Sunday, 10 April 2011

Madrid, Rome, Berlin! A first catch up with Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones on the Source Code tour. Tonight Madrid and Rome...

It's official - Jake Gyllenhaal is in Iceland with Bear Grylls, getting ready to bite off the heads of the famous Icelandic snow snake while encamped in the hollowed out carcass of a conveniently-sized walrus. But while Jake and Bear scale glaciers, descend into volcanoes and boil batwings in geysers, with nothing but a blunt penknife for emergencies, it does give me a bit of time to catch up. And I have so much to catch up on! So much so that it's not possible for me to fit it all in one post, or even in two or three. So this is catchup part one.

However, before I start, I would like Jake to know that a few days with Bear Grylls is not like a few days with most other Brits. I'm also sure it's not like a typical few days in Iceland.


I am so grateful for the generosity of Eureka and Carlota in sending me photographs, accounts, audio and video of their remarkable day with Jake Gyllenhaal in Madrid last Tuesday. I've posted some of it but Berlin prevented me from presenting the rest. There is video from behind the scenes of the press conference, when Jake made a point of signing autographs and posing for photographs.

Here is the moment when Carlota's cousin Carmen asked Jake a question at the press conference. Jake's answer is the video below.

In this post I've included Eureka's amazing photographs from the photocall. How incredible to witness that!

There are other videos from Madrid, including the press conference.

Rueda de prensa Código Fuente from Revista ACCION Cine-Video on Vimeo.


There are quite a few videos from Source Code's press day in Italy, including the press conference itself.


I have so much to post about Berlin - it will have to wait til tomorrow. There are some sensational pictures from Christina, Ayda and Mrs JG, with whom I'm so glad I could share this experience. And I thought my pictures were good... In the meantime, you can imagine how thrilled I was to see this show up. I'm a couple of seats to Duncan's left.

And finally...

So more from Berlin tomorrow and there is also some more from Madrid! Not to mention some more of my WDW Berlin Interlude. Meanwhile Duncan Jones declared today that Source Code publicity was now at an end and put the last few mad days into a blog post. I hope he can get some rest now - while Jake teaches Bear how to rustle up something delicious with seaweed, lava rocks and blubber.

Photos by Eureka!


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Glad you made it back home safely. I bet there's a lot to catch up to.
Thanks for all those nice videos!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Mrs JG! Thank you :) Tomorrow it's Berlin catch up and you can betcha which pic'll lead that! It'll be hard to be back at work tomorrow...

Carmen said...

Thanks so much Kate for including my question at the press conference! You could say I was officially nervous! :) But at least I was able to let them know my feelings on their work in their language, interacting directly with them. I'm glad I had the courage to do it, because I'm not a journalist and I'm not used to speak in public .... so it was like jumping a lot of hurdles one right after the other :)

It was a GREAT REWARD to see those smiling faces with my comment and letting them know how much I had loved their movie.

The press conference had fantastic moments, like that part where Duncan and Jake joked about the security cord and how dangerous and very important people they were ... "Don't feed us" hahaha They cracked me up.

Thanks again everyone for your comments on our adventure -with Carlota and Eureka- and for sharing your enthusiasm.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yeay, Carmen! So glad to see you here and good job to you and Carlota and Eureka. You did so well asking a question. I find it so hard to speak in public especially in public situations but you got past that. I wanted to ask Jake a question at the London LAOD press conference but I wasn't able to and I was kind of relieved as I was so nervous. You got through that! And thanks for everything :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this huge post tonight to all of you who worked on it.
I haven't seen the press conference yet, but I will do tomorrow (I really hope to get the time to watch and listen to it).
Kate, I'm looking for the photo Mrs. JG took in Berlin in tomorrow's post :-)
@Alex: I'm sorry but I lost your email-adress :-( Could you please give it to me again ?
Have a nice evening everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Christina! I've not seen the press conference either! It's so hard catching up - but I have plans to watch all of this tomorrow, especially now I've worked out how to play it all through the TV :D And your photos are fantastic - I've just finished this post and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's already!

Susan said...

Thanks to all of you fortunate people who were able to attend a Source Code event and shared your experience with us! I'm still trying to catch up with blog posts and interviews and clips - just never enough time to savor it all.

I just saw Source Code again today for the third time... I wish I could personally thank Duncan Jones, Ben Ripley, and especially Jake for their respective roles in creating such a magnificent piece of entertainment. And then after I thanked them, I would love to ask each of them what their "interpretation" of the story is. I have a favorite theory, but it certainly isn't the only plausible one - if "plausible" is a word that can be applied to a mind-bending sci-fi scenario!

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm more convinced than ever - Duncan Jones is the Alfred Hitchcock of sci-fi, and I have extremely high expectations from him now.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Susan! I do agree - Source Code reminded me a lot of Hitchcock. I can't wait to see what Duncan does next and I'll be following it all. I saw some more of the clips last night. Fantastic.

Have a good day everyone! Another hot one, but at work so less good...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Forgot to mention that Brokeback was on Film4 last night. I didn't know so I missed the beginning. Which meant that I watched the rest of it. Quite incredible performances from all, including Anne and Michelle. I forget all this if I watch the film from the beginning. Very strange...

mermon said...

Thank you WDW for your lovely post with so much in it. It was such a rich in events promotion. So far I was able to see and read everything, where I was not afraid of spoilers.
And because of your and our girls personal encounters, it was so interesting. And thanks to Rodene ans Duncan blog, as well.

Eureka said...

Hi Kate,
It was my pleasure to share it here in WDW. It's like a small return for the fun I had all this time following you.

Cristina Pedroche interview is from Spain. And it's a really funny interview cause she uses a typical Spanish phrase and very appropriate given SC setting to describe Jake, that means:
He’s so gorgeous he could make a train stop.
* Estar como (para parar) un tren -> To be really gorgeous
* ¡Este tipo/esta mujer está como un tren! -> This guy/chick is a real stunner!
So funny!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Mermon! I'm really pleased that we all added to the experience. It's been so much fun!

Thanks Eureka! So gorgeous he could make a train stop? I'd agree with that!