Monday, 11 April 2011

More from the Source Code Berlin screening, Madrid photocall videos, Jake Gyllenhaal in Iceland and Nailed news!

We have another report of Jake Gyllenhaal in Iceland at the weekend. A 'hot guy' was spotted in a restaurant who turned out to be none other than our Jake, wisely filling himself up with calories ahead of his intrepid trip with Bear Grylls. Jake 'sat there for like an hour and we were chatting to him, he’s on some Adventure trip here in Iceland with his Friend, and he is going on a glazier trip tomorrow'. Jake didn't mention however that he would be living off glacier flora and fauna (but more likely fauna) during this trip. The 'tomorrow' referred to there was Sunday and so who knows where Jake might be right now. One thing's for sure, though, this is not a good time to be an Auk or porpoise.

Back to this second catchup post. The photo above was taken by Mrs JG and as you can see it features Jake Gyllenhaal. What may be less obvious to you is that it also features my head. This picture shows the moment after I thought I had better let go of Jake's hands and he walked off, laughing. I like to think with me, rather than at me (I may have mentioned something about doing a blog for him...). Thanks very much to Mrs JG for capturing a perfect moment. I would also like to congratulate her on the presence of mind to take a photograph of Jake's footwear. The Famous Boots.

Here are some more of Mrs JG's wonderful pics from Berlin on 7 April.

There was another talented photographer with us that night, Christina. And here are some of her fantastic pictures. Christina also sat on the front row but at the left hand side (Mrs JG and I were slightly to the right) and so this gives us a chance to see Jake from a different angle. Not that there are any bad angles...

Christina also took some great pictures of Duncan Jones and Rodene. I really like these.

Madrid Photocall!

We have another treat from Madrid! Carlota captured some video from the Source Code photocall and I'm delighted to present it below. Great stuff!

It was wonderful to meet so many Jake fans in Berlin, including friends from Elijah Meets Jake and I can't thank them enough for their kind and generous welcome to Germany.

This is by no means not all from Source Code's week on the continent. And so the catch up will continue.

Nailed gets (another) composer!

Playlist are reporting tonight that Nailed has a new composer! John Swihart has apparently been hired in place of original composer Squeak E. Clean in what may be an effort to finish this film off for once and all. The saga continues...

And finally...

A little bit of a WDW Berlin Interlude courtesy of the comfortable hippos of Berlin Zoo and some nesting cormorants and fishing herons.

I arrived back in Oxford to be soaked in very warm spring sunshine.

Many thanks to Christina and Mrs JG for the use of their magnificent pictures! We did good, yes?!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Phew! Enjoy everyone - and thank you so so much Christina and Mrs JG for those fantastic pics and to Carlota for the wonderful video.

Can't thank everyone enough x

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

You're very welcome, as you made this evening so special for me. It just wouldn't have been the same without you! I'm glad you like "your" picture that much. Jake's smile in it is so nice!

Great post by the way!

I am afraid with all this excitment this early in the year we're looking ahead for a very loooong summer (not that I mind long summers per se, but....)without a whole lot of Jake news.

But I'm sure you'll be able to turn even the littelest crumb into cake!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you Mrs JG! And it was wonderful sitting next to you with Jake in front of our eyes... sigh :) I'll do my best to keep everyone entertained while Jake's being busy in his LAPD uniform :D

Ayda said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting them! :)

Mrs JG, we had a group shot, right? Would you mind e-mailing me that pic?

Who knows, maybe we'll get a whole lotta hot on set pics of Jake in uniform... *sigh*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Ayda! There's a group shot in the members lounge of the forum and more stuff there :D I didn't want to post anything like that too publicly.

BBMISwear said...

WOW!! What wonderful posts I came back to after not being here since the post on Thursday evening after you met Jake in Berlin!! Lots of catching up to still do but I just had to say I LOVE THE PICTURE OF JAKE SMILING AT YOU!!!!!! And I'm so glad you mentioned the blog to him!!

What terrific bits you have gathered - and have shared - from the European SC tour! How great that us readers had all of you lovely ladies taking pictures, video footage, relaying personal experiences, etc. I've been on the *lucky* side of sharing my adventures and not always sure what it's like to be on this side reading and it's been so interesting and entertaining to read and view so thanks to all of you!!

