Saturday, 2 April 2011

Meet the Filmmakers: Jake Gyllenhaal, Duncan Jones and Michelle Monaghan at Apple, plus Jake in the Telegraph and even more interviews!

There's a huge amount to post this evening but before we get going on the Gyllengoodies, it appears from initial US box office reports that Source Code was second on its opening night (inevitably beaten by a film about a rabbit that poops jelly beans) and is well on its way to achieving $15 million from its first weekend. So congratulations to Duncan Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal and all concerned in creating a movie that has got everyone talking and has attracted fantastic reviews. I rather liked this summary as well as this look at Duncan Jones, the tweeter.

In my local Apple store, you get a few iPads and iPhones on display and even an available shop assistant if you're very lucky. In NYC, you get Jake Gyllenhaal. Last night, Jake, Duncan and Michelle Monaghan (wearing the most extraordinary heels that make me dizzy just looking at them) took part in a Meet the Filmmakers session in the store. Not everyone managed to get in. You can get an idea of the atmosphere from this picture. But for those who did...

Also last night, Jake, Michelle and Duncan introduced another screening.

There are also some further pictures from the screening in NYC the night before, 31 March.

Earlier in the evening, Jake had taken part in a silent auction for New Eyes for the Needy and you can read a little about that here. Jake talks a little about the charity in a great feature in today's Telegraph. The magazine not only features Jake on the cover, it also has a fascinating interview in which Jake mentions that he's spent an entire year publicising films (three of them) and as a result has not been able to make any. With End of Watch set to begin filming in July, presumably in LA, it looks as if Jake will be glad to be back at work. You can read the interview here - just click on the scans.

Source Code has been attracting an enormous amount of attention across the media. It is also the number one film to see in this week's Entertainment Weekly. Many thanks to BBMISwear for the scan.

Baack to the interviews and videos. There are a few today.

Do also take a look at this interview here. The MySpace interview below, from the LA premiere, is particularly worth a look. Jake also talks, once more, about how he still wants to play Joe Namath.

Source Code Black Carpet Premiere

Marquis Movies | Myspace Video

Includes pictures from links and IHJ. There are lots more there. Many thanks to BBMISwear for the help with the post today.


Claire said...

Brilliant post WDW - thanks once again, loving the pictures of Jake. It was fantastic to see Jake on the big screen today and Source Code is a worth-the-wait film. I think it helped having seen Moon before, not that they are related but just so that you could understand the direction that Duncan was going in.

Utterly compelling to watch!!

mermon said...

A lot to watch and to read. I've done it all and really enjoyed that. Thank you for that - WDW.
On Rotten Tomatoes is still high - 88%.
8.2/10 on IMBd.
If they suspect to get 15mln$ for the weekend and the movie costed 32mln$, so it's very well, isn't it?
So far is 5mln$(april1).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Claire! I can see quite a few similarities between Moon and SC, especially in the isolated situation of the lead whom we cone to care for so much. Jake is perfect for this role :)

Glad you liked it, Mermon! SC is doing brilliantly and it's fantastic watching the buzz build.

I hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday :)

Alejandra said...

Saved a bunch of gorgeous pics from last night's event. Jake seemed happier than we've seen him in a long time. So good!

And I didn't know his mom was once a producer of Sesame Street! How cool!

And and... about the rabbit movie... No, not "Donnie Darko"... "Hop". It was written by the same guys who wrote "Bubble Boy". Noticed that?

Enjoy your weekend, WDW. You too, readers. xo

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks Kate for another great post, gives me something to read with my morning coffee!

LadyEkster said...

Morning everyone! After a very sunny yesterday, today brings clouds and rain. The perfect opportunity to relax behind the laptop and catch up on the latest Jake goodies. :)

Congrats on SC for having that much buzz and a good opening weekend! We've spoken about this many times before, and I wish this will finally be the box office success Jake deserves so much. Not that the numbers really count, but still... ;-)

I had a big laugh at the first vid in the post. The OMG's were omnipresent!! *lol*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Alejandra! I didn't know that - still makes me want to stick him in a stew ;D

My pleasure, Mrs JG!

Morning Lady Ekster :) We do talk about it a bit, but for me BO matters even less with SC because it is an out and out brilliant film.

Just did an emergency post with the SNL skit. Have a good day! I'm off to see SC again in a good cinema (as opposed to the one where I had to see it the other night...).