Thursday, 7 April 2011

Madrid report 3 (the girls meet Jake and Duncan), and Berlin gets ready as Jake Gyllenhaal, Duncan Jones and Source Code (and me) arrive

This is a veritable European smorgasbord of a post... I'm in Berlin, Jake Gyllenhaal's in Berlin (admittedly not in the same part of Berlin but what's a few miles?), Jake was in Rome, Carlota and Eureka were in Madrid, Jake was in Madrid. I was in London, Jake may well be moving on to London with Duncan Jones. This might be a good point to bring out the atlas. This post therefore combines Carlota's account from Madrid, which goes so well with yesterday's report from Eureka, along with some pictures of Jake at his Berlin hotel today and at a restaurant in Rome. I'm sure you'd agree that it would be an enormous shame not to include some of my happy snapping tourist pictures from a sunny Berlin as well. OK, you've talked me in to it.

Over to Carlota! 'What could I add to what has already been so perfectly said by Eureka? Not much, probably just my own excitement and a couple of cool things that took place and that helped to make that day even more special, if possible. The photo call experience was only the beginning. As Eureka pointed out, Carmen noticed there were photographers in a patio outside so she asked if we were allowed to go out and then come back for the press conference, and they said it was cool, but that we had to be fast. Fast? Fast and furious, we said to ourselves. So we went outside where the photographers were waiting for our guys and we found a good spot to "work". It was a team collaboration … Like SWAT … We stayed closer to where the guys were going to pose, next to a nice stone stair. Nervous, anxious … when suddenly Jake did the nice entrance Eureka mentioned in her review. Gorgeous. Splendid. Smiley. He was joined by Duncan a few seconds later and joked between them, giving great shots to the photographers who didn't stop telling their names to get their attention. Carmen found a good spot on a nearby stair, to record the photo call on video, and she waved Jake at one point, getting a fun wave back, Jake showing Duncan where he had to wave too :)'

'When the photo call was over, we ran to the press conference room. Third row. Jake's side :) The guys appeared and we couldn't believe our luck. Well, you have already seen the video of the press conference so there's no need to describe how it was :) To ask something you had to raise your hand to get a mike given by one of the assistants. There were credited journalists asking their questions and at one point Carmen raised her hand to get the chance to ask. If you see the press conference video, you will hear her voice :) She was the first person who talked to them directly in English and also the first one to congratulate them on the film, saying that in her opinion the film deserved to be seen "at least … n times!" It was great to see them laugh with her comment and hearing Duncan saying "I agree to that!" :D'

'At the end of the press conference, we stood up and went closer to the security line -we thought they were going to be rushed outside- but even though Duncan left, Jake stayed with us to sign and take pictures with their fans. We approached him and jeez … when you catch his attention you can tell you CATCH HIS ATTENTION. And you notice because suddenly his big blue eyes are staring at you and that's the precise moment when you lose all the ability to speak.'

'We told him that we had a little something for him, a tiny little compendium of typical spanish recipes "our family style" and he looked so pleased with it. It was fantastic to see him paying attention to the details of the cover. We told him we hoped he had the chance to try them and he enthusiastically said "Of course I will try them!" :) Then we asked him for a picture and Eureka took the document you have already seen, where we two appear as the dumbest version of ourselves … but also the happiest!'

'My mom, who is a huge Moon's fan, had crocheted a sackboy version of Sam Bell's replica for Duncan that tried to give him with no luck when he was awarded at Sitges movie festival. Since he left the press conference room and our main target was to meet Jake, we missed our chance to give it to him. But a kinda fairy grandmother who works in the production company that brought the guys to Madrid fell in love with the crocheted Sam Bell and said she was going to find a way for me to give it to him. I was very excited but also in panic because I had lost my voice -I had a severe laryngitis- and at that point I sounded like Don Corleone making an offer nobody could refuse … but I couldn't miss the chance to give it to him personally, to tell my mom what was his face in the moment of facing her creature! :)'

