Sunday, 31 July 2011

Anne Hathaway praises Jake Gyllenhaal and a WDW Coastal Interlude

Anne Hathaway's been talking about Jake Gyllenhaal and I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to no-one - or at least to those who've witnessed just a moment or two of that Love and Other Drugs chemistry - Anne has nothing but praise for her twotimes co-star: 'I know actors always say this about each other but he really is lovely. I worked with him on 'Brokeback Mountain' and then five years later on 'Love and Other Drugs'; he was a great guy then and still is. He's a real person.'

Talking of movies, my non-spoilery review of Super 8 is now published at Bleeding Cool.

A WDW Coastal Interlude

For the next part of the post, I beg your indulgence because it's Interlude Time. The promise of those rarest of summer gifts - sunshine and heat - persuaded Mr WDW and I to take off for the most beautiful south western reaches of England. We set off for Lime Regis (I have a real weakness for The French Lieutenant's Woman and Persuasion) but in the end we went a couple of counties further on to northern Cornwall. I am now back, complete with a fetchingly erratic sunburn pattern, an empty wallet, and a full camera.

Lyme Regis, possibly the most beautiful and historic seaside town imaginable - unfortunately I didn't discover a new species of dinosaur.

Branscombe in Devon is one of the most beautiful villages I've ever seen. Over the years we've visited it several times, paying respects to its stunning Norman Church and its Fountain Head pub. And then there's Beer (I cannot resist a town called Beer - even one that serves the most revolting coffee known to man - clearly I should have stuck to its ale).

From there it was Padstow - home of Rick Stein, the famous fish chef (his cafe was locked to stop more people getting in - an unusual move for a cafe), and the pasty capital of the universe.

Port Isaac is the home of the favourite UK tv show Doc Martin but it's far better than that.

I used to think of Tintagel as being the extremely tacky home of the Arthur legend - you can barely move without tripping over Ye Olde Merlin Post Office or Ye Olde Arthur Car Park but now I know it's much more than that - the castle was built on an island at the end of the promontory and there is nothing for it but steps and steep climbs to reach it and its heights. At the top, I fell down and had to eat a banana...

Other places I'd like to show you are Boscastle, ravaged in the flash flood of 2004 and now recovered and beautiful, the gorgeous inn of St Kews, hidden away, and the stunning St Swithin Church at Launcells, the 'least worst spoilt church in Cornwall' according to Betjeman.

If you can get to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall do! Even if it's in a tent...

Photos from the LA Times and WDW.

I have a guest reviewer on For Winter Nights - a review of Napoleon's Pyramids to mark the launch of the new Ethan Gage website. Very exciting!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Night all - hope you liked the pics... ;)

Ayda said...

Thanks for a great post with beautiful pictures! I'm reading 'The French Lieutenant's Wife' at the moment and I love it, so it's kinda funny to have your Lime Regis pictures here. :)

Also, I can't wait for the THS to air!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Ayda! Posting at the same time! Good to see you :) That is a coincidence. I must read that book again.

Let's hope that show airs soon - and it has something new in it.

BBMISwear said...

Welcome Back WDW! Sounds like a great vacation (and based on the beautiful photos you posted it looks like one too)! of those shots looks so much like a picture you took while we were in Gloucester, MA (Moonlight Mile Country of course). *Sigh* Thanks for sharing with us.

I'm sure you've enjoyed the bevvy of great photos that have been turning up and I do have to say I hope the tweet about a Jake E! THS is true. Although I doubt there will be much (if anything) new video footage wise for us Gyllenhaalics it's always great to have a compilation of video clips put together like that. *eyes & ears peeled*

I know I mentioned this to you in an email but just a heads up to any WDWers wondering what to purchase SC Blu-Ray/DVD-wise: The audio commentary is terrific, the bonus features are good (not enough of cast & crew IMHO and some of the cast interview clips we've seen on line already). The bonus features are the same on both but much easier to work with on the DVD as you can watch just the cast video clips without having to activate them like a "pop-up" the way you have to on the Blu-Ray (similar to the PoP DVD pop-ups but not separated from the film for easy viewing). I don't know what these people were thinking when they put together these discs and, again I must ask, why they do not talk to the die-hard bonus feature fans out here (not to name names or anything - LOL!) and get our input first is beyond me! Jeez! The best bet is (if you are in a place where you can get it and have a Blu-Ray player) you should get the dual disc that's on sale with the Blu-Ray on one side and the DVD on the other and then you've got it all!

Sorry for the long winded "Blu-Ray/DVD report" but since I spent some time with it the past few days I thought I'd share and maybe save some people some time sorting it out!

