Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Anna Kendrick to play Jake Gyllenhaal's wife Janet in End of Watch

Having worked with Vera Farmiga in Source Code, it's only right that Jake Gyllenhaal should continue his mission to act opposite everyone from Up in the Air. This week comes the news from Variety that Jake's End of Watch 'love interest' will be Anna Kendrick.

According to the casting notes, Anna will play Janet, the girlfriend and later wife of Officer Taylor (Jake). 'This petite, very pretty young woman is Taylor's new girlfriend. She is a brilliant engineer and a bit of a geek. She is every bit Taylor's match intellectually which means that she just could be the girl of his dreams. Janet is a straight shooter who makes it clear from the start that she's not interested in a fly-by-night relationship. She and Taylor wind up married in short order, and they are thrilled to learn that Janet has become pregnant.' I will leave it there because there be spoilers.

Janet is good friends with Gabby, the wife of Michael Pena's character, Officer Zavala. Handily, there is a contender for that role as well in the shape of Natalie Martinez, best known to moviegoers perhaps for Death Race. As for Gabby 'This "smokin' hot" Mexican woman is Zavala's wife. She met Zavala in high school and has been with him ever since. A first-grade teacher, Gabby is as smart as she is feisty and funny. She considers Taylor part of her family and is delighted when he finally gives up the dating scene and settles down with Janet, a young woman Gabby gets along with famously.'

With the four main characters now (hopefully) fixed, filming should be about to begin. It might just be me, but when ever I write Officer Taylor, I get an urge to write PC Taylor...

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Susan said...

Yes, let's get going on filming End of Watch. Anna Kendrick was great in Up in the Air with George Clooney; we'll have to wait and see what kind of chemistry she can project with Jake.

Pardon my ignorance, Kate, but what or who is PC Taylor?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I loved Up in the Air and I've liked Anna since then so there could be chemistry here! One would have thought Jake would have been involved in the casting.

The PC thing is just a silly thing - because we call Officers here PC. I realised just before posting that I'd used PC through the post and had to go back and remove it! Sorry!

mermon said...

Oh, how I like that movie already! :) I like the fact, that personal life will be so important in it and that Jake will fall in love in super smart girl. I may easily imagine how we will enjoy it. I believe that Anna may play Janet well, she's talented and bright. The other actress I don't know, but she's beautiful.
I hope we will have some pics from the set.

LadyEkster said...

She is a brilliant engineer and a bit of a geek.
Remembering her in Up in the Air, that sounds like perfectly cast. :) Although she looks a bit too young for Jake for my taste...

*dirty mode on*
She and Taylor wind up married in short order, and they are thrilled to learn that Janet has become pregnant.
Oeoe! Might that mean we'll be treated to another steamy sex scene? We demand more than the obligatory shower scene since LAOD, you know!
*dirty mode off*

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Susan, thanks for asking about the PC thing and sparing me of having to out myself as a dummy.

Mermon, I got you there, I have a nice feeling about this movie too.
Anna was also in the Twilight series, while she is not as popular as the other actors she might never the less attrack fans of Twilight to EOW who might not have gone otherwise.

Lady X - couldn't have said it better myself!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Anna does make it sound much better :)

I did love that film, Lady Ekster! I had the same same thoughts about being too young too - and then I remember how Michelle Monaghan proved me wrong and enchanted me! And ooh, I do hope so!

Hey Mrs JG! It was just me, thinking out loud, sorry about that... ;) Ugh, the Twilight moves. Apart from all that I think Anna is a fine young actress so this feels like good news!

mermon said...

@Sasha! I am on Polish Twilight forum and I let everybody already know about Anna's new movie. I will keep them informed :)Anna's character was not the most popular, cause she was a pain in the a.. . But she portrayed Jessica perfectly. And everyone agreed about that. I don't know if I'll convince anyone to see the movie, but at least they will know about that.

@LadyEkster - I count on very hot scenes as well, mixed with bright conversations.
I bet Jake knows a lot about Anna from Vera Farmiga. If he had something to say about casting his movie's wife, so he heard good things about her, or he enjoyed her from the movie.
I wonder if she had to pass a test with Jake, a kind of - if they have a chemistry together. Like Emmy Rosum had before TDAT. :)

Gyllenhaalics said...
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Monica said...

I saw Twilight, but I do not remember her performance. If she was right or not.
In Up in the Air she did a good job.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Mermon! I do agree that it sounds very promising. I've not seen Twilight so I don't know her role in that but Anna was superb in Up in the Air and I liked her in Scott Pilgrim too. Good job for spreading the word!

I agree, Monica :)

Have a good day everyone!

mk said...

jake was at the green lantern premiere last night at graumans