Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Source Code reaches France! That means more Jake Gyllenhaal interviews. Plus Iceland gets star struck and a video catchup

Source Code is released in France and Belgium today, creating the same interest in Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones in the local media that has been seen elsewhere over the last few weeks. And you know what they say... you can never have enough Jake Gyllenhaal interviews. There is a particularly good one from 7sur7. This post also gives me a chance to catch up with some of the video interviews.

I realise that much of the world has yet to see Source Code and so as always I'm avoiding spoilers, so do check out this interview using Google Translate. But as far as the non-spoilers go 'I like films that deal with issues that are a little philosophical, psychological, creating a mystery that opens the mind. Here, one wonders what another dimension might look like. I love being on the verge of madness, not to be in reality. And I love watching movies like that.'

And what to do with that eight minutes in real life? 'What disaster could you prevent? Might it prevent the disaster happening today in Japan for example? You could also find yourself in the body of people like JFK in the last 8 minutes of their lives. If a computer program could return to their bodies just before they die, what would we do? It was a fascinating idea. Where would we be now? What would have happened in history? For me, there are ramifications to every choice you make in life. But what is most interesting is the idea that you could save lives, you can keep people together, united. It's fascinating.'

'There's always time to fall in love in life. He is a character who realizes, after the third source code that manipulates everyone, nobody told him the truth, he feels lost. I think about love, whether it's with your family, your friends, your partner, that's all about seeing people, love is a matter of seeing the other person, to see who she is. And at one point, he returned to the train, and he sees this girl as she is, honest, she is the only person he can trust. And it stirs something in him.'

There has been a fun account of Jake's visit to Iceland, or rather his visit to a restaurant in Iceland, published today by the girl lucky enough to have served Jake and stayed admirably calm and cool throughout.

'The most famous celebrity I've met in Iceland is certainly Jake Gyllenhaal. I served him at the bar where I work and witnessed how the people around him behaved. Yes, they all wanted a piece of him. I felt almost embarrassed to watch Mr. Gyllenhaal being approached by several fans. Ok, mostly by women, who were basically throwing themselves at him. So classy. Even hours after he had left people were asking about him. One guy even ordered: “the same that Jake Gyllenhaal had.”'

'Don't get me wrong, I understand the attraction such a famous person has. I, too, was impressed and a bit star struck when the Prince of Persia suddenly stood before me and ordered a beer. I even bragged about having served Donnie Darko, I mean Jake Gyllenhaal, and about the tip he gave me. But I stayed totally cool while serving him...'

'Anyway, I know one thing for sure: I will keep Jake Gyllenhaal's tip at home in a special place and never spend it. Well, at least not until I'm broke and need money for chocolate.'

It is a fascinating thought - you never know quite how you'll behave with a Hollywood star until they're right in front of you placing an order for dinner. That is compounded when that star is as charismatic and stunning as Jake Gyllenhaal. I remember watching Nicole Kidman in a restaurant - not a soul there could keep their eyes off her - she looked like the epitome of a movie star and was gracious to everyone. I could see then the reason why such people are referred to as Hollywood Royalty, Clearly they never go to the loo. Jake Gyllenhaal is another who has that look and grace and yes, I'll have what he's having too.

And finally...

I'm off away for a couple of days, heading south to the Isle of Wight - this means boats, sandy beaches, warm sunshine, blue seas and so much ice cream it's ridiculous. I'll be back Friday evening!

Pictures thanks to IHJ.


Sasha said...

While I'm sure that some Hollywood Royalty never goes to the loo, we know that's not the case for Jake (Loogate?). Maybe he needs to work on that...

Thanks for your post none the less.

And enjoy your break! Return home safely though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for this nice post. I liked the article from the girl in Iceland.
Enjoy your break with sunny weather and lots of icecream :-)

Susan said...

Have fun on your break, Kate! We'll try to muddle through without you for a couple of days...

Alejandra said...

Thank you for your latest posts, Kate. They've been superb! And thanks to Lady E. for translating that great article too.

