Friday, 29 April 2011

Source Code opens in India, Vietnam and Italy and Jake Gyllenhaal involved with the Born to Run movie

It's an important day today, so get the bunting out! Yes, today Source Code opens in India, Vietnam and Italy. Obviously, noone in those countries will be reading this post because they will be doing their duty and be in the theatres right now watching Jake Gyllenhaal save the world.

However, for the rest of us, here is an interview from Italy with Jake and Duncan Jones which isn't dubbed and has the added charm of reminding us of those halcyon Source Code days when Jake had hair on his head...

In this brief interview with the Hindustan Times, Jake remembers the first day on the Source Code set: 'The first day of shooting was nerve-racking. Although we had rehearsed like crazy and knew what and where every person would be doing, we knew we could never ever off that course... I would often do six or seven pages of script by myself. I’d play a whole scene out, then Duncan would let me go right back in. So it wasn’t about gathering pieces, it was more like theatre. I felt very empowered as an actor, as you would on stage'.

Born to Run

Chris McDougall of barefoot running fame has been talking a little about his running and the transformation of his story into a movie. He talks about Jake and Peter Sarsgaard being with him at Leadville last year and how Jake had been happy to be away from the crowds, taking photos of Chris with his fans for a change. Chris also discusses the film and whether Jake will be in it or not: 'They're keeping that one a bit under wraps for now, but he's involved. I'm not sure in what sense. But I will tell you that this dude is in unbelievable shape. We went up this mountain pass and this guy just blazed on by' And the same with Peter. You can listen to the interview and download it here.

Picture from IHJ.


Susan said...

It's nice to know that Jake is "involved" in Born to Run in some capacity. Wonder what?

Source Code numbers from
Domestic: $46,377,364 63.2%
+ Foreign: $27,000,000 36.8%
= Worldwide: $73,377,364

Pretty good numbers so far and it continues to open in more countries. I'm anxious to get the disc so I can find all of the clues "hidden in plain sight," so to speak. I'm also definitely going to be looking forward to Duncan's next movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Susan! Good to see you :) Those fingers are bloody fantastic - they're amazing. Thanks for posting them. I'm looking forward to watching the disc too - lots of things to spot. I'll see SC again next week for the fourth time. It's been out here a month now and still going strong - excellent.

Hope everyone's had a good day! I've spent most of it in front of the wedding. Loved it!

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Hi everybody!
Susan, I'm glad that everything is fine with you and that it was not that bad in your case.
Yes, the numbers are fine.
It quite much, more than double of budget (32mln) and now with India, Vietnam, Italy and Poland next week :) the more money will flow.
Nice that Jake is involve somehow in new project. Last year was mainly promotion time, that year is more of work and events.
Does we have any news about Jake on a boat with Mumford and sons?
I miss that train adventure, it was so much fun, for us too.
Kate, thank you for inspiring me to choose avatar :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Mermon, looking good! Very glad to see you with a picture :D This coming year will be about work and that's good. I want to see Jake busy for us. I loved the Mumford tour too! Good days :D

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if he were involved in the Born To Run movie.

Source Code #s look great! I hope Jake and Duncan work together again (or just hang out would be nice. I got the impression they got to be good friends during filming)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I hope they do too, Sweetpea :)

What a day!

Anonymous said...

Is Jake still in Nola?


mk said...

yes he is spootted at the jazz fesival tonite and on a river boat cruise yesterday

Anonymous said...

In a interview he did with David Letterman on the promo tour for LAOD he spoke specifically the book and being in Colorado with Peter for a 100 mile run. A lot of that interview he talked about running, barefoot running possibily running a marathon one day, etc.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Looks like busy year ahead for Jake. All the better he gets to enjoy himself before all the work starts.

Hi Susan, good to hear that you're back.

Mermon, have fun watching Source Code!

WDW, hope you enjoyed the wedding. Kate war so beautiful!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! A lovely day. Now the wedding's over the sunshine has come back... Typical.

Hi Sweetpea and Mk - yep, boats to come :)

Hi 7:55 :) He did indeed. There are posts on it here, including Jake and Peter's Leadville visit. It was a very exciting time following him there. Since then it's seemed Peter is more involved than Jake so it's good to hear Jake is still a part of it.

I did, thanks, Mrs JG! It was lovely. And a full year for Jake would be great. I want lots of films to watch.

I hope everyone in Italy, India and Vietnam is enjoying Source Code this weekend! It's still on here so I'll see it again next week - not seen it since Berlin.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I can work today....yesterday I saw Source Code (finally in Italy)...Oh, my God! I love this movie, I love Colter, I love Jake that could realize it!!!

mermon said...

Thank you Sasha :)One more week to go! I see you have a picture too, nice! One more advantage of being on Google Account - we have a bin to delete post, that's useful.

Have a good long weekend everybody.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's great 12:54! Would love to have a name for you :D

Hi there Mermon! It's great having the account and being able to delete posts :)