Monday, 4 April 2011

Michael Pena to star with Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch, why Jake loves London and too many Source Code goodies to list!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones - aka Team Source Code - have landed in Madrid and are getting ready for press day tomorrow. So while Jake relaxes with Rescue Remedy, goes for a run, checks out local restaurants and drinks lots of water (I'd recommend San Miguel myself), we have a chance to catch up and there is an awful lot to catch up with. First off, it looks like Jake has a co-star for End of Watch and he is Michael Pena. Shooting will start in July in LA. Jake will play cop Taylor while Michael will be cop Zavala. Thanks to Monica for the heads up.

Secondly, I am delighted to post a link to a great interview with Jake in which he says how much he loves London, Britain and Brits. We love talent, and if we see a sprout, we fertilise it and let it grow. I am thrilled to hear Jake talk about how much Britain, a nation famed for its love of Donnie Darko, means to him. After Prince of Persia, Jake is, of course, an honorary Brit. He has the 'estuary accent' to prove it. Ostensibly, Jake was there to talk about Edible Schoolyard...

Talking about good causes, not to mention Gyllenisms, Jake has also been quoted in the New York Post from his New Eyes for the Needy appearance at the weekend: 'While sheepishly admitting that he wore contacts, and glasses if he "needed to look smart," the star told the audience how he first learned about the organization: "When I was a kid, my grandfather asked me to donate my glasses to Needy Eyes. 'No way,' I said, 'I can't part with them . . .' I have since learned the error of my ways." He closed by begging the crowd to pay up, telling them, "Fork over your dollars like an old man at a strip club!"'

There is more from the Apple chat on Friday night: 'When asked by a high schooler if acting was a viable career path, Gyllenhaal immediately quipped, "Is there something wrong with you?... It's just about doing it right when it feels right. It's about listening to people and being present with other people," said the Academy Award-nominated actor, who grew up with both parents working in Hollywood. "That's what they always say about acting."'

'"The best directors I've worked with have the people around them they've started out with. When I met Jim Sheridan, he had the same people around him since the beginning." On his favorite actress he's starred with, Gyllenhaal was initially less diplomatic. "Definitely not Michelle! No, each one has their own special..." he grinned, then turned to his female costar. "Man, this iPad is really going to be worth it!."'

The MTV movie awards are on the way and you can nominate nominees. May I suggest Jake? Jake and his films feature in a fair few of the categories. Thanks to a reader for the heads up!

We have some more video interviews today. There is this one and then there are these from On the Red Carpet.

In another, non-embeddable one, Gino sits down with Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake and Duncan also sat down with JoBlo. Note the hand gestures...

And finally...

This is going to be an exciting week on WDW. We have reporters covering Madrid for us and Berlin later in the week. So don't go anywhere...

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Anonymous said...

again so many news for us ! TY very much for all those great work you do :-) I can't believe it yet but it is true: I won tickets for SC in Berlin on Thursday. Will be there with my daughter. I think she has to take care of me :-) I'm so excited about this.
Have a nice evening everyone

TD said...

Just dropping in to say I've just got back from seeing Source Code and I absolutely loved it! Magnificent, marvellous, wonderfully brilliant. I've booked tickets to see it twice more this week and already I can't wait. I thought Jake's acting was simply superb.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Christina! That's great :D I'll be there too - It's gonna be great! Front row, gulp...

I am so glad you loved it, TD :) As a lover of scifi, SC is a dream come true for me and I'm loving it. Next week, it opens in my favourite arts cinema. I'll be seeing it there a few times. I think Jake was superb too :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Source Code today and I loved it! from beginning to end it was a wild ride. There were some twists and turns and like so many others have said it's best to see it without reading or seeing any spoilers.

I haven't been this emotionally connected to any of Jake's characters in a long time (sorry but POP didn't do it for me, while a good movie it didn't grab me. And in LAOD I was more connected with Anne's character than with Jake's)

In some parts of the movie, when he was alone in the pod, I just wanted to hug him. And when we get to see the bigger picture of what's going on my heart just went out for Colter.

I hope this movie gets awards (maybe a Saturn?)

I hope Jake makes many more movies like this. End of Watch almost sounds like the same type of movie where you connect on so many levels.

And Jake is a rare actor who can say so much with his eyes and the rest of his body.

just loved this!


mermon said...

I can't wait those reports from Madrid and Berlin :).
Thank you Kate for letting us know about MTV movie awards. I have already voted.
And for all the interviews. I think I like the most with JoBo. Jake reveals his allergy to cats and says nice words about new movie. End of Watch is quite interesting for me.
TD I'm glad you liked Source Code.

TD said...

