Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal interviewed in IN magazine, Source Code timing... And a UK release date for the DVD

With many thanks to Mrs JG, today we have scans and a translation of Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance in Germany's IN Magazine this month. The interviewer seems to have an attention to detail (not to mention an exuberance) when it comes to Jake, with his bare elbows, his dimples, his water blue eyes and quizzical eyebrows. Interviewed in Germany while on the Source Code tour, it also gave Jake an opportunity to indulge in one of his passions when he's in Europe - talking about jetlag. So here is the interview 'Sometimes my sister is a pain in the neck', which beings with a Jakeism: 'Some say your twenties are like dog years. One year for seven. I am curious what my thirties will hold for me. Hopefully nine lives like a cat."

'Curiously he pokes his head through the door gap and smiles whimsically. As a greeting for the interview Jake Gyllenhaal aspirates a long "Heeeyyy". Charming, confident, sexy. In a way only a Hollywood heart-throb can do. Full of verve he opens the door to the suite at the "Hotel de Rome" and immediately drops into one of the many soft armchairs. "I have just been to Italy, now I am in Berlin. Somehow that feels inhumane" the 30 year old sighs and pushes the sleeves of his grey wool sweater up. Let get to work!'

'"I very often wake up in the middle of the night and for a split second I don't know what country I am in," he says and shyly runs his hand over his 5 o'clock shadow. Small dimples emerge on his cheeks making him look way younger than he really is. "I am 30 now. Things aren't as easy anymore and the jetlag becomes noticeable."'

'"In the movie I get blown up 8 times before I resolve to ask a girl for a cup of coffee." Jake murmurs and considers briefly: "When you ask a woman for a date sometimes that does feel like you have to run through a mine field." Does the keen movie hero turn into a sweet softie with the ladies? He runs his hand through his short dark hair and lifts his eyebrow quizzically: "It's just important for me to immediately feel comfortable with a woman." Has his sister Maggie (33) done a "girlfriend test" before? After all the actress has been seen on and off with Jakes exes.'

'He comes closer. "I wanna be honest now. I now that's not too common in a situation like this one." he announces and rests his bare elbow upon the fine tablecloth. A secret? Jake whispers: "Sometimes my mother and my sister are a pain in the neck." Do Maggie and mom Naomi Foner (65) interfere with the love life of the youngest Gyllenhaal or so? No! "We are simply a family. That's enough." the movie star points out and shrugs his broad shoulders a bit perplexed. For a long time Jake and Maggie had a head-to-head race. "She had a few years to herself before I appeared on the scene." he says and smiles. "I however have been with her my entire life." Love between siblings lasts forever. Jake takes a deep breath: "We had to realize at some point that I would never get the parts that she does. For one simple reason: she is my sister."'

'He rolls the last word over his tongue demonstratively slowly and has to laugh at his own joke. All of a sudden the actor jumps out of his seat and roams through the room like somethings displeasing him. He rolls his water blue eyes. "Oh, I regret many things in life but each of my regrets has made me into who I am today. Therefore I would not want to change anything. And I try to take as little as possible seriously. He winks knowingly and says goodbye with a rascal smile - and a long dragged "Byyyeee!"'

Watch it

When you only have eight minutes to save the world, as Colter knew only too well in Source Code, there is something that you need above all else - a good watch. With thanks to BBMISwear for this scan from Hollywood Reporter, there is a little about Colter's watch from the film's production designer.

Following on from news of the release of the Source Code dvd in the US (26 July), we now have the date for the UK release and it's 15 August.

And finally...

I am now wrapping up my work on X-Men: First Class. The interview with director Matthew Vaughn is now up on Blogomatic3000, where it joins my full review of this most excellent film. More to come. Many thanks to my friend Andrew for the poster below!


TD said...

Dear God don't let the xmen poster get the same reaction as the tighty whitey photo!

Good stuff WDW as ever


T said...

