Thursday, 7 July 2011

First worm - Jake Gyllenhaal eats a worm on Man Vs Wild (video) and I pass out a bit

Ever since the mid 1990s when I was made to excavate an archaeological site that was terrorised by the Giant Norwegian Worm, I have had a completely rational phobia of all slimy tube-shaped critters. You can therefore imagine my horror at learning that Bear Grylls has subjected Jake Gyllenhaal to nothing less that worm consumption. Never mind ravines, collapsing snow holes and rotting sheep, we're talking worms. Shudders. And without even a drop of wine to ease its wriggling journey down the throat. You can watch the video at People. I'm off to lie down.


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

O-kay. I was looking for something to help me stay motivated on my diet. Now I'll just skip food altogether.
YIKES! I bet you're real glad to be a vegetarian these days, Kate. First a rotten sheep and now worms. Spagetti with meat sauce will never be the same again.
Off to have a glass of wine to desinfect my stomach, just in case.

mermon said...

One more clip to watch? It was not so bad. That worm was quite thin. I don't like those white and fat ones.
It's very funny for me, as we know they were making that episode for two days only. They could get a whole bunch of sandwiches and coffee in thermos :)After two days of not eating, I don't think, I would be ready for a worm. But Jake looked quite happy to experience that :)
Men! Kids!
This is gonna be fun to watch that episode, for sure.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It's helping me with my diet too, Mrs JG! I have been known to eat snails but there's no way I'd ever eat a worm!

Shudders, Mermon! I couldn't even look at that worm, let alone eat one. But fun to watch otherwise :D

I hope everyone had a good day!

Susan said...

Eating a worm is nothing next to crossing a canyon on a rope. I feel quite confident saying that, even though I have done neither. ;)

I imagine Jake is a bigger foodie than ever after that experience - there wasn't even a pickled onion to chase it down with!

Anonymous said...

I'm passing on the worms, no thanks, Jake and Bear. I'm going to munch on chocolate instead :D you don't know how HARD it would be for me to survive in the wild tundra without Chocolate. (it would get VERY ugly)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Susan! I'm sure Jake has already come up with some lovely invertebrate recipes :) Personally, I'd prefer the canyon! I was thinking about the pickled onion too!

Hi Sweetpea :) I've given up chocolate for a few weeks so I'm going through withdrawals...

Have a good daye everyone!

LadyEkster said...

Now THAT's a piece of film I can hardly watch. Yuk. Anybody still fancy kissing Jake after seeing that?? *big grin*

In better news: I'm getting my 2nd round of cinema Source Code this evening, yaaaaay! Taking my best friend with me, let's see if the Gyllenvirus will catch her this time around... PoP has prepared her for those magnificent Colter close-ups. ;-)

Georgie said...

What a brave soul! I would have simply GAGGED just holding the little beast! Can't wait to see JakeyPoo on my big screen TV!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I thought that, Lady Ekster! I'm not sure I'd want to kiss anyone who'd just eaten a worm..

That's great about the SC viewing!

Hi there Georgie! I can barely get within a metre of a worm *shudders*

I hope you all had a good day. I was supposed to see Harry Potter this evening but I couldn't because of work - sigh - so been out for a glass of champagne instead :)