Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Source Code in Madrid part 2! And Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones reach Rome

Greetings from Berlin! I've made it at long last and I'm doing the great self-sacrificing task of sampling the beer ahead of the arrival of Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones tomorrow. I am using a little notepad that doesn't believe in putting letters in the right order so apologies for excessive typos. While some of us may be in Berlin, Jake and Duncan have been sprinkling the Source Code magic across Rome. This post includes pictures from Rome but it also includes more wonderful photographs from Madrid yesterday, courtesy of Eureka and Carlota. There are video and audio goodies to come but I'm not able to deal with that this evening in my haggard state. But, now, I can put my feet up because the rest of this post is Eureka's account of a day I think she's going to remember for such a long time. Over to Eureka...

'What a Wonderful Day.That's how I'd start the account of yesterday. I met with Carlota and Carmen to go to the hotel where Duncan and Jake were to meet the press. My first time ever to attend an event like this. So it was great to be in their company.The hotel was really nice, Kate posted already a link to the hotel website. And old palace with garden. We were shy and took our seats in the conference room. Waiting for Jake and Duncan to enter the room. While we waited, Carmen looked out one of the room windows and noticed there was a photocall poster and photographers were already there waiting for the stars. We wanted to go out, but we did not know if we were allowed. She asked and they said yes.'

'It was a sunny and beautiful day in Madrid so it was very good the photocall was outdoors. So there we went speedy and joing the photographers, there were many, so it was hard to squeeze to be able to take a shot.We waited for a while, very anxiouly...and finally Jake did this nice entrance down the stairs Kate posted yesterday. Waving and smiling. My first thought was: He is indeed very nice. Photographers took lots of shots and then Duncan joined Jake. They were joking while posing. And then Jake left, I did my best to picture him leaving but I got his back. Then was photos just for Duncan and that was easier. There were less photographers for Duncan. It's true Jake was the star for the pictures.'

'After that we ran again indoors to the conference room and waited a little. They entered the room smiling. My eyes could not believe it at first, after so many internet pictures and videos I felt I was in front of my laptop. But this time, no, this time was for real. They were there, there was Jake in flesh and blood. I wanted to take pictures and video but I also wanted to see it all with my own eyes.'

'The questions they received were both for Duncan and Jake. But the biggest part were for Duncan. It was somewhat different cause they were escorted by two interpreters one for Duncan and another one for Jake. Some people asked in Spanish others directly in English. But it was fun to watch their faces listening the Spanish questions and waiting for the translation. They asked things about the conection of this movie with Moon, the free will of human beings. At one point a person asked several questions in a row for Duncan and Jake. And Jake said, let me answer first cause I'm an actor and I forget very quickly. That made us all laugh. At some point he did forget something and we all laughed again.'

'Duncan was also asked about the movie budget but very nicely said he could not share that piece of information since producers did not either but he joked. He said that "as Director it was never enough and it will never be enough but I will always make it work". Jake was asked if we was in the same situation as Colter what would he do, and he said he had thought a lot about that. And that what gets the character through the situation is his expertise as a pilot. That he is told in his job to try his instict, what sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. But Colter's expertise as a military man helped him. But him knowing all he knows at this moment he would be fine.'

'"I know all about the source code. I know what it does, I know who is in control, and I know I'm screwed so I think I'd be ok knowing about it all now". That answer made us laugh. A neat question for Duncan was: Do you think our reality is an illusion and if it is so what is the path to scape from it? And Jake jumped in (funny cause I think he understood the question in Spanish cause interpreter did not translate until later) and said "You should ask that to an actor. For an actor reality is an illusion" Duncan said he wished he knew how to escape his question. He said all he could say is that what drew him to the script and working with Jake was he believes good films are relying on the care the audience has for the main character. The situation Colter finds himself in is unique, bizarre but he wanted the audience to relate to him.'

'Before closing Duncan, who was such a wonderful sweet and warm person, said he was very excited for the football game there was yesterday in Madrid, Real Madrid vs Tottenham. He said he wished he could play for Tottenham cause he's awful bad and that would make sure Real Madrid would won. That won even more the audience if possible. By the way the result was: Real Madrid 4 Tottenham 0.'

