Friday, 10 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal burns to emulate his heroes, over the moon at working with Duncan Jones and Donnie Darko 10 years on

A couple of goodies this evening, including another interview with Jake Gyllenhaal from Germany and it's a corker. There's much more to it than just yet more questions about what Jake would do if he could pick eight minutes to relive. You can find the whole interview here and below I've included some snippets. Anything dodgy is the fault of my translation - Jake is not to blame (unless he really did say something strange and the translation is spot on...).

'I am proud to do blockbusters. "The Day After Tomorrow" for example, focuses on an environmental disaster. And "Jarhead" tells us of the madness of the Gulf War, "Brokeback Mountain" is about the taboo love between men, and "Love and Other Drugs" is also about the hubris of the American pharmaceutical industry.'

Choice of roles as Jake becomes better known: 'Sure, the danger is great. When celebrity status reaches a certain height it can become complacent and hollow. I readily admit it. But I've not fallen into this trap. I'm still burning! I still want to know. I still wear each of my films literally like my skin. I've been working without a safety net.'

'I hope that I will never back down. I would rather be like my big idols Paul Newman, Anthony Quinn, Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando. They never sold out. And when I look at how well my sister Maggie is doing in the movie business, it suggests to me that there is also great hope.'

'I love acting, especially because of the storytelling. I'm happiest when I can be part of telling a great story. This is my drive as an artist.'

'Seeing myself on a movie poster is a limited thrill for me (laughter). But the thrill of being able to work with fantastic actors like Heath Ledger is indescribable. Or with such a visionary young director like Duncan Jones. I was totally over the moon that he wanted to do "Source Code". I found his debut film "Moon" quite extraordinary.'

'... And daring, sometimes risking taking a wrong step creatively, yes. It's very liberating. Because it's the only way you develop further. This does not mean that I valued "Source Code" as a creative misstep - the opposite is the case. The film was a step in the right direction. I will continue to make more films like this, rather than the one that is expected of me. I'm personally and professionally in a state of transformation when almost anything can happen. This is exciting.'

Public interest in Jake as a person: 'This whole celebrity nonsense? Sometimes I call out to people "Get a life!" But mostly I just shrug my shoulders. If you really want, you can escape a bit from all the hype - even in Los Angeles.'

Ending a relationship in public: 'True, it's not easy when a relationship ends under the magnifying glass of the media. It's bad enough even without the pictures and malicious comments. But even so I did not let them bend me. That would be really bad.'

'I have a great ambition, that everything I do looks light and loose. Just as, for example, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart made it look. That to me is the greatest art: to make what is heavy appear light.'

Many thanks to Mrs JG for letting me know about this great interview and also for the heads up that Donnie Darko appears in the July issue of SFX as the magazine takes a look at the scifi and fantasy of 2001. (If you're a Torchwood fan, you might well want to get this magazine.) Here are some scans I've done. Click on them and they shall be embiggened.

And finally...

If you're interested, you can read my take on the taster of Transformers: Dark of the Moon that we were teased with earlier in the week over at Bleeding Cool.

Includes scans from WDW and pictures from IHJ.


sheba said...

Loved that interview WDW, especially when he says:

"'I have a great ambition, that everything I do looks light and loose. Just as, for example, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart made it look. That to me is the greatest art: to make what is heavy appear light.'

I love Jimmy Stewart and Jake has always reminded me of Jimmy's intensity and sincerity in his roles.

As for Donnie Darko, it's amazing that this 19 year old took on such a complex role and made it seem effortless. He embodied Donnie and made him like a regular teenager with a twist. Donnie Darko has helped me to understand some teenage angst and how they can just blow up at any little thing they don't understand

And Jake burns? Finally, he's admitted he's smoking hot!! So great news that he still has the fire in his belly to develop and create great roles for himself. My retirement plan looks secure :) The future looks bright... the future looks Jakeish.

mermon said...

I like the same fragment about making everything looking light and loose. And making heavy appear light - it sounds like Jake, and it's so appealing to me.
I like that one too:
But I've not fallen into this trap. I'm still burning! I still want to know. I still wear each of my films literally like my skin. - that what I feel, watching his movies. Burn Jake, for us! :)
Thank you Kate for DD article. The story happened to that movie was really amazing. It's difficult to understand even, that it got bad reviews. Like Jake said once - it's found a way to our hearts. Fortunately.

Anonymous said...

wonderful interview, WDW. Jimmy Stewart is one of my fave actors.


LadyEkster said...

I'm not able to read... not even stare at those grand movie pictures... I'm SO into the Source Code, haha!

What a bloody brilliant film. And at long last it finally arrived in Holland - totally worth the wait. Jake, you made me a very happy lady tonight and such a proud GyllenGal like never before! :-)

Will come back later to comment further either here or in the forum... Mind-blown is not the best mindset for long writings, is it? *grin* Have a great weekend everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sheba! It's so good to hear Jake mention Jimmy Stewart - one of my all time favourites too. And Donnie Darko will never grow old. Love the comment! I had a good laugh at the end :)

My pleasure, Mermon! I'm so glad DDarko won through in the end. I like this interview too - some interesting reflection from Jake on what drives him on.

Me too, Sweetpea :)

I am so so glad you got to see it in the end, Lady Ekster! And that it was worth the long wait. Sounds like you rather liked it ;) To tell us in the forum what you thought.

mermon said...

@Lady E. - It's so good you finally saw SC and that it impressed you so much. I'm still so impress after 3 times. And Colter is such a interesting guy. Making heavy appears light :)
I wonder if I could do that in my life as well. I bet it's possible.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I bet it is, Mermon :) I'm thinking about a lot of these things at the moment too.

Susan said...

Loving the interview, loving all the Gyllenspeak, loving the references to some of the all-time great actors, loving Donnie Darko - "143" to Kate and all the Gyllengals!!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Another wonderful post. I am almost sorry the Jake hype is over in Germany because due to the long wait we got some real goodies.

But not too long now till EOW starts shooting, so there we go!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Susan! And 143 to you too :)

Thanks Mrs JG! I've really enjoyed the German publicity. Now SC has moved to The Netherlands I hope we get something from there. But the German publicity has been great! I have more to post from elsewhere too.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Being very lazy :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Everyone's being quiet so hopefully that means you're having a) a good weekend and b) if you're in Germany and the Netherlands and Albania, you're in the theatres watching Source Code.

Does anyone know how to turn the rain off? And yet we're supposed to be having a drought *rolls eyes*.

Good morning!

BBMISwear said...

Just a quick hello in between a gazillion weekend commitments! Yay to all those getting to finally see SC after such a long wait - isn't it GREAT?!

Thanks for the updates WDW...I'm barely keeping up lately so kind of glad there isn't so much news that I'm missing things but I hope that will change when there's more that comes our way with EOW. I hope NYSM comes together - it sounds like a very interesting project!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend (not much, I know).

Until next time... :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you BBMISwear :-) I was doing the next post. Hope you've had a good weekend. Busy times.