Friday, 13 May 2011

Having knocked Blogger out with karate, Jake Gyllenhaal takes up boxing. Naomi Foner to direct Peter Sarsgaard!

Unfortunately, the images of Jake Gyllenhaal leaving a karate session were too hot for Blogger to handle, knocking the poor blog hosting platform out for almost two days, taking the overly scorching post with it. (Note to Blogger - if you can see your way to returning said post, I would be most grateful.) It is therefore with great trepidation that I post the following pictures of Jake attending a boxing gym in LA from 12 May. If Karate Jake knocked Blogger out for two days, I hate to think what Boxing Jake will do... Please note how I'm not mentioning the sunnies.

Consider the following picture, from the karate set, a test to see whether Blogger really is fixed.

Very Good Girls

Jake may have starred in The Good Girl but, not to be outdone, Peter Sarsgaard is to feature in Very Good Girls. And what's more, Peter's mother in law Naomi Foner is not only the script writer, she is also set to direct. Deadline reports that the film is currently being shopped in Cannes. It will star Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen as the girls in question and the cast also includes Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek. Very good news, indeed.

And finally...

Yesterday, I had an amazing day at the press conference and UK premiere for Pirates of the Caribbean - I never realised Johnny Depp was such a funny guy! A full report will follow on Blogomatic3000 so I'll put a link up when that's done. In the meantime, here's a picture of the man himself. I hate to mention it, but at the far left of the picture, that's my arm. Yep. My arm and Johnny Depp in the same picture. Next time, I'll try and work in a foot as well. Picture from DisneyMoviesUK.

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Susan said...

Wow, that's wonderful news about Naomi and her upcoming film. What an all-star cast!

With all the karate and boxing that's going on, I wonder how much fighting Jake will be required to do in EoW? Of course, I suppose it could just be his way of keeping fit. Or could it be his way of knocking out Blogger? We may never know...

Kate, that's the best photo of your arm I have ever seen!

mermon said...

Hahaha, what a funny post! Kate:)
Yes, Jake's hotness is too irresistible for Blogger to handle.
How many great hot pictures of Jake we have lately. At least - waiting for End of Watch making will be easier. Maybe soon we will see some pics with Jake driving with cops. It gets exciting. And Jake seems to work out- boxing, karate doing - getting in fantastic shape, almost like for POP.

Naomi new movie looks promising. Good cast. Good point about title, Kate.

Congrats on your pic with Jonny! Lucky you! Your arm is as much important as the rest of you ;).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan - it's great news. I'm so pleased for everyone. Incredible cast and I'm really happy Peter's in it.

It looks like EoW is going to be a very physical role. Interesting to see if fighting is involved in the film itself. And thank you! It's my best arm :D

Thanks, Mermon! Such a relief to have Blogger working again - its been yuck having it out of order. The workouts are PoP-like. It is interesting about the title! And thank you! Such a fantastic day yesterday - I'll never forget it.

So glad to be back!

mermon said...

Look at those numbers!
Friday, May 13, 2011
Source Code
Total US Gross $51,396,522
International Gross $44,585,205
Worldwide Gross $95,981,727

In Poland, after first weekend - SC on third place after Gnomeo and Juliet and Fast Five - all of them are premieres.

Monica said...

Happy that the blog is back. Sad that some posts disappeared.

Naomi's film looks promising, great cast.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Phew Blogger's still here...

Those are great figures, Mermon! The big number gets nearer.

Thanks Monica :) I hope Blogger will return missing Jake.

Road trip this weekend but taking Internet with me. Have a lovely Saturday :D

paulh said...

Jake training in karate and boxing? Is this part of his campaifgn to become the most versatile actor-athlete on the planet, or does he have a specific movie project in mind?

I'm posting this from an Internet Cafe on Edgeware Road in London. I arrived at heathrow last night, survived long hours in lines, negotiated the Underground as far as Edgeware station, and then wandered around lost looking for the hotel itself. I didn't find it until after midnight. :-(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! Welcome to Blighty :) I hope today is a better one after that long journey. London's not that easy to find one's way about, especially around Edgeware Road. And London on Cup Final day too :)

I'm up north this evening, back home tomorrow... Have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, WDW. And I see your arm is getting famous. :D

Karate, Boxing what is next for Jake?

I am happy about Jake's mom directing.

have a fun trip.


Carol said...

That's great news about Naomi's film. What a fantastic cast:)

I wouldn't mind my arm sharing photo space with Johnny!!! Hope you had a fab time at the premiere Kate.

Looking forward to reading your report.

LadyEkster said...

Kate, Kate... you never cease to amaze me with your great sense of humour. Thanks for the laughs! :-D

I'm stoked you got to go to the Pirates premiere AND saw Johnny and Jerry. Looking forward to reading your report on that one. In the meantime, I've scored tickets for the Pirates premiere in Holland this Wednesday, hurray! Needless to say there'll be no Johnny present... but nevertheless good fun's ahead. ;)

Now off to do some more drooling over that gorgeous boxing guy... *swoon*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! A busy weekend away with my mum. I hope you're all ok and had a lovely Sunday. And whaddya know, Blogger has returned my Karate post! Thanks, Blogger :)

Thanks Sweetpea.

I did, thanks Carol! A fantastic time. I've been writing it up so hopefully it'll be published soon,. My arm is very grateful :)

Thanks so much, Lady Ekster! I do like to make people laugh :) Ooh, enjoy the film. That sounds great! I can't wait to see the film again at the end of the week. I just finished my review.

paulh said...

I'm safely back in Boston now, with nice memories of long sightseeing walks around London (from Trafalgar Square), followed by a nice meal at Shakespeare's Head. The weather was ideal, despite forecasts of rain. The Underground continued to torment me when I found that *both* the lines that went to Edgeware were not in operation Saturday Night. :-( Then this afternoon, I reached Heathrow, but the gate wouldn't let me in. Something about my card being for the wrong zone???

WDW, do you think the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie is worth seeing?

Anonymous said...

Last week cyclists from the city of Augsburg in Germany began a marathon bicycle by the Roman road "Via Claudia Augusta" going to Rome.

This would be a good activity for Jake Gyllenhaal!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! Wow that's a flying visit - glad you had a good time. The tube is always terrible at weekends... That's a good pub for lunch, I've been there :)

That sounds like fun, 1052 :)

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