Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal survives 'the wildest and best of Icelandic nature' and Source Code in the magazines

I am delighted to report that while Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls survived a weekend on the jagged glaciers of Iceland, they also 'definitely got the wildest and best of Icelandic nature'. In other words, think tempest and gales. However, it was definitely easier for Jake and Bear to trek along the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in the Fimmvörduháls mountain range than it was for me to spell this sentence.

There is a little more information on this episode of Man Vs Wild here as well as this tweet from Bear: 'just got off the glaciers and volcanos after Jake Gyllenhaal Man Vs Wild. Full on in a storm. We both survived!' This tweet has now been deleted - maybe it contained too many spoilers. Other tweets now suggest Jake is back in NYC.

Back off the mountain slopes, Source Code continues to do well in the theatres. In the UK, Rio knocked Hop off the top spot but Source Code stayed strong at number 2 despite the hot weather. Source Code appears in the May edition of DVD Review and you can see that below. Just click and the scans will be embiggened.

In Berlin, Jake signed a couple of images for Christina and I'm so pleased to show the photos of them here. Memories are made...


Alejandra said...

Hello, WDW! I missed a crucial week in this blog's life BUT I am ready to catch up with everything. Will enjoy my time reading every comment, checking every vid, staring at every photo... Source Code will open here on May 12 -I am super excited!! The best mood ever to read about your recent adventures! :-D

Much love to everyone. xoxo

Ayda said...

"She matches me with how gross I can get!" - seems like I would be a perfect match for Jake in those regards. :D

Thanks for another great post! I can't wait to see the Iceland-episode!

Snow said...

Great post, and thanks Christina for sharing those autographed pictures!

I agree with Ayda... can't wait to see that episode!

Nighty night from here!


Field said...

Ayda - Are you a Robbie Williams fan by chance?

Sasha said...

Thanks for the post, WDW. Those scans will make some excellent bedtime reading material!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Getting through the week - ready for a restful weekend :)

Hi Alejandra! You have so much to catch up on - I hope you enjoy it!

Me too, Ayda! I thoroughly enjoyed the Will Ferrell edition so I'm gonna go crazy over this one!

Thanks, Snow!

My pleasure, Sasha :)

Have a good day everyone!

Ayda said...

Field - well, fan is probably a bit too strong, but I do like him. Why are you asking? Because of my name? :D

Serene Hill said...

Hi there WDW and everyone...
Oh my God, there are so many things to catch up, have been so busy this past weeks...
I'm working in the catch up right now, and I must say that I'm lost in the waves of Jake Gyllenhaal/Source Code, being rocked back and forth from the previous post to the new one and back again, cause I just didn't know which one to read first, so so many good stuff...
The vids are really really wonderful, and so many amazing pics, and the most interesting parts are the adventures from you, Carlotta, and Eureka to see Jake and Source Code... Unfortunately I haven't read any of the mags article.
I'm so excited about this Man vs Wild things, I love adventures and even more with Jake in it... Hope I will be able to watch it.
Can't wait to see Source Code too!!!
Ah, WDW, how many times have you watched Source COde already? ;D
Well, Thank you, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks a lot for all the truly amazing posts... Back to my catch up now:)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the mag scans and I am jealous of Christina's pics :P

I can't wait to see Man Vs Wild with Jake. 'does he survive the volcano?' stay tuned (wink)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you Serene! Enjoy the catch up :)

Thanks Sweetpea!