'So after the last roundtable interview, I entered the room and talked to him. I wished my mom could have seen his face when I showed him tiny Sam Bell … he was so sweet , cool and enthusiastic. He said "oh my god, who has made this???" and I told him the story. I also told him I had a gift for Rodene, because she had retwitted a door knob hanger that I designed for my store in the net. He told me to give it to her, and then I saw her on my back. She was very nice and beautiful. She was also amazed by tiny Sam Bell and gave her own camera to a crew member to take a picture of the two of them next to our Sam Bell, Carmen -who was told to enter- and I. Duncan said he has the moonman's suit in his house, in a pedestal, and that he was going to put a smaller pedestal next to it to place our Sam Bell. Wasn't it the sweetest thing ever??? We shook his hand, and wished him the best and we thanked us again for the gift. He's such a charismatic person and has this special light that only a few have.'

'The rest of the episode has been perfectly documented by Eureka so I can only add that, if you ever have the chance to meet Jake and hesitate because you are shy or you don't know what to say, I would highly encourage you to forget about it and go ahead. He makes things so easy and makes you feel special because he focuses his attention on you, when you are talking. Showing that he cares what you are telling him with his amazing eyes, which not only are beautiful … it's the way he stares what makes them really unique.'

Audio and video from this amazing Madrid adventure will follow, when I'm back with my 'proper' beast of a laptop in a couple of days. Here come the WDW interlude pictures...

I didn't take up an opportunity to pose with Darth Vader and a Native American Chief at the Brandenburg Gate.

The DDR cafe features a little bit of the Berlin Wall as well as a bit of the original Reichstag. And a car. Maybe coffee.

Checkpoint Charlie...

I'm off now to see the screening with Jake and Duncan and some other WDW readers - at this theatre. Yep, it is a theatre, and not a building site...

Includes pictures from IHJ, Carlota and WDW.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Just heading out! Got Jake and Duncan to see! Looking forward to meeting the girls too!

Monica said...

Have a great fun.

Happy reading all these reports!

Anonymous said...

Thank you girls for your reports from Madrid. And I can't wait to hear your report WDW

Berlin looks nice


Eureka said...

*clap* *clap* :oD
Now the adventure is complete.I'm remembering Tuesday Carlota. *sigh* We need our own SC to repeat that day over and over and over as many times as we want.
Can't wait to read how our ladies will do this evening.

mermon said...

WDW - Enjoy everything what life will bring you! How I envy you, being at the same time happy for you :).
Jake is so close to Poland, he could drop by.

@Carlota, your report is fantastic. On that picture you both look very pretty and very calm. How did you do that. And Jake looks so blissful between two of you :).
The story with the gifts is incredible. You had such a brilliant and original idea with family recipes for Jake and adorable Sam's doll for Duncan.
Can you give the link to those tweets from Berlin, I would like to read it too.
I have to go back to press conference to find Carmen question again. I'm looking forward to see your film from meeting and to fresh German story from you Kate.

Susan said...

Hi Kate and everyone! I've had to take a few days to get caught up with all the great posts, bursting with information and wonderful photos and fascinating interviews. You are doing a fantastic job, Kate, and so is everyone else, sharing their Gyllen-experiences for us less fortunate drudges stuck at work and unable to plant ourselves in Jake's path as we wish we could.

I've seen Source Code twice now and my head is still buzzing! It's so much better than anyone can describe it. Congrats to Duncan and Jake and everyone involved for an awesome movie!!


Carlota said...

@Kate Thanks so much for adding my report! Sorry it took me longer than I expected, but you know, it was very difficult for me to coordinate the excitement of this amazing adventure with the doctor appointments and work duties ... But oneself always has to find time for the IMPORTANT things that matter. So I finally did it! :) Hope you have enough time to update with your news tonight, I know it's a selfish request because one ends up exhausted with such an overdose of happiness and excitement!

