Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Source Code reaches Madrid! Rome next, then Berlin - fancy a ticket to see Jake and Duncan?!

After a full-on week in the US, the Source Code Train is now in Europe - to be more precise Madrid! This morning and lunchtime a photocall and press conference took place at the Hotel Santo Mauro, ahead of a screening this evening introduced by Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones. It's been a full day of press today and there were some amusing moments courtesy of Rodene, who video blogged some of the junkets. More details and a fine map over at Duncan and Rodene's blog.

I am delighted to say that the intrepid WDW reporters were at the press conference this lunchtime (and will be at the screening this evening) and fully captured it! Reports will follow shortly (once they've stopped enjoying themselves with Jake...). So many thanks to them for doing such a great job. And for the snippet that the Source Code Train will next roll in to Rome!

Then, of course, it's Berlin on Thursday. I'm flying off to Germany tomorrow, ready to enjoy a spring break that has a bit of Jake in it. There will be interludes... And the good news is that I have not one but TWO tickets available for the screening on Thursday night in Berlin, introduced by Jake and Duncan. The tickets are not together but they are in the theatre (which is what counts). You will need to be in Berlin for 8.30pm on Thursday night. If you're interested email me using the contact link on the top left hand corner of the front page here. Thanks to reader Mrs JG for contributing one of the tickets.

And finally...

Among the links from today, I do recommend this interview with Duncan from Little White Lies.

Pictures from PoPSugar, Daylife and Just Jared.


Anonymous said...

Great post - as always -. Thanks to everyone in Britain and Spain who worked on it :-)
Have a good journey to Berlin !
Maybe we can meet and talk a little there ? Please let me know if you like to.
Have a nice evening everyone

mermon said...

WDW - You pasted the same post twice, so I'm pasting my comment here as well. I don't know which one you'll delete:)

Hola! Buenos tardes! :)
So, we have some news already. Rodene blog is very helpful, I'm really glad, they run it in such a nice and funny way.
I am not surprise that is no posters, billboards, signs for SC in the city. It was the same in Poland with POP. I think they (Summit?) didn't spent too much money on promotion in Europe. So big artists arrival probably does the biggest job to promote the movie. I hope that was many people in the theatre. And they asked good questions, hopefully a bit different. Though I would have a problem to ask any fresh questions before screening. It should be a movie in the first place. But probably they are in rush for Rome.
Very nice pictures. I can't wait special report from your reporters, WDW!

LadyEkster said...

A vision on blue... He does look even better dressed in blue, doesn't he? *swoon*

I can't wait for the reports from Madrid and Berlin! *jumping up and down* I wish you a pleasant and safe trip tomorrow, WDW, and a wonderful time with MrsJG and hopefully Christina as well? Do wave to earth when you fly over central Holland. *grin*

LadyEkster said...

Ehr... a vision in blue of course. It'd be a vision on blue if I were blue dabadeedabadaaa *sings along to old nineties song* *smirk*

Snow said...

Great post! I have been as you all know with the WDW reporters in spirit... and it's gonna be yummy :)

WDW I did check for Berlin just in case, you never know, but this was even worse than to Madrid... I bet LA is cheaper haha so I might go there but just to have a drink or so with Jake, I'll pass the screening sessions ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I've been absent as the WDW Madrid girls have been sending in their reports and they are FANTASTIC! They met Jake, chatted with him and there are pictures, audio and all sorts of files coming in.

I'll do a quick taster post now and then when they've had time to digest their adventure and I've had time to process the files we can do justice to it. It's an amazing story.

Hi Christina! I'll be there on Thursday. If you drop me an email I can give you my phone number :)

Sorry about that Mermon! Blogger playing up as I added a couple of pics. I've deleted the first one so thanks for reposting your comment :) For some reason Source Code promotion is really big in London, posters everywhere, on buses, etc but nothing outside the city.

Thanks, Lady Ekster! I'll wave as I fly over!

Sorry to hear that Snow, as it would be a pleasure to give you a ticket. But there'll be another time :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad he's not going to France... :( but I'm happy for you guys! :D
Your site is absolutely fantastic!!
Can't wait to read about your adventures in Germany.

Ayda said...

I can't wait for Berlin!! It's going to be such an amazing experience!!
I hope I'll see you there, Kate? :)

Did anyone show interest in the two spare tickets for the Berlin screening?

Oh, and great post as usual, can't wait to read/hear/see more!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much 23:55! So glad you like the site :)

Hi Ayda! I'm sure I'll see you there - I'll be easy to spot outside the theatre in my pink scarf :) I do still have the tickets...

Ayda said...

Great! And MrsG told me where you sit... so haha, I'll find you guys. :D

What kind of seats are the tickets? I mean... If you don't find anyone for them anymore and they're better than my ticket, maybe we could exchange them... ;D