[You can see the whole press conference here. Thanks to Snow for the link.]

'After that came the most exciting time Jake stepped down the platform and all the ladies in the room rushed forward and he posed with them for pictures. He received gifts. I had printed some stills for the movie with the idea to have his autograph. It was hard you know. Carlota and Carmen met their goal. They will explain themselves but you already saw their picture with Jake. Me, I met and surpassed mine. I got his signature. OMG! I saw his face and his eyes so close.... I just can say they are incredibly beautiful. More than in the movies. He then moved forward to the end of the line of ladies. And on his way back I asked for a picture with him. And he did stop and got that moment too. That's AMAZING. He is super professional and nice. And he listens with intention to the people. Then he left for the one to one interviews with the press.'

'First part of the adventure was over. I was in a levitating trance. I tell you. Me and Carlota and Carmen. Jiggling and smiling like tripping. He,he. We went for lunch and came back to the hotel thanks to a friend of theirs and there was another little adventure with Ducan which they will tell. Pretty exciting too. We saw Jake briefly, he was seated in a table with reporters but it was an instant then the door closed.'

'Next stop was the cinema premiere for Source Code for fans. These tickects were won by a Tweeter and Facebook contest. I'm so thankful to Carlota and Carmen who won tickets and they invited me to join them. So we arrived so early we made it to the front row. What can I say. A perfect, perfect day. Moving from one thing to another enjoying the ride. And then they came, went down the stairs from the projection room. They were introduced by the Director of AURUM (the movie distributor in Spain). And you can see what happened here:'

'It was brief but funny. The Aurum director told Duncan he knew he was a great tweeter and asking to tell a tweet about what SOURCE CODE is about, he said: "Colter Stevens on a commuter train, blows up things get weird". And Jake said : "You have your whole seat but you'll only need the edge" Duncan said he had a great feeling presenting the movie in Madrid cause here he got his first award for MOON and that motivated him to continue making movies. And when making movies you are always at work even when the movie is done. Duncan asked people, please, if you do like the movie please tell everyone you know to come and see it, cause if the movie does not work he would have to go back to his old job selling second hand cars. That made us all laugh. Then they left off to Rome as we were told earlier. Then SOURCE CODE movie and this amazing adventure was over. Go and watch it!'

'I want to thank Kate for putting me in contact with Carlota, Carmen and Snow who finally could not come to Madrid for the screening. We had an amazing unforgettable day. I wish you the same for Berlin.'

Thank you so much, Eureka! It makes me feel as if I had been there...

Pictures thanks to Eureka, Carlota and IHJ.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone from Berlin!

Linda said...

wow! what a nice encounter with Jake!im so glad for them :)
Good luck in Berlin WDW!

Eureka said...

Ladies HAVE FUN tomorrow. I know now you will. Cause I sure did! :oD

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Berlin, WDW

can't wait to see pics and reports


Monica said...

Congratulations, Eureka. Thanks for your report.
Good luck in Berlin, girls!

mermon said...

Good to know,Kate, that you already came safely to Berlin :) Have fun tomorrow, have a nice meeting with our girls, Jake and Duncan!
Hola Eureka!
Thank you so much for your detailed report. Tell us, please, were many fans out there? And who asked the questions - people from the audience or journalists?
Let's hope tomorrow will be as much great day as you had in Madrid.

Snow said...

Touching... so moving. Thanks for your story Eureka. I am speechless, good that I can write ;)

That "Efe" interview was quite nice, liked it a lot.

OMG I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the comments of those girls in the first vid, the 3 mins one. There is a girl from behind saying "what's the name of this guy again? Jack?" Someone says "Jake" then you hear another voice "I don't know either what his name is/who he is"... I bet Eureka, Carlota and Carmen were delighted to share their space with such huge fans... haha.

Great to see how "it works" from both outside and inside, with press conference and such. That has definitely been one experience in a lifetime. Well better said, first experience :)

Thanks for sharing, once again. I'm loving the vids and drooling over the pix. What an amazing day to see Mr. Gyllenhaal himself.

Everyone: Have a great day tomorrow. Fingers crossed so you get the most of it!

TD said...

