Friday, 15 April 2011

Jake's on a plane... (Iceland and the British Midlands)

Judging from the picture below taken at Reykjavik Airport (courtesy of, it looks like Bear Grylls was given some entertainment as he skinned and boiled snow snakes in the lava pools of Iceland. Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal decided that for his Man vs Wild episode travelling light was not an option if it meant that he could lead a singsong round the campfire. Admittedly, looking at this photo does give me some rather painful flashbacks of volunteers singing kumbaya late into the night at a certain archaeological dig I had the mixed pleasure to work at. However, according to vf, Jake visited the Blue Lagoon before he left Iceland. That is much better to think on.

On the plane itself, there are more photographs of Jake and Bear Grylls himself from Such a beautiful waste.

Talking of Jake on a plane, I thought it had to be some kind of kismet that Jake looked up at me from every single one of the plane seat pockets on my flights to and from Berlin last week. Jake covered the April edition of Voyager, the flight magazine of BMI or British Midland. I would like to thank the people next to me on both flights who decided to donate their magazines to a good cause - me. The photos may be the same as in the recent Telegraph magazine but the interview is different.

It includes a statement from Jake about the best way to survive the attention that being a superb and handsome actor attracts: 'You've got to plug your ears, tie yourself to the mast and beg the people you love not to untie you.'

And finally...

Many thanks to Eureka for sending me a scan of her autograph from Madrid. Very nice.

Includes pictures from links.


gyllenhaalic4jake said...

Eureka...I may have to steal your Madrid autograph for the Gyllen Haal of Fame/Source Code Division! But I WILL give credit to whom made it possible! You lucky duck!

Eureka said...
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Eureka said...

Hi, yes. I was really lucky. I'm glad you like it for your wonderful collection. This is my first treasure. ;o)
I really liked this still and since he was visiting for SC I found it very suitable. <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the mag scan. I enjoyed the article. But they got it wrong about Jack Twist being sexually confused.

Thanks for the Madrid autograph pic


Margot said...

He gets better every day!
I did not know he played guitar. I mean, I guess what I meant to say was that I did not know he played guitar so often as to buy one for himself. (I am assuming that's his guitar he has).
I cannot WAIT to see this episode - I bet Jake will be so in his element on this show (though I, too wish Bear took him to a more tropical/hot location so that I could maybe get a glimpse of him shirtless and out in the wild). That would be pretty much perfect.

mermon said...

So many goodies in last three posts!
Great Maxim's interview. JG - "I’m prouder of Donnie Darko than almost any other movie I’ve made, and I happen to be proud of a lot of them."
I'm very glad he's proud of all of his movies, despite of different opinions on some of them, cause I like them all. And Donnie D. is my number 2 after BBM :)Such a special movie since the beginning till the end.
I like Bubble Boy and Jimmy a lot. It was such a adorable movie. An unusual one.
I can't wait to see that "Man vs Wild" episode, if I will have a chance. I never heard about Bear Gryll before, and today I even discovered we have some Polish site about him and that show.
I was surprised that it took them such a short time to make that . I thought it will take like week or more. I hope we will see and hear Jake playing guitar at evening camp fire. I would also prefer to see him in lighter cloths, somewhere in tropic, but it was what he wanted to do for his birthday, wasn't it?
Nice pics from the airport and the plain.
Thank you WDW for all of it.

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Sorry for double post, I can't delete it, if you can Kate, please do.

LadyEkster said...

I wouldn't mind travelling to Iceland to hear Jake sing songs & playing the guitar round a campfire. Not at all! :)

Wait a minute... so he did end up celebrating his 30th with killer whales? Or did the interviewer simply use the past tense in the interview because they had talked months before publication? I'm a bit confused now.

O, and may I add: finally some BO justice done to Jake. "PoP brought in $335 million around the world. Factor in that TDAT grossed over half a billion dollars, and he has every reason to stand alongside those A-listers." Thank you Voyager!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Taking it very easy today... Sorry to see blogger's been misbehaving and double posting again.

Hi Lady Ekster! The interview was done before Christmas I think so he was still talking about polar bears. But having said that though I tend to think the Bear Grylls thing was on Jake's mind when he made these comments originally. That is great news about the BO :)

Waves to Gyllenhaalisgr8, Eurek, Margot and Mermon!

Good to see you all - have a good Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you all had a great Sat. It has been a soggy Sat for me. Stayed inside, did some cleaning and watched some Ellen D and Jimmy K that I taped and didn't get to watch until today. I still wish Jake had been able to be on Ellen. She is So much fun


mermon said...

Good Morning everybody!
I also spent my Saturday on deep cleaning before Easter, and in breaks I watched Highway, I enjoyed it as much as the first time. Pilot is fantastic.
Have a nice Sunday!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! A beautiful day here. Watching the London Marathon before heading out to enjoy the sun. Expect Interlude pics later on :)

Morning Sweetpea and Mermon!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Anonymous said...

looks like Gyllenbabble beat you to the punch. She has Jake pics of him at an Arts on the Streets event this past Thurs. Jake was looking at a Banksy exhibit and hanging out with Seth Rogen

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh a snarky anonymous person - been a while since we had one of those about the place...

Hope everyone's had a good Sunday! I've had a lovely time out enjoying the sunshine, although my nose has now gone a lovely beetroot colour...