Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mumford and Sons give in and let Jake Gyllenhaal join the band - Jake on trumpet in New Orleans

It was only a matter of time... after spending a week as a stowaway on the Mumford and Sons Railroad Revival Tour Train there was only one thing left for Jake Gyllenhaal to do. Yep, he joined the band. No doubt hoping to work off his fare. One thing occurs to me and I wonder if it occurred to the band. Can Jake actually play the trumpet. In the words of a good friend, is Jake the equivalent of the Fifth Beatle? Is Jake the Fifth Mumford?

After seeing pictures of Jake carrying his guitar to regale Bear Grylls over stewed walrus in an Icelandic glacier, having seen Jake batter the skins in Proof, and now watching Jake accompany Mumford and Sons on trumpet, surely it can't be long before the Jake Gyllenhaal One Man Band Album reaches iTunes. Jake Gyllenhaal may be the new Adele. In fact, I can see the album title now: 'Jake 30'.

A reader left the comment last night that she was sitting two seats away from Jake at Camellia Grill in New Orleans at midnight and that he was still wearing the basketball clothes. Pleasure and alarm combine... And, as we can tell from the video below, Jake was indeed at the show, the closing one of the tour, but this time, Jake took a more active role. Many thanks to the reader for her comment! A different t-shirt at the show, thank heavens.

As the tour finishes, ATX Gossip from Austin has posted its record of the group photo from Austin. You can spot Jake, and I don't just mean because of the big smile, handsome face and shiny head. He's the one putting in that little bit extra and carrying someone on his shoulders. I wonder if they drew lots...

And a personal note...

Thinking of friends and readers in Alabama. Hope you're safe x


Sasha said...

Thanks for the screenshots of the video, made it easier to spot Jake.
I attend a similar festival every May in Dresden (International Dixie Jazz Festival) and on Sundays it's ended by a big jam session. I can only imagine the fun Jake had doing that.
Way to go!

And like you said - our prayers go out to the people in Alabama!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

I DO NOT mean to be cynical. But I hope we don't have to start, "Our prayers go out to (fill in the blank)." There have been so many natural disasters..when will it end..or will it just end in 2012? It's getting scary in biblical proportions. But the disaster du jour is Alabama, and the devastion is unreal. I, too, am praying. ~E.

Sasha said...

@ Elisabeth
I normally don't drag my being religious in the open, because it has nothing to do with my love for Jake.

And I agree there are too many disasters out there to mention everyone.

But Susan and I have been speaking about us being from a similar background when it comes to religion, so I'd like to believe it means something to her.
But rest asured - I won't mention it in every post I make in the future :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sasha! You can bet it means something to Susan and she's been in my mind all day so thanks for saying that.

I bet Jake had the time of his life at that final session and it certainly shows in that video. I smiled all the way through while watching that.

Hi Gyllenhaalisgr8 :)

I am so glad it's the holiday weekend! Eating cupcakes...

LadyEkster said...

Watching the video: I thought Jake liked hiphop???? *grin*

surely it can't be long before the Jake Gyllenhaal One Man Band Album reaches iTunes. Jake Gyllenhaal may be the new Adele. In fact, I can see the album title now: 'Jake 30'.
Priceless, WDW. Priceless. :) I'd immediately buy that album!

Lovely friends in America, I hope you're safe and okay. Thinking of you! Bug Gyllenhugs to all.

lily sawyer said...

I had no idea he played the trumpet. WOW now he can be a one man band, guitar, drums and now TRUMPET


mermon said...

Hahaha, I succesfully logged on google account! I'm proud of myself:)Cause there were problems with URL posting, but now they are fixed.

It really looks like Jake had the time of his life. All that adventure is incredible. The idea of a band touring/moving by train from city to city, with fans following them and some famous guests:) is worth to imitate. And Jake went through evolution there - from quite, almost invisible spectator, through active basketball player, to veery active band member! Thank you for video and captured pictures, Kate.
Thank you Katherine for sharing your encounter with Jake. Lucky you.

Sorry Susan to hear about tornadoes, I hope is quieter now. Please let us know how you are.

I agree with you gyllenhaalisgr8 - we have so many disasters now - look at Japan - that it really "getting scary in biblical proportions".