@Eureka These past two days, when I jog in the morning while listening to my music , images of our adventure come to my mind like movie frames!!! Today I was so into it that when I came back to Earth I saw myself as Colter Stevens waking up on the train for the first time, I didn't know where I was until I realized I had reached the nearby neighborhood!! hahahaha Isn't it amazing? It is amazing. Like my boss' face when I was officially late …. ooops.

@sweetpea I'm so glad you have enjoyed our report! Happiness is contagious, isn't it? :)

@Mermon Thanks so much for your enthusiastic post! :) Glad you liked the picture, I was kinda embarrassed to see myself in the picture because I really look awful on it BUT I'm with the man and that surpasses everything! What the hell, we are here to enjoy Jake stuff, so what if two dumb girls appear by his side? Focus on him and forget about me! :D Come on, just a girlie detail …. when we put his hand on my waist I started to tremble ridiculously! Like we say in Spain, with that pulse I couldn't have stolen tambourines! He smelled nice and since it was hot in there, his hand was nicely warm :) It was a G-R-E-A-T moment!

We took pictures of the book we made in this link. You can see the cover and part of one of the recipes.

The Teeny Tiny Compendium of Typical Spanish Recipes for Jake

We put a lot of love and work on it . We talked to my mom, my aunt, looked for some recipes that our granny and our granddad had written in notebooks … and it took longer than we expected to translate the culinary terms plus adding some thoughts and tips but it was FUN. Thinking of the layout, creating that old victorian vibe that we love so much, trying to add some sense of humor. But it was totally WORTH IT, to see his face while touching carefully the cover and saying that we has going to try them. We was so thoughtful and kept it with him all the time, while we was signing and taking pics with other guys. You can briefly see it in a video that we sent to Kate, I guess you'll see it one of these days. Phew!!! I'M OFFICIALLY HAPPY, I really am :)

And yes, pay attention to Carmen's question and the reaction of the guys. It's pretty cute :)

I also had the chance to hear some conversations between the production company guys who brought them to Spain, the translators who worked with him in the interviews and some journalists and I heard GREAT THINGS about him. They all were impressed on how charming and polite and calmed he was. And I felt very proud hahahaha as if I were his granny, or something! XD


BBMISwear said...

Wow! What wonderful stories from the Madrid Girls! Breathtaking! Thank you so much, Eureka and Carlota, for sharing your stories and, WDW, for putting together such wonderful posts with all the info, pictures, videos, etc.

I have to say that this is 100% TRUE: "He makes things so easy and makes you feel special because he focuses his attention on you, when you are talking." Absofreakinglutely! Well put! I've talked to Jake in a variety of situations a few times now and no matter how hectic, busy or being pushed around he is he is exactly as you've described here. He is surely one of the good ones!!

Can't wait to hear more from Berlin! The Source Code tour has been so great - it's going to feel so quiet when it's over. I'm sure we'll find something to talk about - and we can always relive our memories, right?!

Cheers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Warmest wishes, Carlota!!! This was just perfectly lovely! Thank
you so much! I've actually teared up a little reading your comments about the recipe book. I have a spiral notebook of family recipes that was my mother's most wonderful gift to me.

How incredibly thoughtful to share this with Jake!!! Of all the gifts he receives from fans, I am sure this is exactly the perfect thing to give him, and something that will bring a smile to his eyes every time he sees it.

It is always sweet to see that Jake has fans as special as he is.:)

mermon said...

Ups! My long post disappeared :(
@ Carlota I understand you very well, that you feel proud of Jake like he would be your son or something, I have very often the same strange feeling! :)
The recipes book is amazingly beautiful, I can imagine how long it took you to make it. I'm sure it will be very valuable, useful, Spanish souvenir for Jake. Maybe you will hear one day about his famous Spanish dish and you will know... .
Thank you for new lovely details from Jake's encounter. About Jake smelling nice and his hand on your trembling waist... sigh,I can only imagine what you were feeling. If Jake only knew, how those short moments are valuable for us.

Thank you WDW for pics from Berlin, hopefully on the next we will see Jake with you ;)

mermon said...

