Monday, 13 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal out for lunch with Peter Sarsgaard ahead of the Green Lantern's release

It's always a treat when we get to see brothers-in-law Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard together. It doesn't happen too often, but yesterday Jake and Peter were seen popping out for lunch in Venice, LA. According to IMDb, End of Watch is now filming, although judging by the hair and face pet, this might be a little premature. Source.

Peter's latest film release is about to hit the theatres and it's a biggie. He plays Hector Hammond in Green Lantern. We're talking action figure territory here, like the Prince of Persia. Here's Peter talking about it on Conan O'Brien last week.

Green Lantern opens in the UK and US on 17 June.


I was sent a remarkable book - The Watchers by Jon Steele. I read it in two days and was then lucky enough to interview the athor. The review is here and here is the interview with the author.


Susan said...

A treat indeed! It's nice that they like to hang out with each other.

From the previews I've seen of Green Lantern, Peter's role as Hector Hammond is going to be awesome. The transformation he goes through is not exactly attractive, but I bet he had a blast playing a villain in a Marvel comic book movie. ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I bet Peter will be great. I'veseen some dubious trailers for Green Lantern but I have no doubt Peter will do a good job. He'll make such s good baddie. I'd better say before my comic book friends mention it, this is a DC Comic story (not that I'm able to tell the difference...) I love seeing Jake and Peter together. Always makes my day :) Hope you had a good Monday!

Susan said...

Ooops! Sorry about the comic book faux pas - I don't have nearly the familiarity with comics or graphic novels that I have with sci-fi paperbacks. I guess I'm just a different flavor of Geek. For whatever reason, though I know NOTHING about the Green Lantern character, I've been intrigued by the movie previews since I saw the first one. And no - it isn't because of Ryan Reynolds. I didn't know who he was until fairly recently.

My Monday has been made infinitely better by my frequent visits to the blog and the forum. Thanks, Kate! :)

mermon said...

I like Jake and Peter together too. One more pic of them running from Us Magazine:

I like Peter's interview, he's very sympathetic. Having a thing for Jewish girls? :)Funny story. But he didn't say much about Green Lantern though :).

By the way Jake has another great plaid shirt. We have similar taste for those :).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I made the same mistake at the Super 8 screening last week, Susan, when we were talking about Green Lantern. I know nothing about it at all but picking bits and pieces up.

Thank you! That's a lovely thing to say :)

Hi Mermon! It's been s while since we've seen Jake in one of those shirts :) I see there are mire interviews with Peter today. So much going on for him! Thanks for the link. This running has made Peter so fit and... hot! Not that he wasn't before buri remember his training for Jarhead was to exercise his arm by smoking a lot!

Margot said...

I love seeing Jake & Peter hang out! That's nice :)
I wonder when filming for "Very Good Girls" begins?
Honestly, The Green Lantern looks like a film I do not want to see, but I do love Peter, so maybe I'll check it out?

I don't know why, but I have recently developed somewhat of a crush on peter! I've never thought he was attractive until recently (not that anyone needs to know that!).

I know I am late on this.... but I saw Super 8 and LOVED IT! It was such a wonderful film that truly reminded me of a Spielberg classic. That film is a gem.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Margot! I'll see Green lantern for Peter too, although he does look rather alarming in it... I have a supercrush on Peter. And when I've met him he looks at you in an incredible way - sigh. And a great hugger too (I'm privileged!). So glad you liked Super 8. It's so good. Reminded me of the golden Spielberg days too.

have a great day everyone! Sun's out, it's warm, which can mean only one thing - yep, I have a cold... ;D

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Nice post. It's always good to see Jake with family, even if he doesn't seem to be too happy to see "US" (as in paparazzis).

I have only known Peter for Jake and I don't like Ryan Reynolds (why did he get to be "Sexiest Man alive" when Jake is NOT dead?) so the Green Lantern will have to wait for DVD...

Monica said...

Peter always looks good. this interview is very good. Peter is so fun.

Green Lantern will debut next month in Brazil. But I think I'll see, because I like DC, Peter and Warner.

sheba said...

Peter's interview was wonderful. He's very easy to listen to and he's opening up a lot lately. He's got that bohemian vibe going on that I really check for. I've known of Peter longer than Jake so its great to see him still getting those great roles and starring in a big picture (even though it may critically miss the mark) I'm sure Peter will be tremendous inthat role.

I only know of the DC/Marvel rivalry because of my 5 brothers and having to wait patiently for them to finish reading everything from begining to end, twice. It's great to see your childhood imagination manifested on the big screen but its disappointing when they don't live up to the image. I guess they never could.

You mentioned WDW the spate of sequels and lack of choice of new movies. I totally agree. But if there were sequels that should be made, of any films recent or old, which ones would you deem worthy of a sequal?

Is there a part two to the rest of that Conan interview WDW?

mermon said...
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mermon said...

So we probably have 2 more actresses in End of Watch - Anna Kendrick, playing Jake's wife, which I know from Twilight Saga. She played Bella's school's colleague - Jessica. And also we may know her from a movie Up in the Air, where she starred very well with George Clooney. I have to get use to that idea, I'm not sure yet, what I think about her being Taylor's/Jake's love.
And Natalie Martinez - playing Micheal Pena's woman.|News|FilmNews

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone!

Hi Mrs JG! It's a shame Jake and Peter can't see through that moment just for an instant, bit it is good to see them. Agreed about Ryan Reynolds...

Hi Monica! I've got to admit that the trailers look awful but I'll go and see it - I can't resist a movie with Peter in it (with the exception of a certain recent horror movie).

It's very true, Sheba, these recreations do often let down childhood memories. Maybe one reason why I can't get to grips with Batman, I still see the 196s series! (although I hasten to add I'm a lot younger than that... I saw repeats). I'll have a look for part 2. You can see the whole episode on Conan's website.

That's good news, Mermon! It is strange how Jake will have acted against both Up in the Air actresses - and both are so good. I don't know Martinez yet - must look her up.

I've been absent this evening due to something rather special. I was sent a remarkable book - The Watchers by Jon Steele. I read it in two days and was then lucky enough to interview the athor. The review is here and here is the interview with the author

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Have a lovely day - midweek already...

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

WDW - you get to see movies before they come out, often with the actors present and now you get to meet AUTHORS? The world is an unfair place! Great review BTW!