Tuesday, 19 July 2011

'As extraordinary as life can be, life is a mess and it can be painful', Jake Gyllenhaal covers Square Meal Magazine

'As extraordinary as life can be, life is a mess and it can be painful... We are mentally challenged all the time and being physically active is a great way of coping.' So begins Jake Gyllenhaal's interview in the summer issue of the UK food and lifestyle magazine Square Meal (which he covers). As is befitting an interview for a food magazine, Jake carries this one out munching on a bag of crisps (English for chips). In addition to talking about food and keeping fit, Jake also talks about growing up as part of an intellectually stimulating and physical fit family.

As you'd expect, there is also talk about Jake's roles, including his most recent work in Source Code: 'Duncan [Jones] seems to be interested in altering reality at the same time as getting to the heart of what's in the unconscious. In both Moon and Source Code, somebody is very lost at first and they have to find their way through an unfamiliar situation. They are trying to discover what they're doing and why they are there. There was a lot of brainwork involved!' Jake repeats much that we've heard before, as is his wont with interviews, but there are some very pleasant touches in this article and so I think you'll enjoy it. Click on the scans and they shall be embiggened.

Many thanks to my good friend Liz for immediately knowing she needed to send this to me the moment she saw it!


mermon said...

Very good article!
Kate,that quote about life, you used in your post, is so true.
He looks absurdly fit, has strong, alpha-male jaw line! - I like that description :)and the rest of it as well. The journalist seemed to be impressed by Jake for sure.
"I am inherently a younger brother, that's just my nature" - it's so sweet!
That article looks very familiar to me. Maybe they just used the things from the other articles or it's not new. But anyway it's good to read.
I still didn't read Ang's Lee post. Has to wait.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! It's lovely, isn't it?! Bits are very familiar but, as we know all too well with Jake, he repeats himself endlessly in interviews. The Ang Lee article is very interesting - I hope you get the chance to read it :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful article. I thought Jake is 6' not 6'2

I loved what he said about Heath and the rest of the BBM cast


mk said...

i believe jake is 6 foot not 6'2 i think the article just got it wrong i have always seen his height listed as 6 foot

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Sweetpea and MK - yes, Jake is 6 foot.

Have a good day everyone!

TD said...

Hi Kate
Just to let you know I finally got to watch the Men vs Wild last night and I loved every second! Thanks so much to you and Stephanie for putting these up for us all.

I'm just really busy at the moment so I'm just lurking a lot only!

Lovely festival pics!

Anonymous said...

I agree with merkin, this article seems like it was pulled together from other interviews. And . . . Rachel Bilson? They obviously didn't confirm that with Jake sitting there which only makes it seem more likely that this "interview" didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

LOL, spell check corrected mermon to one of Jake's favorite subjects!! Sorry about that!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Great to see you TD! I'm glad you liked it, thought you mind. And thank you!

Hi Anon :)

Is it Friday yet?

mermon said...

Hahaha! Me a merkin? :) Mhm, on Jake's body? I wouldn't mind to be that close to him. :)

Unfortunately - it's no Friday yet.

mermon said...
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