Happy viewing!

Until next time...


mermon said...

I would like to read or see that THS, if this is true. I wonder, if they can show anything, we don't know about Jake? Probably not much. But seeing it all together may be impressive and great for Jake. Let's wait.
Nice words Anna said about Jake, but he deserves every letter of this. I wonder, why she was asked about Jake know?
On that picture from LAOD promotion he has such a butter eyes, looking so pleased to hold her hand and being close to nice human being.:) I wonder if he texts her some more now.
The pictures are pretty, Kate. You do good job, promoting your country. Those places look lovely, worth to visit.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely interlude, WDW. I'd love to see that with my own eyes.

As to the Tweeter, I guess we'll find out if they did do a THS on Jake.


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I still think that Anne and Jake would make a wonderful RL couple (she's one of the few women I wouldn't be jealous off).
THS sounds great if true, but I agree with everybody else, I wonder how much "news" they could possibly have. Does anybody know if they work with the actor to do it?
Thanks for the BR/DVD report BBMISwear - that was sure helpful for me! Hope you enjoy your discs - I have to wait almost till Xmas before they are available.

Lovely interlude, WDW.
I was in the UK when I was 14 and we went to visit a beach, in my memory it looks a lot like that Lime Regis pic you posted. So maybe I was there before!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful places!!!Great pics!!!
Thank you very much WDW, I was on holiday for a while!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone¬! Back at work *sobs*...

hello BBMISweat :-) Thanks so much for the info on the discs. I found it really helpful. A couple of weeks and it'll be out here!

Hi Mermon! It's nice that Annie brought up the subject of Jake - you can bet they're such close friends. And they look so good together. I'm so glad you liked the pics :)

Thanks Sweetpea :)

Morning Mrs JG! I tend to think there wouldn't be much that's new at all but it'll be good for new people to discover Jake from it :) Lyme is so beautiful!

Thanks so much Carlotta! I hope you had a good holiday!

Have a good Sunday everyone! August already...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My review of Super 8 is now up at Bleeding Cool

Wet Dark and Wild said...

And while I'm about it :D Do check out a guest review for Napoleon's Pyramids on For Winter Nights which marks the launch of a new website on the character Ethan Cage....

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I'm back from visiting relatives and soooo happy to be home - if I could take trips that look anything like your interludes, I would be more inclined to look forward to traveling.

Good news about Jake and E! THS, at least something to look forward to.

I read your review of Super 8 and found it to be spot on, as usual. Do we dare think that perhaps JJ Abrams is going to be the heir to Spielberg's special movie-making magic? He's definitely on my list of favorites right now.

I saw Cowboys & Aliens yesterday. I quite enjoyed it, but it was so different in its mash-up of genres that I'm not sure what others may make of it. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were both awesome and perfectly cast for their characters. Olivia Wilde was good, too, but her character's purpose seemed just a little too contrived. The CGI was seamless and it certainly looked and felt as though aliens were actually terrorizing groups of humans in the Old West - the perfect excuse for former enemies to band together for a common cause. I think I would call it a Western with Aliens rather than Sci-Fi set in the Old West. Not that it really matters...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you back, Susan! I'm so glad you agreed about Super 8 - we've had to wait such a long time for this goodie - and it's still not out. Still a bit of a wait for Cowboys and Aliens - thanks for letting me know what you thought. I'm going to the UK premiere so I'm really looking forward to it. I so hope Harrison Ford will be there. I've been looking forward to this film for months.

Hui said...

Awww~~~Anne is so sweet:)

It's quite these days.Maybe we are all waiting Jake's next step(surprise?).

Hope we can see some pictures on EIW set soon.:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Hui! It would be great to get some more set photos soon :) I'm really looking forward to hearing what may be next as well!

Monica said...

Wet Dark, check the account of the person who posted the news on E! THS.

Anonymous said...

It's been a long running, half-joke in H-Town that if E! does a THS about you then it's a sign your career is over. Let's hope Jake's isn't.

Ayda said...

I was so busy with my exams, I didn't even have enough time for Jake and WDW! Hope that's gonna change once I've written my last exam for this semester on Wednesday!
Yes, do read it again, I'm extremely impressed with it and I enjoy every single page of this book! It's nice to see what Lime Regis looks like now!

Something new in it or not, I'm just always glad to 'see' Jake. :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica :)

Oh dear, 18:59!

Congratulations on finishing your exams, Ayda, and good luck with your results! You've earned a rest with Jake now :) And me too!

Busy again - still catching up on everything (need another holiday...). My review of Captain America is now up at MB

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yep, that E! link was from a nutter so I'm removing the link!