Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal karates in LA, Donnie Darko's 10th birthday and Peter Sarsgaard's Hector Hammond

As everyone will tell you, Tuesday night is Karate Night and it's no different for Jake Gyllenhaal. Just because he's a star that's no reason for him to get out of it. And so yesterday Jake was seen arriving for and leaving from his lesson, which appears to have taken place within a cage. I'm assuming that some photos are from Jake's arrival judging by the fact that Jake is carrying a big box (which, as all regulars of WDW will know is not that common for Jake*). I'm afraid that this post features feet - multiple feet.

*Jake and Box Lady:

Never one to let karate take over his entire day, Jake was also about in LA yesterday looking - how do I put this? - perfect.


One thing I did in 2001 was sing along to Destiny's Child 'Survivor'. The other thing I did was to go and see Donnie Darko. Yes, Donnie Darko - or DD or 'The film with the rabbit' or 'What on earth was going on in that film with the rabbit?' or 'What sort of a name is Frank for a rabbit?' as it is sometimes known - is a decade old this year. To mark the event there is an all singing all dancing Blu-ray/DVD edition coming out to give you another excuse to have yet another version of this classic movie. At the last count I had three versions. Therefore, I may as well have four. Especially if it helps me understand what on earth is going on. Some details here.

Peter's Hector

To mark the release of Green Lantern next month, another poster has been released. And this one's a goodie because it features Peter Sarsgaard as baddie Hector Hammond. I am really looking forward to seeing Peter on the big screen again. This poster is via Flicks and Bits.

And finally...

Tomorrow may well turn out to be a day that I will never forget. A real adventure. I'll be at the Pirates of the Caribbean press conference and then attending the premiere at Westfield in London as press. It seems serendipitous indeed that this should occur almost a year to the day that I was at Westfield for the Prince of Persia premiere. I am really looking forward to seeing Jerry Bruckheimer again. There is a good chance that I'll be able to ask the stars of Pirates a question or two. If you have a suggestion for a question do add it to the comments. Many thanks to Blogomatic3000 and Disney. Excited? Me?

Includes pictures from links and IHJ.


Anonymous said...

WDW...perfect,as usual!
Donnie Darko...a perfect movie, also!
And Jake...sometimes perfection can't be explained!!!

mermon said...

Donnie Darko is my number 2 right after BBM. It's still fresh and great for me. It's been ten years, but for me only one, since I've been watching it for the first time.
All those last pictures are interesting. Is that guy in the cage his personal karate coach? I would prefer Jake rather has Bruce Lee :).
I wonder if karate is a kind of getting ready for End of Watch?

Anonymous said...

Tell us how Johnny is.

Jake looks like he is having a nice time with the Karate instructor. The guy looks like he wants to attack the paps, gives them the look of death.

I agree with Mermon, I wonder if the karate is for the movie? I remember a few months ago he was studying Kung Fu.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Carlotta! Indeed. And I do think Donnie Darko was perfect.

Hi Mermon! I've watched DDarko for years and it's as fresh as ever. I remember seeing it ten years ago and I can't believe it's that long go, it's so fresh. I'm really glad it's still being discovered by new audiences.

Hi Sweetpea - I've no doubt that the exercise is for the film although Jake's been doing karate for years.

Early night for me - big day tomorrow! Wish me luck :)

Susan said...

Love the photos! Karate? Kung Fu? Physical perfection must require quite a bit of maintenance.

Usually I would be more than a little miffed knowing that YET ANOTHER version of a movie is being released on disc, requiring me to reluctantly part with my hard-earned money to acquire the latest. Not so with Donnie Darko! Thanks so much for the heads-up on the new release.

I've been wondering why I was looking forward to Green Lantern - it has to be Peter Sarsgaard.

Kate, have fun at the press conference and premier! You know I'll be there in spirit, demanding answers from Jerry Bruckheimer and getting all tongue-tied over Johnny Depp.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Thanks for the head up on Donnie Darko - a 4 DVD Set with loads of extras - a must have for me and at 25 Bucks rather affordable.

Monica said...

He's much more sexy with this new look.

Mermon is not the first time that Jake is seen in a karate class. I remember he also does kung fu, or am I wrong.

Congratulations, Kate. Would love to do a question for Johnny Depp, but lately he has been a disappointment(Alice, The Tourist, ...).
lets see...
He directed a few years ago The Brave. It was the only film he directed.
I wonder if he has plans to direct a movie again.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mrs JG! And a mix of blu-ray and DVD is good too :)

Thanks Monica! Johnny was actually in one of my top three favourite films of the year - Rango - so I'd love to ask about that. be good to say thanks to him for Dr P too.

TD said...

Wow WDW!! what a post.
Yay Donnie! I love DD and will be getting my fourth version too!
Enjoy Pirates,

mermon said...

Kate! So good luck to you for tomorrow. Enjoy the movie. Let this night will bring you some good questions :)
Thank you,@ Monica for those informations.

Monica said...

Rango is very good.

I did not like the poster of Dr. Hammond, but hope it will be a big hit for Peter Sarsgaard.
Green Lantern will arrive in Brazil on the same day of Source Code. Sorry, Peter!

Monica said...

Correction: Green Lantern will debut in Brazil on August 19.

BBMISwear said...

I am so mad at myself for not "taking notes" as I caught up on the past few posts. There were so many things I laughed out loud at and now I can't remember them all! You always make me laugh WDW - please don't ever stop!!

I will say I laughed the hardest in today's post with the reference about the box (and Jake not usually carrying one...and then the picture to prove it)! OMG the conversations that have come up over the years about that picture - it really made me laugh!

I love all the Hot Hot Hot comments re: photos of Jake in the last couple of days - I agree 1000%!! Shaved head and all! It's so great to see Jake out and about and I hope he's not hating the paps snapping pictures and *somewhat* understands we just love seeing these pictures every once in a while and no harm intended. I hope the paps have been nice while taking said pictures.

Thank you so much for the heads up on the Donnie Darko Blu-Ray - I will be getting that for sure - sounds wonderful!!

And as for you Ms. WDW - you are getting to do such a great thing with the Pirates press conference and premiere/press event - Congrats to you! You deserve to do stuff like this - you are such an entertaining writer and I look forward to your Pirates report! I love your idea of a "thank you" for Dr. P. You just made me sigh deeply and get *that feeling* again. (I wonder if/when that feeling will ever go away - it's been almost 3 1/2 years, damn).

Sorry...going in a bad Yay to you and your adventure tomorrow! Please do fill us in here as much as you can (I know, I know, rules and all) and also later give us a link to the wonderful Blogomatic3000 so we can read in full when you all is clear!

Well it's been great catching up...have fun tomorrow and see y'all next time I'm back here (which I wish was more often than it has been lately).


Anonymous said...

Good morning Kate,
Thanks again for great posts during the last few days. I enjoyed them much.
Have a wonderful day with pirates and press conference. Wish you luck for questioning. I'm looking forward for your report of it.

Anonymous said...

Terrible. He looks like scape from prison!

WDW said...

Ugh! Blogger is messed up still! Can't comment properly. And no Internet at Westfield. But just wanted to say I've had an amazing day at the press conf and premiere. Amazing! And shook Jerry B's hand! On way home. Wow!!

Susan said...

Shook his hand?! I hope it was because he announced the sequel we've all been waiting for!

Well, gee whiz, that was a nice imaginary scenario for a minute. :)

I'm so glad you had a great time, Kate. Can't wait to read all about it.