And...again...look at that smile he is giving WDW!!!!!

Oh...and what interesting additional bits going on as everyone comes down from the Euro adventures (Jake's outdoorsy adventures in Iceland, Nailed news - again).

And this CONFIRMATION from Jake re: the SC audio commentary made me very happy (even though Duncan told me himself that he thought they were going to do it it's nice to hear it's DONE) - from the Madrid Press Conference: "Duncan and I did commentary on the DVD the other day"! Awesome!

Well...back to all the things that kept me away from here for a few days. But what a nice few posts I got to read once back!'

Thank you WDW!! I'll be back when I can!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) I love that picture, he did have a laugh at me, but in a good way, I think! Maybe he was just relieved to get his hands back... And that's excellent news about the commentary. Some laughs in that, I'm sure.

I think it's all catching up with me - I'm shattered!

mermon said...

WDW - I like that picture you have with Jake, I like the way he smiles at you, and THAT look of his eyes. And I like the back of your head :). As I said it before, I would love to see the look on your face at that magic moment. But thx to MrsJG we may see the influence you have on Jake, causing him to smile like that.

I like that little encounter a girl from Iceland bar had with Jake, from a link you pasted. It was nice.

All the pictures and videos made by girls are great. Thx for sharing. Duncan and Rodene look charming together.

Thank you for pictures from ZOO - HIPPO is fantastic.

I'm glad they still do something on Nailed, I really would like to see it one day.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much Mermon! But it's definitely better to look at Jake than me :) But I love that smile. I'm so glad you like the hippo pics! I could have watched them for a long time. And as ever fingers crossed for Nailed :)

Susan said...

Gee, I'm just happy that I found Wet Dark and Wild last year! I don't give a rat's patooty if my family all think I'm crazy -- this is FUN!! Even if all I get to do is read about others' adventures, it's something I look forward to every day!

sass said...

TY for all this excitement! I had no idea who Redene was so googled her and saw pics of her with Duncan and squeeeee for Duncan...she's beautiful!!
Jake is so beautiful...The Good Girl was on Cable today...loved it. I'm thinking Jennifer should do more Indie good movies again and leave all those silly ROM/COM's behind!
TY again for all the information and pics and everything...saw SC a lot last much I have to take a day that movie.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@BBMISwear: I for one love to read about your encounters with Jake - so keep them coming!

As for pics with Jake. Wouldn't it be awesome if they invented some technology that would take pictures 360° around the person who takes the picture. Then we could rotate the pic of Jake and see Kate beam as well!
And I would get a pic of Jake and myself too!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! I'm glad you found the place too :)

Morning Sass! Oh, how I agree about Jen...

Hi there Mrs JG! Wouldn't it have been great if we could have got Jake into a group photo! Everything happens so quickly... but this was a great encounter for us - Jake was really in the mood and it was small and intimate enough for us to all get really close. I am so glad we could get in! The champagne wasn't bad either... This was my first red carpet experience with champagne. I thought the PoP premiere at Westfield was good as I got a cup of coffee! My standards have now gone up another notch :)

Have a great day everyone! Another beautiful one, but busy...

BBMISwear said...

Hey Mrs. JG - you just made me laugh out loud - but how true?! A 360 degree camera shot would be fantastic at times like this. Oh how I would LOVE to see Kate's face at that moment (all dazed and happy - ha ha)!! And no worries - I will do my best to keep the encounters coming (after a mini-break so the family doesn't kick me out of the house for disappearing one too many times - hee hee).

Oh and you're so right, WDW, it always happens so fast in these instances! And who knows what's going to happen at photo time (some people are so excited they even turn their own camera off and almost miss getting a photo altogether - I won't name names here but luckily Jake is a take charge type and can remedy situations like these for his fans)!

Here's to more adventures! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was so busy yesterday didn't get a chance to look at this post till today. Wonderful photos you guys took of Jake. WDW, are you sure Jake needed to take BOTH hands with him? I mean he has TWO couldn't he have left one with you? :D

I loved the shots with Jake and Duncan, and of course of Jake alone.

I thought Jake already knew about this blog (and wouldn't be surprised if he's checked us out)

It would be nice to have Nailed released but I won't hold my breath until I hear something more concrete. Like a release date.