Really really really want to see Source Code. It's getting closer everyday so... just need a little more of patience. :-)

Have fun, everybody. xo

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sasha!

Thanks Christina! I intend to eat far too much ice cream. I love that Iceland article too. I can really empathise with it.

Thanks Susan :) I won't be gone long and I'll have the Internet on my phone to follow you all.

Hi Alejandra! That was a great article. Glad to hear you're enjoying the catch up. I hope it's not too long now before you can see it :) It'll be worth it.

mermon said...

Have a good time Kate, rest well and have fun!
I like that Iceland girl comment too. That's true, we never know how we would act in Jake's presence until we would have a chance to be in that situation. It must be funny to see us, fans by Jake's eyes. Probably sometimes the behaviour is ridiculous, sometimes annoying.
Source Code comes closer and closer to Poland. May 6 is soon!

Source Code - April 20, 2011
The Numbers Rating: 8.71 (7 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90% - Fresh
Theatrical Performance
Total US Gross $38,174,018
International Gross $18,600,000
Worldwide Gross $56,774,018

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon! Ooh not long now!

Carol said...

Have a lovely break Kate and enjoy the sunshine:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Carol!

Have a good day everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW, have a great trip!

I loved the videos and pics.

I have a friend in Croatia and I found out the movie will be playing there in June. So I made sure to tell her about it


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an interesting review in The Prague Post, the English language newspaper of thec Chech Rebpublic:



paulh said...

Hi, everybody. I didn't realize that James Marsden was in "Nailed" with Jake. I usually like Marsden's performances, but I felt let down by his work in "Hop." The script was bad, so it wasn't necessarily his fault. Just sayin'.

It would be a pleasant surprise if "Nailed" turned out to be the next Jake movie that came out. It sounded like a fun movie while they were making it.

mermon said...

The problem is, some scenes aren't made yet. Some of important ones, like the moment when the nail gets to girl's head. If actors won't agree to act with different director - it will be a problem to finish that.
Happy Easter to everybody, rest well, have a good time with your families!

T said...

Jake in uniform!!!! Its to much someone fan me!!!!

I thought filming didnt start till July but maybe they are training for the movie to make it look realistic???

Susan said...

Hi T! Thanks for that link. It's my understanding that there is a LOT of preparation that goes into making a movie before the filming starts. Not just training for the physical aspects of a role, but costume design and fittings, rehearsals, etc.

There is also the possibility that this picture was photoshopped, using an image of Jake when his head was shaved for Jarhead. It isn't always easy to tell, especially on such a low-resolution image posted online.

The photo is attributed to National Photo Group, the company name for a paparazzo named Ben Evenstad. Either he had access to some kind of pre-filming event that included both Jake and Michael Pena in those uniforms, or he "created" it using computer software to produce a faked image.

I guess if anyone has seen Jake in public recently looking quite bald, it can be assumed that the photo wasn't faked and maybe they are getting an early start on End of Watch. But if Jake still has all his hair...

paulh said...

I'm guessing that Jake still has all his hair, judging from the recent interview photos...

Anonymous said...

The pics aren't fake and yes Jake shaved his head. It's for a promotional photoshoot for End of Wath that was done in L.A. yesterday, I assume he shaved his head before the shoot.

Anonymous said...

Jake has gone all JARHEAD on us again. He looks SO sexy. Check out the pics over at IHJ


Margot said...

IMO, Jake looks a lot younger with a shaved head and no beard (though I miss them both terribly). Do we know what the characters' names are and who else is cast yet?

I am excited this project is starting so quickly.

mk said...

yea i assume jake shaved his head right before they did that photo shoot last time he was seen was last thursday and he did his hair he was seen running today in runyon canyon today but no mention of hair but he was probably wearing a hat

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for the comments while I was away. My rubbish phone decided to run out overnight and so I'm only just catching up.

Margot, there are more details in this post

The pics most definitely aren't fake! The interview pics were all taken quite a while ago now in Jake hair time terms but I have to say.... What did you do to him while I was gone! No more Swoff Buzz!