Some fresh numbers;
Thursday, April 7, 2011
Source Code
The Numbers Rating: 8.00 (1 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%
Fresh Theatrical Performance
Total US Gross $17,391,862
International Gross $5,600,000
Worldwide Gross $22,991,862

Not bad!

Anon 18:59 said...

I forgot to say how wonderful it was that the "Madrid Girls" remembered Duncan, presenting him with the crocheted figure from Moon! From what we have learned about Duncan and Rodene this is something they'll definitely enjoy!

You have all been generous with your gifts, to Jake, to Duncan and to us. Which is what you'd expect from Jake's fans.: )

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a stroke of genius, Carlota to give Jake the recipe book. I wonder if any other fans thought, that since he loves to cook, he'd appreciate having some recipes to try out. I hope he tries all your recipes out.


Carlota said...

@‪BBMISwear‬ I'm so thrilled to hear that you agreed on what I said about my feelings when meeting Jake. Coming from someone who has ENJOYED with big capitals every chance that life has given to you making your paths cross several times, means a lot to me! It means that I wasn't trying to add extra virtues to his persona. He was like that, and I felt it and you felt it as well :)

He's such a unaffected guy which is -in the world that he lives in- a very appropriate compliment that he totally deserves. He's so unpretentious and natural. For me, a really good thing to say of a celebrity.

@Anonymous 18:59 Thanks so much for your beautiful words about the little book. I'm so happy to read that other people like you find the special meaning that sharing some recipes may have. It's not just about cooking and food … it's about gathering with the people you love and making something to enjoy with them. In my family, gathering around the table to share a meal is a great excuse to meet, chat, fight, laugh …. so we thought that he was the perfect candidate to share our family culinary secrets with :)

@Mermon Hahahaha! Can you imagine? Appearing in tv and saying "My Gazpacho recipe!" I would fell off my chair! :) While they stayed in Madrid I suggested Rodene via twitter some places to have some spanish food, being one of them "chocolate con churros" in San Ginés -which is the typical place in Madrid to have these very typical spanish sweets with chocolate-

I know that she didn't have the chance to go but I read in several spanish online magazines that Jake was in San Ginés having chocolate with churros. I wonder if she told him to go there :) I also suggested her to visit an old market from 1913 called Mercado de San Miguel, pretty close to San Ginés. Not sure if he had the chance to visit it or not, but I bet he would have loved to in case he didn't.

In front of the hotel where they stayed in, there's a pretty famous restaurant of a very well known chef called Sergi Arola. Celebrities staying at Santo Mauro usually go there, but this chef is very secretive about his guests and I haven't found any picture of Jake in the restaurant … yet :)

@Anon 18:59 Wow, thanks so much for your words on our crocheted Sam Bell! Duncan deserved it, it was priceless to see his face :) And the fact that Rodene felt like taking a picture of us all, was so meaningful! The sad part is that I don't have a copy of that picture, because it was taken with her camera, so my mom didn't have the chance to see it! DOH!

@sweetpea Thanks so much for you extra comment on the little book :) I'd love him to try them out! The craziest of them all was a drink called Zurracapote, which is basically a sangria from the northern spain. Our grand father had cellars in La Rioja and he had this recipe. The fun part is that it is usually made in festivities, so the quantity of ingredients was OUTRAGEOUS. Like 16 liters of wine … 2 kilos of sugar … because it is prepared in big cellar barrels so besides transcribing the original one, we called our uncles in La Rioja and asked for a "reduced version" for a regular family and not for Leonidas and his 300! :)

TD said...

Oh wow! Fantastic, all of it! Hope you enjoy!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Thanks for all the comments! I've been able to read them through the day but not answer due to having no internet on my phone abroad. But so good to see!

Loving all the food talk! It's beyond incredible. This week is one I'm going to remember for a long time. Not least because I held Jake Gyllenhaal's hand tonight. I'm goingto say that a lot over the coming days!