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Mumford and Sons takes its Mascot Jake Gyllenhaal to Texas and a WDW Interlude

Jake Gyllenhaal is taking his duties as official Mumford and Sons Mascot extremely seriously. Either that, or they can't shake him off... Last night, Jake followed the British band out of LA and into the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas, to be more precise the town of Marfa, the latest stop in the Railroad Revival Tour. Jake clearly felt safe enough in Marfa without the hats and hoods but he was still spotted by the side of the stage. You should be able to identify Jake in the picture below from The Chase Night - he's the one in the background whose head you need sunglasses to look at.

The Calvy Calv tumblr has a great account of the evening, including this: 'Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong were on the side of the stage singing along and jamming out with the crowd and the band. Jake came in to my friends store and she got to meet him and all that stuff.' It's good to hear that Jake is spending time hanging out with Lance again. Thanks to Mermon for the heads up!

Kevin Bacon

JustJared today published a photograph of Jake from the 1998 yearbook from Columbia. Rather peculiarly, students were asked which actor they admired and if they couldn't name one - as Jake couldn't - they were automatically allotted Kevin Bacon. Am I the only one to find that odd? No matter how good an actor Bacon is, and he is a good actor, why Kevin Bacon?

Men's Journal

I'm very grateful to IHJ for presenting these two pictures today from the Men's Journal photoshoot.

Absolutely gorgeous... And Jake's not bad either.

WDW Interlude - on the Isle of Widgit

Earlier this Easter holiday Mr WDW and I took ourselves off on our beautiful and extremely uncomfortable Triumph Thunderbird to explore the Isle of Wight. We didn't see all of it as our time was too short but we were lucky enough to enjoy the island in perfect sunshine. It's a beautiful island and so here are a few photos which do nothing to do it justice. Firstly, here's Osborn House - the favourite home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. After Albert's death, Victoria slept with a portrait of her husband above his pillow and by the side of the bed. She died in that bed in 1901. Happily, before that sad time, she spent years there with her family in gardens that are among the most beautiful I have ever seen.

We visited another royal home, but this time one with less pleasant memories for the royal in question (not that he'd have remembered it long as he had his head cut off). Charles I was imprisoned in 1648 in Carisbrooke Castle in the centre of the island. They built Charles a bowling green and he still tried to escape out of a back window. Ingrate. Mr WDW kept saying 'This is a proper castle!' as if they'd have kept Charles in anything else. Built in the 1100s the castle was one of the few in England to be attacked by the French.

The island's history goes back further than that, as any dinosaur hunter will agree, and, although we didn't see anything from that far back, we did visit the best Roman villa I have ever seen in the United Kingdom - the villa of Brading in the east of the island. And all credit to English Heritage for what they have done to preserve and present these superb remains. And the mosaics... men with cockrel heads, Medusa, Bacchus, peacocks, monkeys - stunning.

From more recent history, there is Bembridge fort. Originally built as a Napoleonic fort in the 19th century (and just look at that Victorian brickwork!), it had a part to play in the defence of Britain during World War 2, as can be seen by the enormous gun placements.

The Isle of Wight is all about the sea and there was plenty of it, all blue and under sunny skies.

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful messages on the occasion of WDW's fourth birthday! I appreciate every one of them and they spur me on and onwards. Thank you!

My review of Thor is now up at MovieBrit.


Anonymous said...

Love pics of the Isle of Wight, WDW.

hmmmm and what else? (wracking my brain) Oh yeah and of Jake and his magical mystery tour train ride with Mumford and Sons. I keep thinking of the song "Love Train" and everyone getting on board cause you don't want to miss this train at the station. Cause it seems you never know who you'll meet on this tour. Lance A? cool.

Jake hasn't seen Lance in a while, glad they are able to hang out. It just is funny he gets on a train not long after SC premieres all over the place.

thanks WDW and happy 4th Anniversary


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea! It's great to hear of Jake hanging out with Lance again, I really like that :)

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of Jake and a friend shaking their booty to the music

he's only on the first first min of the video. Then he and his friend disappear stage left, I don't know if he snuck backstage or not.


Susan said...

