Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal to star with Jesse Eisenberg in illusionist heist movie Now You See Me?

If there's one thing that I like even more than a top heavy pizza, a jug of margarita and a side Caesar salad (it's late, I've been out all evening and I'm starving), is talk of possible future roles for Jake Gyllenhaal. Especially when there's not too much on the horizon short of wrestling with polar bears on the icecap with Bear Grylls and sorting out LA's baddies in End of Watch. Tonight comes the news - or rumour - that Jake is being sought for a leading role in the film Now You See Me (directed by Louis Leterrier of Clash of the Titans fame). The story originated with Variety and so it's worth giving it credence - at least until conflicting schedules put an end to it.

The other lead, which isn't any more fixed than Jake, is Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network), an interesting actor and one I would be interested in seeing work with Jake. We shouldn't hold our breath though as Now You See Me has a projected release date on IMDb of 2014. Its storyline is as follows: 'FBI agents track a team of illusionists who pull of bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money'. I'm not a fan of films about illusionists or magicians (too many childhood summer holidays spent being dragged around seaside magic shows) but I do like the sound of this.

Obviously, Jake's experienced in working with rabbits and if they need someone to saw in half, I could be available. Maybe.

PS I know that's Bubble Guinea Pig and not Bubble Bunny.

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Anonymous said...

Just so that you knowm IMDB is often wrong about movie dates, the site had stated that EOW was slated for 2013. We all know now that shooting starts next month and film photography has already finished. And now finally IMDB has updated its site to 2012 for EOW.

The site is not reliable for movie dates.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Anon but I am well aware of how information is altered on the Internet, including on IMDb. At the moment that's the date and so that's the date I gave.

Monica said...

I do not like the director, but it sounds interesting.

The Playlist said that Jake is already filming End of Watch.

mermon said...

Exciting news! Actually, I like illusionist world, so I wouldn't mind to see Jake as one of them. It would be something new for him, except a rabbit from a hat, perhaps. Let's see how it'll end.

Bear Grylls shares few words about adventure with Jake - from Access Hollywood. June 8.

mk said...

exciting news i read on imdb that eisenberg will probably play one of the magicans and jake will play one of the FBI agents probably the head honcho

Margot said...

NYSM actually sounds like such an interesting film! And Jake with Jesse sounds like a fun match, I would have never put those two together in a film before. Is this a comedy?

I do hope to see Jake in another role like Brokeback though: strong and sensitive. I mean, Jack Twist had a lot of "range" and I love Jake being in a film like that. Brothers was another film I thought Jake had "range" in.

I see EOW being more like Jarhead in a sense of Jake's character may be more 'bad-ass' which is good too.... I guess I just miss Jack Twist lately. Jake was perfection in that film.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

To me that sounds a bit like "Ocean's 11" - and I loved that film. I enjoy seeing a cleverly done bank heist where the "villans" get away with it (as recently shown in Fast 5), but if Jake is the FBI agent, I guess they won't be too successful.

Sounds like a nice one to me. Thanks for the heads up.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! I am soooo tired. I'll need you to give me a nudge through the day.

Morning Monica! That could well be true, although I wonder if they say that because IMDb says the film is 'in production'.

Hi there Mermon! This'll be an interesting one to watch. I read the Bear Grylls article. It seems to be just reusing the old March interview with Bear from Australia so I can't see anything new which is a shame.

That's interesting, mk! It's reminding me of Catch Me If You Can. I can see Jake in a role like that, and Jesse as an illusionist.

I wonder if it's one of those light dramas like Catch Me If You Can (mentioning that one again), Margot. I know what you mean about the 'strong and sensitive' role. I'd like to see Jake in something like that too. A film with grand passion :)

It does sound good, Mrs JG - I like the sound of a fun heist movie. But yeah, Jake'll catch the baddies :D

Have a good day everyone!

Susan said...

Any news about possible future projects for Jake is welcome, and NYSM sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I like the thought of Jake in something similar to Oceans 11 or something like Catch Me if You Can. But I think it would be more interesting if Jake played the "criminal" role, not law enforcement. He'll have plenty of being a cop under his belt after EOW.
Another "strong and sensitive" character in an emotionally powerful movie like BBM? That's almost too unbearably good to even think about.

Monica said...

Good morning.

EOW's status was changed to filming on imdb.

Leslie said...

Two articles about Jake with Bear Grylls HERE and HERE.

Leslie said...

Ooops, sorry . . I didn't see your comment about the articles being old news.

Anonymous said...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Ooh I really like the sound of that - Jake playing the baddie on the run. I'd like to see him as a 'good baddie' if you see what I mean. And I like the sound of the baddie here as he gives his spoils to his audience. Maybe one of these days Jake will get a good baddie role - he is such a versatile actor.

Thanks, Monica! That would certainly explain how quite Jake's being at the moment. Back at the job :)

Hi Leslie! It never hurts to read t again :D Good to see you.

Hello 143 :)

I hope everyone's having a good day! Been writing up Transformers this evening. I'll put up a link when it's published.

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I'm dying to see Super 8 this weekend - what did you think of it? J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg together sounds like a very promising combination to me. I've been loving J.J. Abrams TV work for a while now and his reboot of Star Trek was just awesome. I've always loved Spielberg's movies so my level of anticipation for Super 8 can't be much higher.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I think you're going to love it! It's beyond ridiculous that it's not out here til August. Grrr. But it was so evocative of those Spielberg classics. Really enjoyed it. I'm desperate not to spoil it in any way but I don't think it hurts to say it's very good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW, I guess we'll have to wait and see if Jake has agreed to take on this role or not.

I agree Margot. I miss Jake and him doing sensitive roles like Jack Twist.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is transformers 2 7? Can I find it on the Huff post?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea :)

I have no idea what you mean at all, 23:16. I saw some of Transformers 3 and I've been writing about it.

Anonymous said...
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MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@ Anonymous 00:51

That post is not mine!
Whoever you are - would you please not use my nick? Thanks!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday...

Good morning :) It's not just you, Mrs JG. I removed a comment pretending (very badly) to be someone else.

So we have some spark pretending to post as others. I've removed two (one permanently by error). I do encourage everyone to use their blogger IDs when possible.

As to the anonymous person - you don't need me to tell you how rude you're being. Is it so less interesting to be yourself?

Do be alert everyone and let me know if you see anything unusual.

Have a good day everyone!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thank you so much, WDW for deleting that post.
It wasn't anything offense (yet), but I don't feel comfortabel when someone else posts in my nick-name.
At first I didn't even realise that this was the intent. I though that person was goint to address me and couldn't figure out why and what for....

I hope this is not the same person as the "weight loss guy/girl". I usually only met nice people on Jake boards, so clearly this can't be a fan.

Nevertheless - have a good weekend everyone. It's another long one for me as Monday is a bank holiday!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Mrs JG! It's just not on... although their comments are quite easily recognisable to be false - sighs... Have a lovely long weekend!

LadyEkster said...

Just a quick comment but I have to post it: I'm off to see Source Code in a minute. FINALLY!!!!!!!! :-)))))