Sunday, 29 May 2011

Seven years since TDAT opens and Jake Gyllenhaal remembers collecting flowers in France

Seven years ago today, I went to see the holiday weekend blockbuster - The Day After Tomorrow. I knew the film featured Donnie Darko but despite that I was unprepared for Sam, and the gentle curl of his lips in a smile and the big blue brave eyes. Yep, that was when I caught in the GyllenNet.

And so, to mark the occasion of Jake Gyllenhaal's debut on the big screen as a romantic hero, here is a snippet from some of this week's press in Germany to mark the release of Jake's latest film, Source Code. Thanks to Ms JG for the translation.

'U.S. actor Jack Gyllenhaal had a very romantic streak as a teenager: In order to remain on the mind of his lady in the U.S. while an exchange student in France, he wanted to do something really special...'

'In his new film there is little room for romance, contrary to his real life: The U.S. actor who became famous with "Brokeback Mountain" has had a very romantic side in high school. As the 30-year-old told magazine "TV movie" he fell in love head over heels to a girl in the U.S. just at the time of his departure to a student exchange in France. "When I traveled around France with my backpack, I picked a flower in every city and sent it to her," says Gyllenhaal.'

'Even today, he is still friends with his former flame. "She has recently shown me all the flowers that I sent to her back then. That was something very special."'

And finally...

There are more pictures from Jake's day out and about in LA on 27 May. The bag suggests Jake spent some time at the gym - more karate? That's what I call a backdrop.

Pictures from IHJ.


gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

That flower story is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. But then, this is Jake! Can you even imagine him being your boyfriend?! Thud!

TD said...

Good Evening WDW and thank you Kate for your ever warm replies! I shall endeavour not to inflict my bad mood on anyone - and TDAT is the way to do it! Still one of my favourite JG films, I can't believe its been seven years; nor how prophetic it has become.

I remember being very pleased that both 'Donnie' and Dennis Q were in the movie, (tho the gyllenet did not snare me till a second viewing of BBM about 3 yrs after it came out).

What a lovely anecdote about the flowers! I wonder who the lucky girl was?

Here's looking forward to better times ahead generally.


lillyrosesNjake said...

sigh...what a sweet story about the flowers. Never knew he was an exchange student. Does anyone know when this was?

Monica said...

Donnie Darko was the movie that made me appreciate the talent of Jake.
I never liked tdat. The story, the characters, the director, all very bad.

Good read again the history of flowers. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

that was so sweet, no surprise that Jake is romantic.

I hope he is having fun for the weekend wherever he is. I hope he is far away from the paps


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I have been thinking if that girl could have been Jenny Lewis. I heard they were romantically involved ages ago and from this years GG we know they are still friends.
She seems to be the girl to keep flowers like that forever.

On the weight discussion on WDW yesterday: these pictures shall put an end to that:

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Sorry for that, here's the correct address:

TD said...

Nike! WDW will lv that...;D


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone and have a lovely holiday to those with the day off. The weather here is doing itself proud for the Holiday Monday - absolutely tipping it down.

Good to see you all!

It's so sweet, Gyllenhaalisgr8 :)

Hey there TD - it's a pleasure. Don't worry about inflicting the bad mood. I do it too.

I adore TDAT. I love big adventure movies too but this one just looked so good and some great actors in it. I'll drink that toast with you :)

Hello LillyRoses :) I'd imagine this was during Jake's time at Columbia although it could have been earlier. But if he was backpacking I'd imagine it was University. Universities quite often have exchange programmes. Sounds like a great thing to do. I spent my spare time while at Uni on Kibbutzes in Israel.

Oh dear, Monica! Sorry you didn't like it at all.

Hi Sweetpea :)

Morning Mrs JG! I think, but I'm just speculating, Jenny was later, but she does look that type of girl. Ooh, I'll take a look!

Nike Jake, perfect combination TD!

sheba said...

Aww love the flower story, such a romantic thing to do, it warms my heart. It reminds me of when Will Farrell's character gave Maggie G's character 'flours'. No matter sometimes how relationships end when you forgive each other these are the things you remember. And for her to still have them from high school days, that's pretty special.

LadyEkster said...
Okay now, wait a minute.
I just read Kate's Blogomatic review on Pirates 4 (well done!!!) and it has 1 recent comment:

Prince of Persia was a far more superior film to this rubbish and very worthy of a sequel.

Did one of the GyllenGals write this, perhaps?? :)

Yes m'lady, that was this GyllenGal (I like that tag). I'm so frustrated by the quality of films being churned out and the really good ones are being missed in the cinema because of poor or misrepresented advertising. When I take friends along to see Jake's films they are astounded and impressed but they all say they've not seen it advertised or did not know about it at all. And its not just Jake films, foreign language films and good black films don't get a look in. One week and they're gone. Just like music, good cinematic movies have an important role in society. It can say so much in a few lines to so many people, especially when those around you don't understand and you can't articulate.

This is why I don't post much because I tend to go on quite a bit. Yes Prince of Persia is close to my heart and was a very special time but to know we'll never get a sequel makes my blood boil :)

mermon said...

Yes Kate! My blood boils too! Cause I adore Prince of Persia and I really counted for sequel for such a long time. I still have a hope, but it's very tiny one :(
The flower story is very romantic and sweet. Lucky girl. I can imagine Jake in France buying those flowers, sending them. With all those French women around, thinking about his own girl. Very sweet.

LadyEkster said...

A flower in every city... Just when you thought the guy couldn't possibly get more perfect... *swoon*

Congratulations on your Gyllenbirthday, WDW! Cheers! :)

@sheba: thank you! :) It simply hád to be a GyllenGal with a comment like that, I liked it a lot. I love the Pirates films just as much as Prince of Persia, and the thought of no PoP sequel makes me want to cry. :(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Great to see you, Sheba, and good job! To be honest, I wasn't surprised that Prince of Persia didn't have a sequel. It was such a good film and I loved the spirit of it but I think the effort was always going to go into Pirates. Plus I don't think studios care very much about international audiences. The fact that PoP was a big hit in Europe and elsewhere doesn't seem to matter very much. Much safer to make yet another film about overgrown teenagers hungover. Many audiences just aren't addressed. And I'm forever grateful to the local arts cinema near me because I am able to see a proportion of the films that I couldn't possibly see otherwise. So rant away, I'm listening :)

Hey there Lady Ekster! Jake and flowers, I love that combination. This is romance - not bunches of flowers and chocolates (although I'll take those too) but a gesture from every place visited as a token of remembering and missing. Lovely :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! That's a wonderful thought! All those beautiful ladies but travelling Jake had his girl on his mind :)