Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bear Grylls fulfils promise to keep Jake Gyllenhaal alive on Man Vs Wild (and turned down Sarah Palin)

Last night pushed me to the very limits of what my passion for Jake Gyllenhaal will drive me to - I watched Graham Norton. Yep. And I had food poisoning too. Double whammy. The reason for my self-inflicted torment was the appearance of Bear Grylls on the show. He has an autobiography to plug but you never know, the appearance of Jake on Man Vs Wild or Born Survivor might be worth a mention to push the publicity. I was right. It was brief but worth it and there was even a photo of Jake as well.

Bear managed to get enough words in to say that Sarah Palin had wanted to appear on the show but Bear, no doubt very politely, told her no and went for Jake Gyllenhaal instead. Bear learned that a lot of people were very concerned that nothing should happen to Jake - although Bear couldn't guarantee it - while not too many were concerned about his own safety. He spoke about the atrocious weather and how the two of them were blown like tumbleweeds across the Iceland landscape.

More on the adventure has been published in the media today, including this report in the Belfast Telegraph.

'"A couple of weeks ago I took Jake Gyllenhaal, reportedly the fittest man in Hollywood, on a Born Survivor to Iceland. He said he wanted to to be pushed and afterwards said he'd never been pushed so hard.

He went on: "We had crazy conditions - sleeping in snow caves, huge river crossings and these torrential storms. I was a little bit nervous as I promised Jake's management team I would keep him alive, but he was brilliant.

"There's something magical about the raw emotion of fear and nerves. I think that's what people like about the show."'

That and seeing Jake Gyllenhaal take on the elements in weather blasted garments...

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Susan said...

I think my dislike of snow and cold weather in general may be starting to melt, slightly. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Jake braving the frozen wilderness. Oh, yes, and intensely delighted that Ms. Palin was rejected.

Hope you're feeling better, Kate, and thanks for watching Graham Norton so I don't have to. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! Much better now and back on chocolate. I'm steering clear of lettuce.

While I would have preferred to have seen Jake somewhere hot and sunny, this does sound good. I like the sound of snow caves and crossing rivers. Of course when Bear crosses rivers on the show he normally takes off his clothes to prevent hypothermia (so he can put dry clothes on after the crossing). Bodes well...

Anonymous said...

I generally don't like the snow or ice in the winter (and you'll hear me complain about roasting in the humidity in the summer) BUT if I had Jake with me, well I could think of plenty of things to keep me warm. Like hunkering down in those ice caves, holding each other very closely (strictly for mutual body heat of course :D)

The new season of Man VS Wild is supposed to begin on July 11th (that is what I read somewhere)


mermon said...

I am not a winter person as well, though I can't wait to see that episode. From what I saw yesterday on youtube Bear Gryll is a very nice guy, a bit shy. I bet they had a great time together with Jake. I like all those things he said about their adventure.
Thank you, Kate for those quotes from the show.

LadyEkster said...

Good morning! It's a very early morning since I haven't been able to sleep yet, sigh. So I grabbed my phone and... Well, this post is obviously far too exciting to get sleepy! :) Very much looking forward to seeing this adventure.

Glad to read you're feeling better WDW!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks WDW for putting yourself through Graham Norton for all of us! Sounds very interesting.

Actually I kind of like winter, because I'm an indoor person and in winter nobody forces me to go outside that much. But Jake can force me all he wants.

Get better soon!

TD said...

THIS I am looking forward to! Though how many times did they 'sleep in snow caves' if they were only out there one night?

Any idea when its going to be on?


PS Kate, are you likely to be going to the Alex James festival in July? If so, will pm you...;)

TD said...

WDW, I just noticed your food poisoning was from lettuce. You weren't one of those poor unfortunates caught up in that very serious problem from Germany that the papers have suddenly stopped reporting on?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! So nice to have a lazy Sunday. Today I'm gaming and writing and reading :)

Hi Sweetpea! I'd definitely put up with almost all weather conditions for Jake too. I wouldn't be surprised if this show airs as a one off. Hopefully we'll hear soon enough. Even more hopefully it'll get a showing in the UK.

I think he's a lovely guy, Mermon :) I've been reading his books and watching his show when I can for a long time. Be good to see the show!

I'd like to say it was a pleasure, Mrs JG... ;) I like winter for reading and movies but I do love to be able to sit out and read in the warm sunshine. Mr WDW and I have been trying to have a weekend away for weeks but we have to keep cancelling. Fingers crossed for next weekend. Thank you! I'm much better now.

Hi there TD! I fear it may only have been the once. I wonder what they ate... :D I hope it'll get a showing in the UK. And that it will be soon. Lots of fingers crossed.

I've heard a bit about that festival - isn't it in September? Do you have any details?

I think it was probably from unwashed lettuce but I'm very lucky, it was really minor, just lasting 24 hours. Back on the chocolates, wine and cheese again now :) Thanks for thinking of me.

Have a good day everyone :)

TD said...

Good, very glad to hear it was not Ecoli and that you are back on the chocolate and cocktails!

Jake looks lovely in the Malibu pic, I hope some good pics come out of the Iceland trip, tho I did already love that one of him with the guitar in the airport..hmmm!

I just checked back and that festival is in Sept, not July after all, so I'm not sure I'll be able to go anyway but its £45 for a day ticket, in Kingham Oxon, and 'the Communion' - Ben Lovett's (Mumfords) 'network' will be there...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I love that pic too, TD :) Bear's been trying to post one today but the server's down for it, hopefully it'll pop up later. That festival does sound good. I was hoping to see Mumford and Sons and Arcade Fire in London at the end of the month but typically it coincided with the only evening work event of the year that I have to attend...