Source Code is coming to my city! I spotted a poster today on the tramway stop' glass-case
Source Code in Poland - May6

BBMISwear said...

Such fun stuff! Thank you for all this WDW. It is impossible to watch that video and not smile - everyone is having so much freakin' fun!!

And I have to say I laughed so hard at your description in this post - Jake Gyllenhaal One Man Band Album! 'Jake 30'! Love it!!

Now what? More cop preparation?! :-)

*sending good thoughts to Susan and all those in the terrible tornado areas*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! I'll be back with you after the wedding!! I've got the hankies out. Always cry at weddings...

mermon said...

Congratulations on Royal Wedding, Kate! We've been watching it at work. It was different from Diana's time. Smiling Queen, Bride and Groom in love, living together from 9 years, among guests Elton John with his husband. Well, XXI century!
I hope they will be happy ever after, for a change. I wish them very well. Harry was very cute. Actually, now he's more interesting than William.

Susan said...

Hi Kate and everyone! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, PRAYERS, AND CONCERNS. I am okay, my family are all okay, our home and neighborhood were spared any significant damage, and my Dastan action figure survived without a scratch ;-) .

Our electricity went out early Wednesday evening and I had no idea the extent of the damage across the state and the region until late last night. There was so much damage that electricity in Huntsville is not expected to be restored for another 3 to 4 days. I am currently in Birmingham, about a two-hour drive south from the Huntsville area, where there is electricity and all the comforts that come with it. I still haven't heard from two of my closest friends, but I think that's because cell phone service is sporadic to nonexistent.

This morning there are only two types of images on TV, as far as I can tell: the Royal Wedding and the tornado devastation in Alabama. Sort of surreal, to say the least. There are more than 300 dead across the region: at least 210 in Alabama, 34 in Tennessee, 32 in Mississippi, 14 in Georgia, 12 in Arkansas, five in Virginia and one in Kentucky, with at least 11 of those in the Huntsville vicinity. President Obama is coming to Alabama today to survey the damage. I'm sure you can find all sorts of information about the storms online.

I feel incredibly blessed to have come out of this only being temporarily inconvenienced. It was especially nice this morning to read a great blog post, have a laugh, and feel some sense of normalcy amid all the chaos and destruction. Please keep all of the victims of the tornadoes in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

congrats to William and Kate. What a lovely dress and I loved the kisses on the balcony.

What holiday weekend is it, WDW?


Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW...
Never knew Jake could actually play a trumpet :D
It seems like a very fun show, so many people jamming together...
My heart goes to the people who live and got a family in Alabama
And Congrats to Prince William and Kate, Happy Wedding and Live Happily Ever After.
Are you there amongst the crowd, WDW? hehe..
Thanks for the post as always!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon - it was lovely! And yeay for the google account :D Now you have to pick a picture!

Susan, how good it is to see you! I feel much better now. I hope your friends are all ok. Just awful images on the news. I'm glad you have some normalcy today. xx

It's the May Day Bank Holiday, Sweetpea - the wedding was added to it as an extra day off, which was rather nice :D

I wasn't there, Serene Hill, but it did look like fun. I'm so glad the rain held off :)

What a day!

Eureka said...

Lovely wedding. I'm checking now the news summaries.
Nice you could have the day as bank holiday to fully enjoy and participare WDW!
The Queen looked moved durin the ceremony, didn't she? and she looked great in canary yellow.
They showed the pubs also in the summaries, he,he, they were really busy. ;o). And also the tons of souvenirs about the wedding, amazing.
I totally agree with you Mermon. This is a new generation altogether. <3

Eureka said...

Hugs Susan! Glad to hear you are safe.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Eureka! It's been a wonderful day, it felt like a really special holiday. Loved it. And so relaxing. The pubs and parks would've been so busy. I went into the village afterwards and it was deserted, just a couple of people like me buying booze to celebrate with! And we have three more days off to enjoy :) Sunday is a big day in Oxford - May Day!

Eureka said...

Here in Madrid we have monday off too, ha,ha. It's our region celebration day. Many people leaving the city again!
Enjoy Sunday! Sunday is mother's day in Spain, I'm expecting some crafts from my children. <3