with what's going on...

Morning Carol!

I know, BBMISwear, it's so so good to have so many pictures :-) After hearing about the basketball, I was so keen to see something - and we're lucky :) It has started growing! Being on the road is good for Jake's hairlength...

Wow, Katherine! THANK YOU so much for letting us know about that - lucky you! That must have been quite a distraction from your meal... And the same outfit, eh? Maybe it's just as well you were two seats away and not one! I'm so glad you popped by to tell us - and if you remember any details do let us know!

Have a great day everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Susan - I've just seen how bad it is where you are - if you're able, let me know you're all right!! x

lily sawyer said...

I'd like to hear from those in the affected tornado zones. We had tornado warnings in my state but they were west and south of here.

Thanks WDW for the lovely pics of Jake


Sasha said...

WDW - thanks for your post, very nice pictures, I love Jake playing a game with those students. Too bad nobody famous ever showed up when I was still at school.

And I like how Jake is all fan with M&S, so I guess he understands what it is like for us to see him at premieres etc... after all.

@Susan: all the best to you, I'll include you and your family in my prayers.

@Kathrine: lucky girl you are! And as WDW said - please share every detail!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea. It is a worry - been watching the news here...

Thanks Sasha! And I so agree - I think Jake gets it. He's a fan as we are. Love that :D