Sunday, 22 May 2011

Brokeback Mountain gets LoveFilm's vote, Zodiac premieres on UK TV and Region 2 LAOD DVD out tomorrow

It may be over six years since Brokeback Mountain first stunned, broke and then put back together many of the people who saw it in the theatres (including myself), but the passing years mean nothing to a film that it is timeless. This week, followers of the the UK film rental company LoveFilm voted Ennis and Jack as the 'top on-screen love affair'. Fatal Attraction, Pretty Women, Lolita and even Romeo and Juliet completed the top five. I'm not at all surprised, but it's great to see the love continues for Ennis and Jack.

Another of Jake Gyllenhaal's classic movies, which for me is right up there with Brokeback, is Zodiac. Zodiac tonight has its premiere on British terrestrial TV - 9pm on BBC2. And you know what that means... no adverts! It is Radio Times' Film of the Week, with an award of four stars. The reviewer Andrew Collins concludes: 'The film - talky but intelligent and shot partly on digital stock - is very long and nothing like standard serial-killer thrillers. And that's why I love it'. This film grabs from the very first scene. If you've not seen it and you're in the UK watch it tonight. If you have seen it, watch it anyway. And if you're outside the UK, watch the DVD.

Talking of DVDs, the DVD and Blu-ray for Love and Other Drugs has been out a while in the US. But for all those who can't play Region 1 discs, tomorrow is the release date for the Region 2 discs in the UK. The extras are the same.

WDW Interlude

I was back in London today continuing my X-Men: First Class coverage for Blogomatic3000. On the way to the junket, I walked through Hyde Park and past the Italian gardens. I thought it looked beautiful in the May sunshine. Back to London tomorrow and more reports will be posted in the middle of next week.


Anonymous said...

hi WDW,

you picked one of the most iconic scenes from BBM for your post. I have always thought that nose nuzzle/cheek caress the most sensual scenes, it says a lot about how they feel about each other and that the 4 years apart didn't change how they felt, it only made their relationship more intense.

And I'm not surprised it was #1 on another poll. It is timeless.

I'm glad you're able to see Zodiac without commercials.

Love the pics of your own interludes.

I have yet to get LAOD on DVD, it's on my to buy list.


mermon said...

If - to watch Zodiak on TV - that's only without commercials. I had a chance to watch it with commercials and because of the length of the movie, I fall asleep of course.
About that BBM picture - you described it very well @Sweetpea. It sill amazes me how young Jake and Heath, without crossing the line - could show that love so beautifully and convincingly, that even the pictures speak. I think it because of their talent, freshness, chemistry between them, charm, especially Jake's one - and incredible talent and good hand in directing from Ang Lee.

BBMISwear said...

Oh how I wish I had more time to spend on this website - incredible incredible stuff! I just caught up on all I missed the past few days and don't have a lot of time even now to comment but wanted to at least say Hi and say thank you for keeping up with the posts. I always love them but even more so during a really busy week/weekend like I'm having now!

Oh...and congrats on your X-Men experience WDW! That is great news! The film is not my type of thing but it certainly is a lot of people's "thing" so good for you to get to experience that and write about it - writing is certainly YOUR thing!!!

Well I'm off again...but will be emailing you tonight, WDW, to send a few bits.

Until next time...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I love that image, Sweetpea :) Thanks!

I'm loving watching it again, Mermon. How I love Zodiac!

Hey there BBMISwear :-) Good to see you and I'll look forward to your emails. I'm as busy this weekend as I think I ever have been - screenings, interviewing the director and then press conference tomorrow, transcribing it all, writing features, not to mention all the travel to and from London. It's a fantastic experience but it does mean I'm working on it almost every moment I'm awake. It's incredible stuff! I am loving it! I can sleep next weekend :)

Apologies to everyone for missed emails etc. I will be back as normal from Wednesday!

Gyllenhaalics said...
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Monica said...

Hey, what a beautiful image. Memories of great times.
Thank you.

Sorry about that comment on X-Men. The film's marketing makes it look meh.
Congratulations on your new experience.

22 May 2011 23:30

Anonymous said...

good luck with your X Men experience, WDW

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Monica! I think this X-Men film will surprise people and it is a wonderful experience. The posters were horrible...

Thanks very much 23:45!

mermon said...

Two pictures of Jake, Peter and Ramona from today

mermon said...

Me again.
Looks like Jake and Peter were at Yale Class of 2011 where Tom Hanks had a speech there.
From Twitter:
@yaledailynews Yale Daily News
Among today's numerous celebrity sightings, Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard were both spotted in Branford after Class Day. #yale11

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Mermon!

Have a good day everyone - back into London for me (the last time), for the press conference. Tomorrow I'll be back at work where I'm looking forward to having a rest... ;D

LadyEkster said...

LAOD is out here as well! Saw it on the Top 10 display at nr2 today, nice. I still think Anne looks cross-eyed on the cover... *grin*

@mermon: judging from the twitpics it seems we have entered that dangerous zone in which the beard is longer than the hairdo... yikes!

Have a good evening everyone! Kate, you lucky gal you. X-Men FC sounds very cool. I'm happy you get to spend more time on your big passion! :)

Anonymous said...

have a great day in London, WDW. can't wait to hear your report

I wonder if Jake had ever been to CT before?


Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW...
Love the first BBM image and how you caption it...:D
Jack & Ennis as #1, A Love that will Never Grow Old, they even beat the old classic Romeo and Juliet.
Thanks as always for the posts WDW!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! A crazy day today, up working most of the night on the interview with the director and then today back into London for a press conference that was a lot of fun! So now writing that up as well, getting everything ready before the embargo lifts tomorrow night. So much work. It's come as a shock! So I'm so grateful to you all for bearing with me while I do all this.

Hi Lady Ekster! On the way back from London I popped in to the shops to get Tangled (I already have LAOD) and it was wonderful to see Jake on the shelves again :)

Thanks Sweetpea :)

Thanks Serene Hill! I loved the idea of Jack and Ennis beating the most iconic lovers of all Romeo and Juliet :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PS A post is coming!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mermon for those tweet pics.