Saturday, 7 May 2011

A new interview with Jake Gyllenhaal - giving in to the power of the universe and going out with a smile

Duncan Jones tweeted today that Source Code has now 'level'd up' in the US, matching its $50m production costs. As the film progresses around the world, it is near enough certain that Source Code will soon top the $100m mark. This is great news. The new releases of the film also means extra bounty for all of us in the shape of a new interview with Jake Gyllenhaal. This interview, in Australia's Herald Sun, is clearly recent because it makes mention of events that have just happened. Here are some excerpts.

'I do ponder the questions between free will and destiny and more and more as I get older I really do believe in fate and giving into the power of the universe and how mighty and powerful it actually is... I have always been fascinated in those ideas of philosophy and questioning reality. So given a choice to make, I generally tend towards those sorts of movies.'

'Often, he says, the bigger films appeal to his sense of fun and adventure and the more indie work appeals to his "heart and soul"'.

'So if he had eight minutes to live, what would Gyllenhaal do? "I have thought about it a lot," he says. "I would call my family if I weren't already with them and I would try to have a good laugh. You see Buddha under a tree laughing and smiling and he seems like a good role model, so I would love to do the same when exiting the world."'

'"My family is my family first and foremost regardless of what they do for their day jobs," he says. "I am lucky to be blessed with pretty extraordinary people. I am lucky that they happen to be talented to boot, but I don't really bounce off them except the normal life stuff - not work."'

'Having played a US marine in Jarhead, a pilot in Source Code and a cop in the coming drama End of Watch, Gyllenhaal says he takes the portrayal of serving men seriously. "I think even as this whole thing with Osama Bin Laden comes out and people start to think what an extraordinary job these Navy Seals did, to portray someone who does a job as significant as they do accurately and with respect, I find that to be a great responsibility," he says. "I always feel pressure when I am doing it and try to do as much research as possible."'

'"My opinion matters very little but to be here, I have seen a whole number of reactions," he says of the mood in his homeland right now. "It's hard to speak for everybody and that's what makes America so extraordinary. It's celebratory and contemplative at the same time."'

Interestingly, Jake also makes reference to the recent comments by Baz Luhrmann on the Moulin Rouge auditions. '"It was an honour to be seen and heard and listened to by Baz," he says of his audition. "He is a great filmmaker. I remember it as a very nurturing, huge growing process for me as an artist, which says a lot about Mr Luhrmann." Given McGregor's surprising vocals in the film, surely Gyllenhaal is harbouring musical talents too? "Oh, it's not hidden," he says, laughing. "And I'm not even necessarily sure it's a talent, but I would love to do a musical one day."'

The above picture from Memphis shows Jake practising with the trumpet for his moment on stage supporting Mumford and Sons.

Includes photos from IHJ and links.

My review of Hanna is now up on MovieBrit.


Anonymous said...

I hope your Sat has been a good one WDW. Thanks for the Jake interview and I was touched by the photo of Jake's parents looking at him proudly.

And I liked what Jake said about portraying men in service. Just makes me want to see End of Watch even more


Anonymous said...

oh BTW I just LOVE Duncan, if only other directors would keep us fans in the loop during filming and long after

beale said...

Hi there. The trumpet picture was taken in Memphis. The only time Jake got on stage to play trumpet was Tempe, AZ.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Sweetpea, it's been good!

I couldn't agree more, 19:54 :) Duncan's been so generous with us and I feel closer to Source Code as a result. And to any future film by Duncan.

Thanks so much, Beale! I've amended the post. I fear I might be a step behind Jake on his Mumford and Sons tour :)

I've done a review of Hanna on MovieBrit

BBMISwear said...

Just caught up on a few posts - thank you as always WDW! I printed out the Herald Sun interview to read later during "reading hour" or maybe it should be called "reading minutes" but you get the point! I still have a ton of past SC interviews to read and will be spending a big part of Mother's Day doing just that - it's called relaxing and there is never enough time for that, never enough! What better way to relax though, huh?

Have a great weekend everyone...I'm off to read the Hanna review as there is someone in this household that wants to see it and I'm wondering what it's going to be like. Thanks for that!

Until next time...


mermon said...

I am happy for SC to do so well in Box Office. Duncan is like a kid for me(in a good sense) sharing his joy with us. It's so nice. He really is one of the kind. I certainly will watch his other movies - because he makes them so well and because of his great personality.
It's a very nice interview with Jake and indeed very fresh, judging by OBL news. It's never enough of his interviews, never enough :)- I like that line. Thank you BBMISwear for reminding that. It's a pleasure to use some Jake's movie quotes.

Monica said...

I love the picture with James Schamus.
It's a good interview.

lillyrosesNjake said...

Does anyone know the dates of the pictures of Jake with his parents. I hadn't seen any lately with his two parents in the same picture, with Jake or his sister, let alone side by side? I was wondering if they were on any better footing since the divorce? Sad, they were together so long. Thanks!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the nice post WDW, have a good weekend everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Oops, I appear to have lost the morning but hello everyone!

Sounds like you have a lovely mother's Day ahead BBMISwear :-) Enjoy yourself! Let me know what you think of Hanna if you see it.

Hi there Mermon! It's been so good to share in Duncan's enthusiasm. I can't say it enough, I'm so glad Jake worked with him.

Morning Monica :) That is one of my all time favourite photos of Jake.

Hey Lilly! That photo dates from May 2004 when the Gyllenhaals were given an ACLU award. Lovely pictures from that event. I suppose it's to be expected we wouldn't see photos like this again, following the divorce. But I don't like to speculate as it's such a private thing.

Thanks Mrs JG! Hope you're having a good weekend too :)

Anonymous said...

WDW are you sure about the date on the photo of Jake with his parents looking on? Isn't that James Schamus with them? I thought they started filming BBM in May of 2004.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Sweetpea, yes I am sure. You're talking about the wrong picture. I'm talking about the other picture in the post of the whole Gyllenhaal family. I'm surprised you didn't recognise it.

lillyrosesNjake said...

Thanks for the info! I was trying to judge the dates based on Jake's and Maggies faces and their hair. long ago...
Well, have a lovely day and thanks again!