Friday, 20 May 2011

[Updated] Despite (or because of) the End of the World threat, Jake Gyllenhaal karates and flies out of LAX

I wasn't going to do a post tonight due to being out late in London but I've since learned that the world is predicted to end tomorrow - by one person anyway - and so I thought I'd better get one out while I can. I wouldn't want the world to end when I'm not up to date with WDW.

Jake Gyllenhaal may have some concerns about this imminent catastrophe because he's taking to the skies. Today, Jake was seen at LAX.

Earlier in the day, Jake was back engaging in karate with the barefooted one. This karate is obviously good for Jake, just look at that smile on his face. The world's about to end and Jake can still find something to smile about! I've always found optimism in the face of annihilation a very attractive quality.

See you tomorrow.... I hope.

And finally...

I saw X-Men: First Class on Friday and I'm very lucky that I was one of the very few who was asked to publish their opinion ahead of 25 May when the embargo for reviews lifts. You can read my initial view here at Blogomatic3000.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pics!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Night all! It's quite a weekend for me with X-Men screenings, interviews and press conferences. A full report to follow next week :)

mk said...

funny post kate jake been sighted in NYC whereelse but in a coffee shop:)

Monica said...

Jake looks good in these pictures.

X-men looks meh.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks mk! And that is indeed natural habitat for Jake :D

You do know how to bring down a girl, Monica ;) I'm trying to share some excitement for what is an exciting thing for me.


Anonymous said...

Well it's officially the 21st and we're all still here. But according to the nutcase who started this whole thing it's not supposed to happen until 6pm (he didn't say what timezone so I'm going to assume he meant EST. Please adjust your clocks accordingly (eyeroll)

Well at least Jake is on the east coast which is closer to me. Somehow I want to be closer to him when the end comes :D

thanks for all the pics, WDW. I hope I see you tomorrow


mermon said...

Hi there! Thanks for that funny post, Kate.
When the world will end I will search straight away for Jake's soul. I'm sure, he's got a very pleasant one.
And for soul is no borders, so I will find him for sure. Just in case - I'm first in the line :)
I really would like to see how this big barefoot guy in black kimono teaches our Jake karate fighting. I hope Jake manages somehow. Judging by his smile, he does. At least, it entertains him.
I can't wait End of Watch and seeing the result of that training.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Being ridiculously lazy, as befitting the last day of the world ;D

We still have a few hours to go, Sweetpea :D More sightings of Jake in NYC today.

Glad you liked it, Mermon! I would LOVE to be a fly on that karate class wall, I really would. Keeping fingers crossed for End of Watch DVD extras!

I hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

Has there been any word about when Jake's ep of Man VS Wild with Bear Bryll is going to air?


Anonymous said...

Ok..the end of the world next time, but thanks Kate to think to us, poor WDWaddicted, also in so important moments!!!!
By the way...optimistic guys are very, very, very sexy (especially this One!!!)
A wonderful weekend to everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

No word yet, Sweetpea.

Hi Carlotta! How could I not? :D

I'm really lucky in that I'm one of a very small group who's been given permission to publish their first thoughts on X-Men: First Class today, ahead of 25 May when the review embargo is lifted. You can read it here.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! And I do believe we're still here :D

Heading of back into London, so back later! It looks beautiful and sunny out there but I just don't trust it. Please don't rain on me...

Anonymous said...

I will keep my fingers crossed it doesn't rain. It is a warm sunny day here. Next week our community pool opens up and we'll be having a party for that


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I was lucky, Sweetpea :) Hope it's sunny for you too.