Thursday, 5 May 2011

Source Code is out in Australia and NZ! Jake Gyllenhaal on Sunrise and some new stills

Source Code is now open for business in Australia and New Zealand! Tomorrow it reaches Poland. I'd hate to distract anyone in these countries from going to see this critically acclaimed film (not least because it may be the last time you see Jake Gyllenhaal on the big screen for a while - and definitely the last time you'll see him on the big screen for a while with hair and not wearing big boots) but here is a post. Jake started Australia's Source Code day with a TV appearance (pre-recorded) on Sunrise. You can watch the video here.

Am I the only person to wonder where this US woman kept her injured kangaroo? Did she take it back on the plane with her? Did she have to buy an extra seat?

The opening of Source Code has led to the re-release of this interview across Australia's media. It's definitely worth another look.


The other day we learned that Jake may well have popped in to the New Orleans' McDonalds. Horror (mostly only from me) ensued. With some kind of kismet comes the news from that you can find in German McDonalds issues of the Kino magazine with Jake on the cover! This comment led me to the Kino site where I found this brief video about Jake's view of Anne Hathaway's Oscars.


Today is election day in the UK - not a general election but votes for electoral reform (our first referendum in my voting lifetime and local elections). It seems fitting therefore that PoPSugar have urged me to encourage everyone to vote for Jake in their new poll for all time favourite stars. Be enfranchised! You know what Jake would say... VOTE!

And finally...

Jake is loved by someone who won American Idol once (having never heard of the 'someone' or seen the 'Idol'). Nevertheless, all GyllenLove is GoodLove.

Thanks to IHJ for the new stills from Source Code.


mermon said...

So, I voted. I put Jake on first place.
Source code is doing so well! Worldwide Gross is $84,509,042 already.

I'm staring to have connections with Jake :)
I was buying socks today - two tree-packs of the same dark blue colour(6 all together ) and it reminded me of Jake probably buying two (at least) pair of the same trousers. I thought - if someone will see me few days in the row in the same colour, identical socks, will think I don't change them :).
Oh, Jake, now I know what you felt in all that TrousersGate.

Susan said...

Only Jake Gyllenhaal could make voting sexy... So I voted for Sexy Jake Gyllenhaal in PopSugar's poll! I'll have to save watching the videos for later - a margarita with my name on it awaits and I must not keep it waiting any longer. ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's excellent, Mermon! I'm just the same with socks, trousers and work shirts. It makes life so much easier... Outside work I can be more colourful.

Good going, Susan! OMG I could do with that margarita right now :)

My phone is broken so I can't keep up to date with comments so bear with me!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

By the way, one of my book reviews is now up at MovieBrit. I'm grateful to HarperCollins for sending me such good reads to review!

lillyrosesNjake said...

mermom, I think it is easier to get away with rewearing the same color of dark socks, say blue and black. Now, my etiquette book says that even white and beige can be worn and reworn daily, as long as no noticeable problems crop up such as identifiable dirt patterns or holes that are easily seen. lol. Now bright socks such as red, lime green, pink and orange can be worn daily as long as you instruct family and friends these are your favorite colors and you should be excused in the wearing daily of these as not to be labeled a kook or "strange"..wheter you are male or female.
The world is quite simple as long as we have rules to live by. (wink-wink)
Also glad mermon that Source Code is doing so well!

Thank you Wet Dark and Wild for the hello! :) Great Site!

Monica said...

It's a strange feeling to see that my country will be one of the last to see Source Code.

Meanwhile, I'm watching other movies. I saw Thor. The movie is fun and forgettable.
The 3D is one of the worst and the special effects too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! It's Friday... hallelujah :)

Thanks very much Lilly and you're welcome :)

Not good that you have such a wait, Monica.... I loved Thor! But I agree about the 3D.

Have a good day everyone!

paulh said...

Thor has only just come to theaters in my area today. I will probably see it eventually.

I saw "Hoodwinked Too." The critics didn't like it, but I had a good time watching it. The only jake link I can find is Martin Short, who was in "Jiminy Glick in Lala-land" with Jake.

Susan said...

Speaking of Jake links, as I was re-watching Kinsey the other day I thought I recognized one of the actresses in a minor role, but a pivotal scene with Liam Neeson. I just could not remember the actress's name or where I had seen her before or why I had recognized her. It finally came to me that she is Arden Myrin, Pilot's girlfriend Lucy in Highway and the main "Lorraine" in Bubble Boy. Now that's a significant Jake link.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! I've not heard of Hoodwinked. I hope you get to see Thor, it's much better than it sounds.

well spotted, Susan! That is a difficult link to spot. KInsey is such a good film.

mermon said...

So I have watched Source Code at last :)What can I say? It won't be any surprise for you. I liked the movie a lot. Jake is a really good actor. As we didn't know it already. My no 2 is Vera. That duo was very real. Michele was sweet and she made me believe, that Colter could like her a lot. The story - very interesting. The end - surprising, but I liked it a lot. I am surprised that some would have change it. I liked the score, but I was aware of that only at the beginning of the movie, later I was to drawn into a story to notice it. So two thumbs up!

Susan said...

YAY, MERMON!! I'm so glad you finally got to enjoy it. We all knew you would like it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

At last! I'm so glad you saw it Mermon and liked it! And I do agree about Vera. It's thrilling, thoughtful movie. And more of us can now see it!

Hi Susan :)

I hope everyone's having a good Friday. I'm super relaxed tonight.

mermon said...

Thank you girls for enjoying my joy! :)
Actually I am also so relaxed and deflated after all that tonight excitement that I go straight to bed right now. Goodnight!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning! What happened to the weather?! It's chucking it down...

Mermon, I know joust how you feel :)

Have a good day everyone! Don't go out without a brolly...

Anonymous said...

mermon I don't think I've been this excited about Jake's movies since POP. He really did such a fantastic job on SC. It's amazing, I've seen it twice and I'd love to see it again. (but unfortunately I've got too many things going on in RL to get to the theater. I'll have to wait for the DVD)


mermon said...

Uff! I could finally go to forbidden section in our forum - SC discussion with spoilers. I almost have a headache from reading all the ideas and from creating my own :).
I tried so hard to avoid any spoilers before watching the movie, but still too much was said in all interviews. Not even spoilers, but just the story. I would prefer to discover it not knowing anything.
But how could I resist to do not watch Jake and Duncan together. That's promotion time is a piece of a Cinema for me. Very exciting. But among that something subtle flies away - some mystery of the movie.
Now new movie is coming - End of Watch, and I will have a chance for the first time to watch the process of doing a movie since the beginning and I am torn again.
With POP - it was so excellent! I didn't know anything about it. I even didn't know Jake then. It was so fresh. I will never forget that feeling I had in the theatre.
Today I go to the cinema to watch Water for Elephants. I read the book, I liked it a lot.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It really is amazing, Sweetpea :) I'm looking forward to the Blu-ray myself.

Hi Mermon! I'm glad you can catch up on some of the spoilers but I agree with you. I want to go into a film not knowing anything. With Source Code I almost managed that because it opened here at the same time as in the US. But with other films it's almost impossible. But I do try and keep as many spoilers as I can off here.