Thanks WDW and Mermon! Yes, I agree havent felt so much for Jakes character in quite a while.
I am sorry to hear about him being allergic to cats - but weirdly it does seem to fit him?!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea :) I'm so glad you loved it so much - and I agree - my heart melts for Colter in the pod. How the film combines the scifi thriller with the human drama is brilliant.

Hi Mermon! I haven't had a chance to watch the JoBlo interview. I must do that now. I love the interviews today :)

It does, TD! And I can't help loving it. Except for Ruby's cats (of course... :D), I'm allergic to them myself. I like to hear it's not just me :)

Anonymous said...

FYI Michael Pena co starred with Jake's sister, Maggie, in the World Trade Center movie

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ahh, thanks Anon! That'll be where I know him from - I've been wracking my brains about that one.

LadyEkster said...

I'm thrilled for WDW, Eureka and MrsJG! Have a great week ladies! And to you too Christina, how exciting! :)

So Jake is going to play a cop called Taylor?!
Oops, slip of the keyboard there... I can't resist seeing the humour of that. *lol*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Lady Ekster! Ooh, you've gotta chuckle... :D

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Great post, Katy, and great comments, everybody! Hmm..I have two cats. I guess Jake will have to double up on allergy drugs before he comes to visit the Gyllen Haal of Fame, LOL!

BBMISwear said...

Okay, I know it's typically rather boring to hear something twice but I just LOVED the comment made by "P" on Sunday and felt the need to copy and paste a part of here. It is all so true and warrants reading again:

"I am sure I speak for 99.99% of the readers of your blog by commenting that you do a fantastic account of Jakes every public appearance and accounts of all sensible news regarding what is going on with Jake daily, doing an admirable job of avoiding the the gossip and pap type rubbish. This is only achieved by you in person shfting through monumental amounts of data, through downloads ,scans, tweets, emails etc etc etc.
All this you then put down in a most admiral way in order to put across to us very elequently news as it happens.This is a dedication for which we are truly thankful for and through this you have built a close community of followers not just of Jake but also of you and your accounts of Jake and your own interludes.
I want to say thankyou for being you, a very special unique
Kind and intelligent person that is Kate". - P

Wow! Good going P!!!

Thank you WDW for all you do - I honestly think we don't say it enough. And I can't wait to hear more about Madrid and Berlin from you dedicated WDWers (and WDW herself)! I've been lucky to 'report' from the scene in the U.S. a few times now and now look forward to hearing what is happening over in that neck of the woods!!

Bring it on! And Yay for Source Code's big weekend (with more to come I'm sure...I'm meeting some friends for yet another viewing in Boston later in the week in fact)! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone,
Thanks WDW and LadyEkster. I am sure I will love Berlin :-)
WDW: front row, really ?
How long are you going to stay in Berlin ?
Have a nice day (even at work).

mermon said...

Good Morning Everybody!
@sweetpea - I'm happy for you, that you loved SC:).
Micheal Pena was starring in CRASH also. The movie that won 3 Oscars in 2006 - one was Best Motion Picture of the Year over BBM! In Austin it won too.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@ Christina.

Good for you to be able to come as well. We'll be quite a crowd!

See you!

Thanks again, WDW for your post. I think I will need at least a day after seeing SC to watch all the spoilery stuff.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! Good to see you all :) Raining, windy ugh...

Hi Gyllenhaalisgr8! I'm sure Jake will be well prepared to put up with a little sneezing :D

Thank you so, so Much BBMISwear :-) And it was such a kind comment by P. Treasure it. Gonna be quite a week! I'm going to have to up my chocolate intake...

Hi Christina! I'll have a few days there to take in the sites and sample the beers :)

Morning Mermon!

Hi there Mrs JG! I love knowing that there'll be so many people from WDW at the Madrid and Berlin screenings to cheer Jake and Duncan on :)

Have a good day everyone!

Alejandra said...

He's allergic to cats BUT he still likes them. Great attitude. You're on your way to recovery, Jake. You'll be fine.

Catching up here. Have a nice day, everyone. :-)

Carol said...

Just a quick stop by. Saw SC for the third time today:) I'm loving it more each time I see it.

Looking forward to all the reports from Madrid and Berlin this week.

Thanks to the poster for clarifying that Michael Pena played Maggie's husband in World Trade Center. I thought he did but wasn't 100% sure.

Our local movie critic on radio has said Source Code is his movie of the year so far and gave it a top 4 star rating.

It's great to hear all the praise Jake, Duncan and all involved have been getting and well deserved it is too:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Alejandra! Enjoy the catch up :)

Hey there Carol! I'm looking forward to my third viewing of SC on Thursday. That's great about the radio critic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake, when are you planning to be in London?

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