Great post, Kate! It's good to know that Jake has something to keep him busy between haircuts/shearings, but I certainly hope he has an adequate supply of sunscreen for that naked pate.

Hee, hee! Why Kevin Bacon you ask? Why not Kevin Bacon? Is he not random enough for you?

I don't have a clue why the 1998 Columbia yearbook staff would have chosen to do that, but my gut feeling is that it has something to do with the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.

These interludes of yours have made me more anxious than ever to actually vacation in the UK. Oh, for enough time and money to see all the great places and appreciate all the history!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea! I've updated the post :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I found Kevin Bacon so random! I like him but why Kevin? Why not Tom Hanks or Johnny Depp? Why not Meryl Streep?! I wonder what the criteria were... I'm glad you liked the Interlude - I don't want to bore anyone but I do want to let those who are interested into my life.

I love that dancing video. I'm gonna say it - don't shoot me! - Jake's dancing is the kind of dancing that is best appreciated when not sober :D

mermon said...

I like that train adventure very much. The idea is so great. I heard some of the songs from San Pedro Mumford and sons concert - the atmosphere was incredible.
@Sweetpea - I was thinking just the same :) That he's on the train again. And he's not scare of blowing. Our hero! :) I'm so happy he has a good time. And nice he has fun with Busy and now with Lance.
I just discovered new video. This dance looks like undercover dancing, like Jake hides behind the speakers :).This man is full of surprises.
Nice Interlude pictures, Kate.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon! The atmosphere looked wonderful - and Jake is so lucky being able to experience it from backstage like that :)

Ayda said...

Great post! I LOVE how Jake just lets go and dances and loses himself in the music - that's my kinda guy. :D

The Kevin Bacon thing struck me as odd, too, but then I remembered this thing with the Erdos-Bacon number -
Maybe it's got something to do with that, like an academic joke between intellectuals and aspiring actors. :P

I also like seeing Jake hang out with Busy, I like those two together. :)

Thanks for the great post, Kate!

Anonymous said...

Busy's husband Mark was also along.
He is a successful screenwriter and I am hoping he and Jake will work together on something soon.

I love your interludes, WDW!

Carol said...

Beautiful pics from the Isle of Wight:) I think I might have to consider holidaying in England this year. It's been too long since I've been over there.

I saw Mumford and Sons just last month in my hometown and I was lucky enough to get in front of the stage. They are such a great band and they tried out loads of new material.

Jake looks gorgeous in those Men's Journal pics:)

mermon said...

I found something more of Jake on the tour:

John Paul Goff · Expert at Apple
"the memories and passion for love and music taken from this show will last a lifetime, although my favorite non-musical moment of the day was chatting about coffee, edward sharpe, and tempe society with mr. jake gyllenhaal @cartel coffee lab :) thanks to all of you!"
17 hours ago

Marfa was AMAZING....
THE SHOW WAS SO PERSONAL, barely any people there, but sold out! :D love.
Obviously Jake Gyllenhaal has been following the Railroad Revival Tour, he’s bald and I smiled and waved at him and received the same in turn. I won’t say just me, maybe my group."

Anonymous said...

Good morning !
Wonderful pics of the Isle of Wight. Liked it very much.
I tried to watch the vid sweetpea mentioned. It was deleted :-(
Have a nice day everyone

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Ayda! That could explain it.

Thanks 22:57!

You must get over here, Carol! They are a great band. I must get around to seeing them one of these days.

Thanks for those stories, Mermon! Sounds great and I'm glad people got to see Jake there.

Morning Christina! Ooh, shame about the video. I'll remove it from the post. I'll email you later :)

Have a good day everyone! Back at work *sobs*

BBMISwear said...

A quick hello to say thanks for MORE from the M&S&J Tour - fun stuff! And beautiful pictures from your trip, WDW! I wish New England looked like the original England right now - we are basically in mud season at the moment. Sigh.

Have a good day!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) Mud season... eww!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Had an evening rescuing Mr WDW who ran out of petrol - what a night! Got back and finished my review of Thor for MB

Normal coverage will resume tomorrow (when hopefully we'll have some petrol...)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Have a good day one and all :)

Anonymous said...


Wet Dark and Wild said...