Sunday, 12 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal talks about Source Code - including UFO abduction and shovelling manure - and Moonlight memories

With Source Code continuing to make progress across the known world, Jake Gyllenhaal has fended off repeatedly the question of what would he do if he only had eight minutes to change the world. In a Polish interview, conducted in LA just after Source Code's premiere at Austin's SXSW festival, Jake responded to the question of whether he could relate to Colter's particular little problem.

'It happened to me once that I fell asleep on a plane and when I woke up, at first I had no idea where I was. I was convinced that I went to sleep in my own bed, then suddenly, in some inexplicable way, I found myself in another place. I remember that a thousand ideas passed through my head of what could have happenened. Was I dead? Kidnapped by a UFO? Was I teleported? Of course, I remembered everything soon enough, and the nightmare was over. When I read "Source Code", I could guess right away how Colter Stevens felt, waking up in the train. But in his case, the nightmare has only just begun.'

This is a great interview, which you can read - with the little help of google - here. Many thanks to Mermon for sending it along! Among the other topics Jake discusses is loving Moon and Duncan's film making, although Duncan was a little distracted at times, especially just before filming began...

'We met for the first time we met here in Los Angeles, in one of the cafes. It so happened that two days before he met his current girlfriend. And he utterly could not concentrate on the conversation! (laughs) It was evident that he misses her terribly and thinks only about her. Just like Colter Stevens on the train, his spirit was somewhere else. It looked like he was trying to explain himself: "You know, man, I'm your big fan, but, a case is, that I met this girl and we've lived together three days, and you understand, I have to go back" (laughs). I said, "No problem". It was charming in its own way.'

Among the talk of filming Source Code, the script and what Jake likes about SXSW, there is a brief mention of what Jake would be doing if he lived another life in an alternative universe (apart from looking hot, of course). I must warn you, it involves manure...

'As a farmer who stands with a pitchfork and throws around the pig manure (laughs). Talking seriously, I have no idea. Life consists of so many unpredictable elements that you can not answer the question: "Where I would be today if I would have take a different decision ten years ago?". However, it seems to me that I wouldn’t be working in another profession. I like it too much. I'd be doing everything possible to continue to be an actor.' Do check out the rest of the interview.

Talking of ten years ago, Access Hollywood has been going through its archives to mark the tenth anniversary of Moonlight Mile being filmed. Here is an interview with Jake on set. We've seen it before but it's well worth another look.

Which provides me with a perfect excuse to repost this video of behind the scenes footage from Moonlight Mile, which, of course, reminds me so much of my tour around this sites with BBMISwear almost two years ago. What a wonderful time that was.

I saw this today, which made me chuckle. Back in 2003, Jake was picked as one to watch...

And finally...

There is a new interview with Duncan Jones here for Source Code. But it is spoilery so only click the link if you've seen the film.

Includes pictures from IHJ. Thanks to Mermon for the interview link!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Watch out for the members section of the forum for a translation :)

I hope you've all had a good weekend. What d'ya wanna bet the sun will come out when I'm back in the office?

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I'll trade you some brutal heat and sunshine for a little of that rain you keep complaining about...

This was such a fantastic post, all the way from Source Code back to Moonlight Mile, and such a treat to see that old interview of Jake again. And I just had to laugh at this: "Back in 2003, Jake was picked as one to watch... " I knew he was going to be something very special when I saw October Sky in the theater back in 1999!

I saw Super 8 yesterday and it was so incredibly awesome!! J.J. Abrams really knows how to tell a story in a "Spielbergian" way. It just has to be seen to understand what I mean. It's almost like seeing what a young, promising director/writer, actor, special effects artist, makeup/lights/sound technician were really like as kids, if those kids found themselves in the middle of a scary, freaky event. And we learn how important good "production values" are to the success of a film. :) I'm already interested in seeing this one again.

Thanks again, Kate, for a great post and thanks, Mermon, for the interview link.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! OMG I would willingly swap some of it - torrential rain here all day. I'm craving sunshine. Feeling a bit fed up... Anyway! Glad you liked the interview, it's a corker! And I love all this reflection on Jake's achievement over the years. It's so good to hear.

I really liked Super 8! It's beyond annoying that it's not out here til August, not least because I'm not allowed to review it til then. But I did enjoy it very much. I'll look forward to August and seeing it again.

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for that rich post. I like Duncan's interview very much, I am happy I may read spoilers at last :) It was very interesting to find out about the other ending. I prefer the one Duncan choose.
So we have two tenth Jake's anniversaries this year. DD and Moonlight Mile. That interview with young Jake is fantastic. He was so charming then and spoke so well. And his smile is one of a kind. We can see in today's Jake everything it was in him then. Plus much more.
I like that Polish interview. Thank you Kate for using it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for sharing the interview, Mermon! It's wonderful how we can all share interviews from around the world - really like that. And this is a goodie.

Lots of anniversaries - all good as it makes us look back at these movies. It's been a while since I've seen MMile and it's one of my favourite, favourite films - especially now I've sat on that bench! I must have a day off this summer to have a Jakathon.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend :)

LadyEkster said...

Watching the MMile vids I'm thinking: don't you just wanna hug him and never let go? :)

I like how you spelled Lisa's name in this post, WDW. *big grin*
And you're very welcome for a cup of coffee on this side of the Channel - we don't have rain, just clouds and a breeze. :)

I watched Gnomeo & Juliet last night and guess what: even that movie has a Brokeback Mountain reference!! Gee, ever since I saw BBM I have been noticing references all around movie land. But Gnomeo & Juliet wasn't exactly the type of film I had expected to find one in...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! And I do indeed. Oops, bugger about the misspelling - thanks for letting me know.

I've not seen Gnomeo and Juliet - I coud never get past the name of it or the trailers but it's good to hear it knows a good movie when it sees one :D

Susan said...

LadyEkster, what was the reference to BBM in Gnomeo and Juliet? I saw it and I LOVED it, but I wasn't watching for references to a Jake film.

Kate, unless you absolutely hate Elton John's music you should give Gnomeo and Juliet a go. It was charming and sweet and funny and quite well done.

I saw X-Men First Class yesterday. It was superb and I loved how they provided back-stories for all the characters - especially loved Hugh Jackman's cameo. I just hope the younger generations who see this one do realize that the Bay of Pigs incident was real history and 1,000 times more terrifying than could be conveyed in a movie.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for that wonderful post, WDW and the interview Mermon. It's great to still hear new stuff on SC.

mermon said...

You're very welcome Sasha :)

I think source Code is doing really very well. I found interesting foreign Box Office chart:

Just few examples:
UK - $9,933,594 Wow!
South Corea - $8,966,835!
France - $6,556,672!
Russia - $5,053,622!
Poland - $1,102,854 - not so bad :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Glad to hear you liked X-Men. It's interesting how it used the Bay of Pigs menace. I suppose a benefit of this is that kids may hear about it for the first time and ask questions. I thought it was really well done. I may pluck up courage to see Gnomeo and Juliet!

My pleasure Mrs JG!

That is great news, Mermon! Very please to see the UK box office.