That was a lovely report! Thank you and i' m so glad you had such a wonderful day - I hope you do too WDW.

Anonymous said...

Eureka I am so happy for you and your new friends! This was a wonderful report! Thank you so much for sharing it.

Seeing Jake in person had to be quite an unforgettable experience. Actually witnessing a photocall, and sitting in on the press conference, was probably surreal after all the videos we have seen of the same thing played out for different movies in different cities over the years. This was wonderful!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone good to see you! Just about to head out and explore (and find some coffee - no coffee in hotel, mutter, mutter...).

I had an email today from a friend who saw Jake in Rome yesterday so I must keep my eyes peeled here in Berlin!

Hello to you all! Ooh, it's Jake Day!

Eureka said...

Hi WDW have a great JAKE day!
Thanks ladies, I'm glad you liked my report of the day. It was such a nice day.
@Monica, thanks I had a great time.
@Mermon, questions were mainly asked by reporters. But Carmen for example did ask a question and I'm sure more fans did too. But is hard to tell. There weren't any fans at the hotel doors. And there were a few waiting in the exit door of the cinema.
@Snow,the videos where Jake is signing autographs are from when he arrives and leaves the cinema to introduce the movie.
@TD, I'm glad you liked it.
@Anonymous, that's exactly what it felt. After so many pictures and videos.

winterbird said...

Incredible adventure! Thanks so much for sharing ;)

Now here comes Lily Marlene... Good luck, WDW!

mermon said...

@WDW - I hope you will meet Jake at the city, like you said, keep your eyes wide open :).
Today I've finally watched press conference. Very long, 48 min.
And I tell you it was the best press conference I had a chance to watch. It was excellent quality of sound and picture, close-up all the time. I could understand every English word.
And the faces of Jake and Duncan, when they listened to Spanish and translators were priceless :).
Thank you for that link, I really recommend to watch that. I was making lunch, peeking at the screen and listening all the time up loud. I enjoyed that very much.

Carlota said...

@Eureka Heyyy! What an amazing review on THE DAY, with huge capitals! Congrats, I couldn't have made a better recap. It was so cool to read it, a fantastic way to live those moments again. I've finally organized my thoughts, sending some side notes to Kate, not sure if she's gonna be able to update the site- Probably her own adventure with Jake is gonna be more relevant and interesting right now, so if she can't update with it I can always share some bits in here. It has taken me longer than I expected because since Jake left I've been sick! HAHAHAH! No kidding, he left the city and my laryngitis went worst, I lost my voice, I had an ear infection … This guy brings health to my life! XD

@Mermon I'm glad you enjoyed the press conference! It was a dream come true to be there. Jake was such an instigator, messing around with Duncan when the translator was speaking :) So FUN to see. Carmen is the first person who talks to the guys in English. It was so cute to see them all flattered and laughing when she congratulates them for the movie and says that it's the kind of film that deserves to be seen "at least n times!" They were so cute.

@Snow The videos outside the movie theater in Spain are PRICELESS! Most of them are there, and they don't know why! They don't know who is who! The commentaries are pretty funny. Besides the ones you pointed out, honorable mention to the person who says "Who's Duncan?" and the other goes "David Bowie!" hahahahahah Some people just kill me :)

I can't wait to hear Kate's adventures. In the meantime I'm checking her tweets to get all the vibe around this great day in Berlin.
Extended thanks to everyone for adding comments sharing their enthusiasm. It was the perfect dream designed for a fan. I couldn't ask for more.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Rushed back too the hotel to get a post up before going out again now - Carlota - put your account up (thanks!) and it's fab. Love the little Sam Bell.

Back later. Off out again. Got things to do :D Ahem...

Carlota said...

Thanks again Kate for letting us to share our experience in your WDW, it was very generous of you and I really felt I was part of your team :)

Crocheted Sam Bell is a cutie, isn't he? He even had a wound in his eye hahahah I used to have a Prince of Persia that my mom made for my birthday, he had all the details and all kinds of accessories BUT my aunt's mini pinscher -Byron- ATE IT. Not sure if it was a proof of love or jealousy because he was such so handsome for a crocheted doll! ;) .... I hope she can makes it again one of these days and share a picture in here!