Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Source Code catch up (Jake Gyllenhaal talks favourite scifi movies and West Wing), more art, videos and pictures plus a Spring Interlude

Weird things are afoot in England - we have had warm sunshine for days and more days of warm sunshine with blue skies stretch on ahead of us, as surely this is an April for the record books (at least until 29 April when it's bound to chuck it down). As a result, I have been spending less time in front of a computer than is usual and more time in front of a book, sitting outside with a cool beer in hand, telling the birds to shut up and flicking ants off my deckchair. Seriously, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls had it easy in Iceland. And so that means I have some catching up to do. First off is this wonderful picture of Jake from Madrid, courtesy of Carlota, from Cinemania.

On Cinemania there is also an interview with Jake from Spain in which he talks about scifi films that he enjoyed as a youngster. He mentions Innerspace and, surely what must be one of the best films of any kind, Back to the Future. You can download the interview automatically by clicking this link but you can also watch it here.

We also have two scans from Entertainment Weekly, with thanks to BBMISwear, which result from the NYC Source Code premiere. Good to see Jake's Nailed co-star James Marsden amongst the attendees. And I do like that quote from Michelle Monaghan about her Colter.

Here is a great behind the scenes video from Source Code - just watch that shoulder, Jake!

There are some other photos from Jake's attendance at the preview of Art of the Streets from last week in LA, thanks to Toy Tokyo and Toy Machine (with thanks to IHJ for the links). Each time I look at that first picture, I think Jake's gone all leftbank and is wearing a beret.

There is also this interview from Flicks on 6. I have just one thing to say (apart from the fact that it sounds as if Jake is working on projects from what he says about Portland) The West Wing is the best TV series ever:

I really like that interview.

WDW Spring Oxford Interlude

Today I headed off with Mr WDW to find some lunchtime ice cream. This also doubled up as an excuse to engage in that favourite Oxford summertime hobby - watching people upset the ducks and crash into one another on the Isis (as the Thames is known in Oxford). We overheard a chap renting out the punts that they are unsinkable. I've heard that one before...

Includes pictures from links and WDW.


Anonymous said...

I loved the EW article and the behind the scenes footage, I hope they'll be plenty more on the DVD.

Wonderful pics of Oxford


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I hope so too, Sweetpea :) Thanks!

Susan said...

Thanks, WDW. Those are lovely photos and it must have been a great interlude.

mermon said...

In Poland the weather is beautiful too. So many scents from blossom trees. And warm!
Cinamania' picture of Jake - cute.
It's funny - Jake mentioned Innerspace and Back to the Future. I liked those movies too.
Jake - the sweetest - I agree :).
Flicks on 6 interview - I really enjoyed it.
To that discussion from previous post, about Dutch interview - I had a feeling that journalist interspersed some pieces of older interviews among his own interview with Jake. Some of the things sounded so familiar. If I am right, I don't blame him, cause we know as fans all of it, but most of the people don't, so they had a chance to get to know Jake better.

Kate - great interlude pictures, especially those with people in the boats. Lovely.

mermon said...
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mermon said...

The same story again, double post. Sorry, please, Kate, help me to remove me.

TD said...

WDW -lovely little debate at the end of the last post. And of course I agree the translation was excellent , not to mention very kind, it must have taken hours! Interesting theory that he opens up more to foreign press.

Also lovely and intersesting stories and pics, thank you. Hope this sun continues I really do. TD

BBMISwear said...

I've been loving keeping up with posts instead of my typical catching up! There was so much great SC stuff the last couple of months we just might keep seeing "new" things for weeks to come (Yay)!

And I do have to say this made me laugh out loud: "an excuse to engage in that favourite Oxford summertime hobby - watching people upset the ducks and crash into one another on the Isis"!! (???) I don't know why this was so funny to me - I've never been there - but I think I just plain get that WDW humor (and I've had a couple of glasses of red wine to boot)! LOL!

Thanks for the update...I'll be back!

P.S. I've been happily reading my many SC printed articles/interviews while away and having down time - great stuff!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! And Wednesday is the new Friday :)

Thanks Susan!

I'm so glad it's warm and sunny in Poland too, Mermon :) I feel that the interview was entirely genuine, it's just that Jake regularly repeats the same story so sometimes it can be hard to tell. I remember during Cannes it was really hard. I'll remove the double post :)

Oh so do I, TD! It was a good debate. Sometimes (well, quite often) Jake says things which are open to so many interpretations and I think he lies that. I cannot believe how long it must have taken Lady Ekster to do that translation! Enjoy the sun today :)

Thanks, BBMISwear :-) and I'm so glad you do get it! It really is fun watching the punters though. Nothing quite like having a picnic by the river and watching people boat themselves into knots :D I'm so glad you're enjoying your holiday reading!

Have a good day everyone!