Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal on his mum's best advice and new Source Code stills as the film opens Down Under

For some reason, known only to no-one, Mother's Day has different dates in the USA from the UK, possibly to prevent clashes for those who have both American and British mums. UK mothers have had their lot for this year, but this coming Sunday it's the time of USA moms to feast on breakfasts cooked by toddlers. As part of the celebration, some stars have been asked to reveal the gifts and advice from their mothers that they treasure the most. Jake Gyllenhaal is among those asked. 'The best advice my mother ever gave me was always know somewhere why you're doing something, particularly if you commit yourself to something. Know why, know why in your heart and believe it.'

Actually, that wasn't the best advice Banksy-buying Naomi ever gave to her son. The best advice she gave Jake was 'Don't ever cut all your hair off again and if you're going to wear the same trousers pants all week, make sure you've got a needle and thread with you, my boy.' Jake just chose not to follow it, preferring the go with your heart advice instead.

Source Code Reaches Down Under

If you're in Australia and New Zealand, then today is 5 May (and count yourself lucky as that means you are now beyond the endless Star Wars May the Fourth jokes) and that is the date that Source Code opens on your shores. So please do go and see it, at least once. The next day, 6 May, Source Code reaches Poland. One of these days the time will come when we will all have seen and enjoyed this wonderful film. There is an interview with Michelle Monaghan here.

New Source Code stills via IHJ.


Susan said...

Another great post, Kate! Your comment on Mother's Day made me curious enough to investigate further, and a brief history can be found here:
Mothering Day in Europe has quite a different origin than the modern-day U.S. celebration. We can blame the Puritans for not allowing the tradition of Mothering Day to flourish here. Go figure.

Yay, Mermon, you will finally see Source Code soon! Be sure to let us know how you liked it.

And for anyone who cares, Happy Cinco de Mayo! That's tomorrow for me and you can bet I'll be at my favorite Mexican restaurant enjoying a Margarita. I might even celebrate by seeing Source Again again. ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! That's really interesting. These traditions do fascinate me. Tell ne about Cinqo de Mayo - what's that about? It sounds marvellous if Margaritas are involved :D And it's great news that our friends in Oz, NZ and Poland will see Source Code this week!

Anonymous said...

Germany still has to wait for the opening of SC :-(
Though I had the opportunity to see it in Berlin (in English) I am still excited for June 2nd.

I think you are excited for watching SC, too, Mermon ? Enjoy it ! It's great !

I am interested in knowing about "Cinco de Mayo", too, Susan. Sounds nice :-)

I had a laugh today:
My collegue got a small magazine from "Mc Donald's" thats called "Kino News". Jake / SC is on the cover and has also an article about SC in it. I thought about the post of Jake at McD. If he had been seen at McD in Germany it would be clear that it was only to look for this magazine :-)

Have a nice evening everyone

mermon said...

Yes, yes! In two days - Source Code in Poland! Thank you for mentioned that, Kate :) I plan to go with my family members - 4 of us.
Susan, I will let know how I feel about that, no doubts, can't wait!
Mother's Day in Poland is always the same day - 26 of May. I've checked on Wikipedia in many countries the date moves. Usually it's second day of May.
After reading that post and hearing mother's advices given to the stars - I've asked my daughter about my best advice I gave her. And she said that she doesn't know, cause I gave her so many :)
Actually I wouldn't be able to choose it myself.
I love the pics of Jake on the phone, relaxing behind the bush - from the previous post.
And the story about Jake and Heath auditioning for my favourite movie - Moulin Rouge - is so nice. I think those tapes should see the sunlight.

mermon said...

Thank you Christina - I am very excited! I still remember, that you in Germany supposed to have SC premiere May 5, a day before Poland. It's a shame, especially that you had Jake in there.
Susan, it was also interesting for me to see those informations about different reasons behind Mother's Day.
Maybe we should all go in our countries to visit McDonald's and check for Kino News with Jake. Maybe is international. I think seeing vegetarian Kate in MacDonald's would be worth a lot :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Germany has such a long wait, Christina. I'm so glad you got to see it (and without the dubbing) and I'm so thrilled I was there too! Good news about the mag but in what a place!

Not long now at all, Mermon! I'm really looking forward to you seeing it. Mothering Sunday shifts around like nobody's business here. But I think it's always before Easter. It's usually in March. Me in McDs is not very likely. Although if I knew Jake was featured in a mag in there I'd have to rally the troops to head on in there for me! While I sat across the road in Starbucks ;)

Susan said...

Ha, ha! Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, generally celebrated by Americans who are not of Hispanic extraction at their favorite Mexican-themed restaurant with either a Margarita or a Dos Equis beer in hand. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans celebrate it in commemoration of the "Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. While Cinco de Mayo sees limited significance in Mexico itself, the date is observed nationwide mostly in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride." -Wikipedia
It's a wonderful reason to consume mass quantities of fajita quesadillas and Margaritas.
And - there are no weird hats, just colorful sombreros!

Anonymous said...

my friend in Croatia has to wait until the middle of June to see it

I am happy that those down under are getting to see it now

I wonder what Jake has gotten for his mom :D Banksy? :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW, it is good to know SC has reached us here in New Zealand. I am hoping SC will come to my small community, but LAOD never did, so I am waiting with bated breath for the DVD of LAOD to come out so I can catch it at last.

looks like a double dose of Jake for me in the near future.



Anonymous said...

Just to add to my above comment, just checked out the main Auckland cinema website, SC is leading the top of the billing, is in the flashest theatres and has multiple showings. Couldn't be better.I will catch it in the city.



MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Mermon - enjoy every second of Source Code while you can - it's a wilde ride. Jake really had a point by saying that you only need the edge of your seat.

Christina - thanks for mentioning that McDonald's magazine. I will see if I can get a copy. Because - believe it or not - the next german McD is about a 30 min drive away, in any direction. There is one just across the border in Austria (5 min), but they have different magazines there. If I manage I'll make scans!

Susan - Margaritas seem perfect to spend the time until June 2nd when I finally get to see Capt. Colter Stevens again (in German then, which is kind of a bummer...)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Nightmare of a day, seriously... Good to see you Susan, Tui, Sweetpea and Mrs JG!

Do send me scans if you can do it, Mrs JG :D

And that's great news, Tui!

Thanks for the explanation, Susan - sounds like my sort of festival :D

Back later! have a good day and everyone who's having a margarita... Have one for me!

LadyEkster said...

I loved your made-up advice from Jake's mom, WDW. A very wise one! :)

Holland is celebrating May 5 too, but not in the Cinco de Mayo sense. On May 4, we traditionally remember the victims of WWI and WWII and May 5th is our national Day of Freedom. Celebrations all around! :) But of course, this little lady had to go to work first... :-/

Have fun seeing SC tomorrow, mermon! :) We still have to wait more than a month, so unfair. :(

That's very nice news about SC in New Zealand, thanks Tui! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! Our Remembrance Day is in November but still a work day unfortunately. We have elections here today. Being able to vote is always worthy of celebrations too :)

paulh said...

I had forgotten that today (May 5) was a holiday in Mexico, but purely by accident I somehow managed to celebrate it. I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant (Chipotl) for a salad with pulled pork, black beans, rice, mild salsa and grated cheese -- plus chipotl vinaigrette...

I wish people would cut Jake some slack regarding his slacks. He probably travelled lighbt during the Mumford tour, and didn't *have* a change of pants. How is it a big deal to wear the same pants several days in a row? They're usually made to last for years, so what's a few days?