Monday, 4 July 2011

[Updated] A celebration, a love worth revisiting, a remarkable remake and an Interlude - Jake Gyllenhaal, 4 July and Carnival!

Updated to include a link to this remarkable post about a love worth revisiting - the love that is Brokeback Mountain - from Roger Ebert's blog. 'Reader, I was happy beyond belief when they were once again in each other's arms.'

On with the post...

It's been brought to my attention that there is some kind of festival or holiday taking place in the United States today - something like Glastonbury but with more fireworks, fewer bands and less mud. In that case, I'd like to wish you all across the pond a happy celebration of Independence from those of us you are independenced from. Obviously, you are welcome back at any time, just as long as you bring your beautiful sunshine and palm trees. To mark the occasion, here is Jake in celebratory mode.

Rumours that Jake's trumpet celebratory playing is so... musical that people try to escape over the fence are unfounded.

This picture below was taken during Jake's 2006 4 July celebrations in Malibu, during which Jake spent some seaside moments with Natalie Portman.

I really had to share this remarkable video with you, which I doubly admire because I'm a Jake Gyllenhaal fan (I know, I hide it well) and I also love games. This video by KeuleMedia reworks the Source Code trailer and places it in the Half Life 2 universe. One can hardly imagine how much work this took but it's a work of art.

And finally... WDW Interlude

Talking of festivals and celebrations, this weekend saw Oxford's Cowley Road Festival which wasn't actually in Cowley Road - too big - but what it did have were bands, cocktails and the head of a Wicker Man which, when complete and ready to burn on Guy Fawkes (5 November) will be 43 foot tall. And it was designed by an 8 year old. Amazing. And beautiful - and deadly.

There was also a travelling exhibition for the 2012 London Olympics, which gave me a glimpse of the torch. Judging by the way tickets have been allotted, this is the closest I'll get to the games.

Includes pictures from IHJ and WDW.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry the post is late. It's been quite a day. I hope you're all having a good day - I'm sure you are in the US - and hello!

mk said...

jake spent his july 4th in palm springs,ca several sighting of him at poolside i live only about 40 minutes from palm springs and the weather here is very hot in the 100s where i live even hotter in palm springs busy phillips there too so they probably went there together hope he had a good time

mermon said...

Hahaha, nice trailer. But the faces could be more pretty. At least the voices were excellent :)

Have a nice 4th of July celebration - you, who celebrate.

Updated - BBM. Kate, thank you very much for that link. That's IMO the most beautiful review of that movie, describing so well the feelings, BBM awoke also in me.

LadyEkster said...

Happy 4th of July my American sista-friends! Hugs to all, and a biiiig hug and kiss for Jake. Happy partying gorgeous!

By the way, going slightly off-topic again: WDW, did you notice the Jarhead soundtrack in last night's Top Gear epi? Boy are they secret Jake fans over there. :)))

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi MK! Palm Springs sounds like a perfect place for Jake to celebrate! Thanks for the info.

It's such a beautiful tribute to Brokeback, Mermon. It made my evening when I read it :)

Evening Lady Ekster! I missed Top Gear last night - will catch up on the iPlayer - but I'm not surprised. There was Prince of Persia all the way through the last series. I'll keep my ears open!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Nice post! Someone must have put a lot of work into this trailer. Good work, but RL Jake is more handsome.

Palm Springs and being with his friends - sounds like Jake had a good Independance Day.

I'll save the BBM reading for later - got work to do.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Mrs JG! And he is :) Enjoy the article when you get a chance - made me all teary... but in a good way.

Have a good day everyone!

sheba said...

Thank you as always WDW. The Ebert review was so stunningly beautiful it took me right back to my own first cinematic experience of watching BBM. I had no idea what I was in store for. The fact that he experienced it in the UK first made it all the more special. It's strange and wonderful how everyone talks about the 'hit' after the movie and years later, here it still is. Unfortunately I cannot watch BBM anymore but it's there in 23 differennt versions if I ever need to :D

And thank you too for making me late for my neice's birthday party on Saturday because I was and still am playing Ice puzzles of Jake and Bear, what family fun :DD

Another And. Happy Independence Day in the USA, hope you're taking care of our Duke and Duchess from the 'brigde ;D

Susan said...

Whew, it's nice to be back and getting caught up on missed posts! Getting just one day off work for Independence Day isn't quite enough when you are hosting family from out of town, celebrating birthdays, barbecuing like mad, and trying to make time to see a few fireworks. It leads to a lesser-known celebration (possibly only found at my house) that includes putting up one's feet and watching a holiday-themed movie: ID4. Independence from Ugly Space Alien domination! Barbecued revelers attempting to "welcome the visitors!" Massive fireworks from exploding motherships! AND two Jake links: Randy Quaid from BBM and Mary McDonnell from DD!

Great posts, Kate. Wicker Man? Wasn't Nic Cage in that movie?

Susan said...

OMG! I just realized I forgot about the greatest Jake link EVER that's in ID4: James Duval (Miguel, Randy Quaid's character's son) was Frank the boyfriend/Frank the Bunny in DD! Shame on me for forgetting! I blame it on lack of sleep from staying up late to watch ID4! I will do penance by watching Donnie Darko this week!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sheba! It is wonderful thinking how BBM is still viewed with such fresh eyes all these years on. I've not seen it for quite a while, but now I have blu ray capabilities and a better TV set I must find a quiet weekend to watch it. When I can remember all those evenings, night after night, back in early 2006, when I dragged my armchair up to the TV to watch the film over and over again each night. After all this time, it seems as much about us, me, as about the story. I suppose that's what makes it so powerful and part of my life.

I am so sorry about the puzzles! OMG I've done loads of them. Completely addictive.

So good to see you, Susan! I love the sound of your celebration. Sounds perfect to me. And I love Independence Day - what a corking film! I had no idea about James Duval! Amazing. I hope you had a good holiday :)

I've just got back from A Life in A Day - really quite inspiring. If you can bear with me I feel a post here coming on - may take a while :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I forgot to mention - Susan, Nic Cage was in the far inferior remake of the Wicker Man. Edward Woodwood and Christopher Lee were in the original and that's the one I always think of (despite my love for Nic Cage :D).