Love the quote "sometimes my mother & my sister are a pain in the neck."

Pics of Jake out & about today over on JJ

Good stuff WDW - love the X Men stuff cant wait to see it

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the translation, MrsJG! That's quite an interview and some very vivid descriptors.
Loved your review of X-Men: First Class, WDW.

Anonymous said...

Wer schrieb diesen seltsamen Artikel im deutschen Magazin?

Wie wird Jake Gyllenhaal aufwachen und nicht erkennem, dass er im Detschland ist.

Es ist schwer, nicht zu erkennen, dass wir in Deutschland sind.
Ersten, weil alles ist gut organiziert, dann ist die Bereinigung von Straßen und die Sprache ist seltsam!

Dann chalten den Fernsehen an und gibt auch seltsame Programe!!!!...Probe aus der Küche, um die Objekte, die wir verwenden, um Labor zu nehmen oder andere verrükt Dinge..

Susan said...

21:28, I think the byline on the article attributes it to Kerstin von Glowacki.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments! Finishing off the last set of X-Men articles. I had no idea there would be this amount of work...

OMG, TD! There's a thought... Thanks!

Thanks T! You'll love the movie :)

Thanks Susan! And thanks for helping with the German comment :)

After tomorrow, that's it. I've caught up :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PS After tonight that should be...

lillyrosesNjake said...

tee hee...the x-men poster is just plain wrong.... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting ARticle and the time piece info too, WDW


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Geez, google translator has done a better job at translating into German before :-)
Whoever you are "Anonymous", you're definately not German, so why complain about the article? I think it was very cute.
Also Jake said he only doesn't remember for a "SPLIT" second - by the time he reaches for the remote that split second is over and he very well knows.

Thanks for posting this, WDW. I'm glad I could share it with you.

I like that piece on his watch and the X-men poster is very cute!

Hope the weather is as nice in the UK as it's here, so you can relax in the sun.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Hi LillyRoses :D It did make me laugh - a shocker!

Thanks Sweetpea :)

Morning Mrs JG - I can't see the point of complaints like that. Helped here because I couldn't understand much of it ;) I'm grateful to you for the scans and the translation :)

Have a good day everyone!

LadyEkster said...

Hahahaha that X-Men poster is awesome! *rofl*

"When you ask a woman for a date sometimes that does feel like you have to run through a mine field."
That is utterly, utterly sweet. Although I can hardly imagine Jake having such problems... Just one look from those 'water blue eyes' and women lose their speaking powers, don't we? ;-)

Great interview, thanks WDW and MrJG for translating!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic interview.
I can't wait to get home and read
it. Happy to report SC still
playing here which says a lot.
Movies open and close here in a NY minute
if they are awful for viewers and critics.
I can't wait for the DVD!

sass said...

One of the problems with hurriedly view and posting on the run...for I that missed your hilarious X-Men poster. TY:)

sass said...

Oh dear WDW, I have FORCE my self...NOT :) see SC one more time, just in case its gone from all our theaters next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Jakob Gyllenhaal

You are right I'm not German. My English is also worse than my German.
In my opinion when we visit a country we have the opportunity to see firsthand what the TV doesn't show.
This lack of vision could be improved by reading a good book. But the people don't read much at present and travelling give them better vision.
It was time for Jake Gyllenhaal to know exatly where he is mainly in Europe where the people and countries are different.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! So glad you liked it :)

I'm glad to hear that Sass! The final push to see SC :). It's gone from here now but not ling to the DVD.

Hi Anon - your English sounds fine. I don't know quite what you're getting at but Jake has often said how he immediately explores new places (by running and eating out etc and seeing sites when he can). You may not realise this but Jake was in Berlin for just one day and doing press for all of it. I don't know what else you'd have had Jake do. And to say no one reads is a rather bemusing mass generalisation.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal was already several times in Germany for working. He was travelled with parents for Europe when he was younger!