Thursday, 19 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Germany's 'In' about families, dating and minefields and out and about in WH

While we've been celebrating the announcement of the release date for the Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray Source Code on 26 July, one shouldn't forget that across much of central and northern Europe, the theatrical version hasn't even arrived yet. Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark will finally see the film in June while Sweden has to wait until the middle of August. To soften the blow of delay, Jake Gyllenhaal is interviewed in the next issue of the German magazine 'In', which is published today.

We only have a snippet from the interview so let's just hope we see more, because there be goodies here. 'Sometimes my mother and my sister get a little bit on my nerves... We're just a family. That's enough'. And there's a little about finding that right person: 'It's just important for me that I can immediately feel comfortable with a woman... If you ask a woman out on a date, you often feel as if you're running through a minefield'. I'd just like to point out that there isn't a minefield in sight round Oxford, Jake. It's a selling point.

While we're talking German interviews and with my Pirates experience fresh on my mind, in this interview from a year ago, Jake was talking about another film: Prince of Persia. When it's suggested that some scenes are reminiscent of Jack Sparrow: 'Oh, really? That wasn't intentional. But I'm glad to hear. I take that as a compliment.'

In this interview, Jake is also asked about Heath Ledger: 'It sounds kind of funny: but that which I'd thought was important, became more important in my life. I refer to my work. It was even more important because I felt that what Heath had done, was so extraordinary and inspiring. Therefore, I want to be an actor who's getting better. On the other hand, as a person, I realise that it's just my job. I think that - there are people who think they'll never age, never die - especially in the film industry. Heath has gone far too soon. I now have to distinguish between work and life.'

And finally...

Jake was out and about again yesterday, this time he was in West Hollywood taking away some drinks from that fine establishment, Urth Cafe, in fact the very one where I saw someone with a little white rabbit on a lead. I also remember the porridge. Excellent.

Includes pictures from WDW and IHJ.


paulh said...

There aren't any minefields here in Boston either. We don't have places like Urth and Sprinkles and Pinkberry, though. Jake may wish to stay where he is, so he can enjoy the places he enjoys going to.

I tried hard to figure out what "WH" stood for in the title of your post, WDW. I guuessed wrong, of course! I thought it meant "White House," and that Jake had gone to the White House in Washington, D.C., to see President Obama. Speaking of Obama, he was in Boston last night, and he met with Mayor Menino. Suddenly, Obama is someone that people are eager to meet, post-Bin-Laden's death.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation of that interview, WDW. That Jake still talks about Heath. I am glad he is able to and that he seems to be taking a lesson from what happened to him. And that Heath was taken WAY too soon. who knows if they might have worked together again

And thanks for the pics of Jake. There are more on IHJ of him leaving a Karate class today. he is having a good laugh

Anonymous said...

Any minefields in Florence either!!!We don't have porridge or american breakfast, but I hope that tipical italian dishes could be appreciated, eheh!
Thanks to be always a so precious source of news!
Big hugs

Anonymous said...

wh is west hollywood but jake was not in wh he was in beverly hilll on beverly drive at that urth cafe

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all!

Hi Paul :) Yep, not that WH. I heard on the news last night that Mrs Obama will be visiting Oxford shortly.

Thanks 4:16! Yep, way too soon. Lovely pics and there are others too. I'll post them later.

Hi Carlotta! Oh I'd love to be in Florence right now :)

Thanks 08:11, although it looked like the Melrose one to me.

Friday! Big day for me. I'm off to see the new X-Men. I'm strictly embargoed but won't hurt to say I'm looking forward to it :)

Jo in the 310 said...

Thanks 08:11, although it looked like the Melrose one to me.

The angled street parking is a dead giveaway that it's S. Beverly Drive and not Melrose. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Jo! I should have recognised it then as that's the one I've been to the most. Typical. Thanks for letting us know.

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Thank you Kate for these fragments of German interview. It looks very promising. I can't wait to read it.
I'm so glad it's Friday afternoon at last.

Jake Gyllenhaal sues over underwear photo said...

Lawsuit alleges image violates star's rights by 'portraying him in a false light'

Jake Gyllenhaal's lawyers are scouring the Internet, attempting to eradicate a picture of the actor that shows him stretching in his tighty-whitey underwear.

The letter was sent to a few websites, including and Gyllenhaal's lawyers claim that "as anybody could tell from a cursory examination, this is a fake picture, in which our client's head has been pasted on the body of another person."

Gyllenhaal's pose in the photo is said to resemble an album cover pose of singer Grace Jones. The photo might be a nuisance to Gyllenhaal, but the legal campaign seems to have backfired. "We're keeping the photo up, since it hasn't been proven fake and because their letter bumped it from 'funny and cute' to 'actually newsworthy,"' reports

Indeed. Gyllenhaal's lawyers allege the photo violates the actor's legal rights by "portraying him in a false light, violating his right of publicity and constituting a false designation of origin in violation of the Lanham Act."

At least one photo expert believes the image is a fake, so perhaps Gyllenhaal isn't stretching. No, maybe just his lawyers.

First, does the picture really damage Gyllenhaal's reputation? Jake isn't the first actor to allege defamation by photoshop — see Demi Moore vs. W Magazine — but this is a pretty unique situation. Maybe Gyllenhaal believes he won't earn big bucks as a leading man if people think he prances around in his underwear (and allow himself to be filmed as such).

As for the publicity and Lanham Act claims, Gyllenhaal might have to trot out experts testifying to the value of a market in Gyllenhaal underwear photos being damaged by the appearance of this image. Who knows? Maybe Gyllenhaal really could be the paid spokesperson for Fruit of the Loom. We'd love to see the briefs. The legal ones, that is.

Anonymous said...

Hey WDW, I was 4:16 (LOL)

Jake has left LAX yesterday with a big duffle bag and backpack. Maybe he's spending time in MV before he has to start filming EOW?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! Back after quite an evening :)

Me too, Mermon!

Hi 15:54 - as usual, I'd politely ask that links are given rather than repeating the whole article in full. Thanks :)

It's good to have a name with posts, Sweetpea.

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