Loved the photos of the Berlin Zoo. I am going to keep my eyes peeled on Bear's website to see if he talks about his experience with Jake and when that ep will be airing.

thanks WDW and everyone who was there to see Jake


Carlota said...

What an amazing collection of pictures to illustrate such an awesome adventure! Congrats girls! Mission accomplished! :D

Those HUGE images taken by Christina are fantastic OH MY! look at that perfect skin with no signs of pores, those endless lashes and the colour of his lips ….and no, it's not an inventory... it's just HIM!!!! :D

Thanks so much, not only you had a BLAST but also it's impossible not to feel happy reading these posts, it's almost like being there! This brings to my mind something that I read about "positive empathy" the other day and the greatest pleasure that is sharing a good experience with others ,otherwise it's like it never happened.

And THAT smile to WDW that Mrs JG captured... *faints*

Talking about Madrid photo call videos it cracks me up everytime I see Carmen's pulse shaking when she waved her hand to Jake (she was up the stairs trying to capture a general view of the guys while Eureka and me were filming closer) and he waved her back smiling….hahaha! minute 1:00 when the camera shakes like crazy! :D
When he was posing some photographers told him "smile" "smile" and he was joking saying "No, serious…serious" :) He definitely couldn't be cuter!

I was a bit down today because it's been a week and it's impossible not to think " 7 days ago we were doing this, now we would be doing that…!" but this place definitely HELPS!

Thanks so much again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Great post - as always. TY for doing this all for us. I have to admit: I didn't take the photos I sent to you, but my daughter Hannah did. She took the photos while I could keep my eyes on Jake :-)
Have a nice evening everyone

LadyEkster said...

Just a good job?! No my friends, you did/do a magnificent job! :)

Thanks a million once again - it is tiring yet? *grin* Great photos, great moments and meanwhile this big catch-up is becoming more than a little addictive! :)

I love that picture of Jake and the back of your head, WDW. Makes me think back to that sweet little video from the PoP premiere in which someone captured your adrenaline-filled reaction after having Jake so close. Utterly, utterly cool!

And a big YAY! to the audio commentary for Source Code. I still have to listen to the Zodiac one but your comments on Jake's commentaries make it all sound very promising. :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I am so ahead of my time - Source Code will not make it to German theatres until June and already I am thinking about the DVD! I guess it will be almost Christmas again before they release that. OH NO!

Well, I will just have to look at all those videos over and over.

mermon said...

"When he was posing some photographers told him "smile" "smile" and he was joking saying "No, serious…serious" :) He definitely couldn't be cuter!" - @Carlota, thank you for those additional funny tidbits. Now I understand why on some of the pictures he was so serious! :).

mermon said...

I've just checked again SC Madrid photocall and I saw Jake and Duncan too - waving to Carmen! And her shaking camera picture. So funny! Thx for letting us know:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! So good to see you all. I've been enjoying your comments - and the behind the scene info on that wonderful photocall. Sorry for no post tonight but I'm absolutely shattered. I've spent most of the evening lying down eating ice cream!

Hannah did a great job with the pics, Christina!

So not been online tonight but I'll catch up with everything tomorrow. More goodies to post! Have a good evening :)

Georgie said...

Great pics! Very vivid! Saw Source Code today with the big sis, and loved it! The acting, the CGI, the cinematography, the Jake Gyllenhaal ;) He did not disappoint! And I have to wholeheartedly agree with Susan's sentiment, I love this site!
Keep up the great work WDW!

Anonymous said...

what flavor ice cream, WDW? Chocolate is one of my fave (and coffee ice cream too)

for all you do you deserve a break.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Blimey I was tired last night. I slept for over 9 hours.

Thanks very much Georgie and Sweetpea :) And it was vanilla - nothing but for me!

Have a good day!

Sasha said...

Glad you had time to sleep WDW. I am really tired this week too. Seems like the adrenaline is finally wearing off.

Eureka said...

I loved the Berlin adventure.
Wonderful pictures too, congratulations!
Picture of WDW and smiling Jake is a jewel. :o)
@BBMISwear: your adventures are really glamorous cause they happen in the Hollywood arena. So keep them coming!
@MrsJakobGyllenhaal: 360ยบ pictures would be a dream. I'm so glad you had such a great time.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Waves to Sasha and Eureka! What a week :)