Thursday, 28 July 2011

The GyllenHaal of Fame

Inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal's intrepid experience with Bear Grylls, I am currently embarked on a camping trip of my own in the wilds of south west England. It doesn't get much rougher than this - you can't take a step without tripping over cream teas, fish and chips, giant cakes, clifftops with views, blue sea, sunny skies and that most formidable of all beasts - the seagull. Bear would be proud (and running for the hills). But Gyllendom continues and I'm grateful to BBMISwear for this wonderful review of Jake's career from this week's Entertainment Weekly.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Greetings from the sunny seaside. Hope you're all having a good week.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PS! A good friend of mine saw Jake in LA yesterday so he's definitely back!

TDoodle said...

Have nice time at seaside, I'm headed thereabouts too tomorrow!
Wondered if you had seen that Mumford and Carey Mulligan are getting married?
Also, there are two horrible blog-I-think articles where they can't spell Gyllenhaal, about which moviestars can open what films etc etc. All totally centred on men and the US box office (which means the taste of 12yr old boys) - so this resume of Jake's career is wonderful! Many thanks and how on earth did you manage it from a tent? Or are you in a pub...hmmm?

Susan said...

Great article, thanks Kate for sharing and thanks BBMISwear for finding it.

So if we are to take the article at face value, it claims to review the "best and worst" of Jake's movies. The lowest scoring movies mentioned here are Bubble Boy with a C+ and Prince of Persia with a C (TDAT got a B- but PoP got a C? I don't understand...). Those grades are pretty good, an average good enough at least to earn a spot on the Dean's List grade-wise. But no mention of Jarhead? No grade for Love and Other Drugs? Looking at the caliber of all of Jake's performances since October Sky, I'd say he's a shoe-in for Valedictorian of his class.

mk said...

stephanie has pictures of jake and michael at a firing range on monday and some from tueday leaving a workout so he must have flown home sunday

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Wha? I thought I had the Gyllen Haal of Fame, LOL!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! In Cornwall in a campsite on a hill overlooking the sea so it has some internet! Thanks so much for the comments - so good to read them and thanks for the links. Off to find some pub nosh and then i'll be back to say hello! Good to see you all!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I didn't know that, TD! Very happy for Carey. I did manage it from a tent but it wasn't at all easy!

It's a peculiar list, Susan :) I'm just so pleased to see an article on Jake's films but do many omissions!

Thanks MK!

Hi Gyllenhaalisgr8 :)

A final day touring tomorrow - the wonderful Padstow and Port Isaac - and then home.

mermon said...

Hi! Kate, so you have a good weather in UK. In Poland - a week of rain. Today - a first nicer day. Have fun, Kate.
I like that Jake's movies rating, though I don't agree with everything.
Some things are pretty funny, like comparing erection gag in Bubble Boy with the one in LAOD. Indeed. But I would rate Bubble Boy much higher.
I like that expression about Jake in Zodiak as a film's real emotional anchor. Exactly.
And of course POP - underestimated. What is the people don't like in Jake's British accent? He was working so hard on it, and had great result. His accent had focused my attention, was adorable. Why someone expects Persian accent? It's nonsense.
And finally - nice rating of SC.

Lately Jake is so busy - "working" with Police, attending his father wedding, swimming with his sister, shooting from the riffle. Working out. He also has a new co-star in EoW - Cody Horn. No time to be bored.

BBMISwear said...

I don't think I've popped back by here since I got the SC Blu-Ray/DVD. I was limited on time that night so had to choose one thing to watch so I chose the film with Duncan, Jake and Ben's audio commentary. It was AWESOME!! I highly recommend it!! Now I'm off to watch the bonus features and compare the Blu-Ray ones to the DVD ones as there have been mixed reports re: what is on which (you would think they'd both be the same but who knows these days).

It sounds like you're having a really great vacay WDW! Lots of GREAT stuff surfacing all over the place on line right now so hopefully when you are home with *real* internet connection this weekend you will have fun catching up. Some killer pictures indeed!


ATD said...

Hey Kate, Just found your blog again after many a long year away from all this Jake stuff. Hope you have been keeping well.

I shall of course become a regular reader from now on... promise!


Anonymous said...

I was happy to see the article, but it left me with a sense of incomplete-ness. Not only did they fail to mention Jarhead- A+, or October Sky-A+, they completely ignored Redition-A+,and
Brothers-A-! LAOD-A+, was also worth mentioning. That would've got him top of the Dean's List for sure!

Do be careful with the seagulls, and watch out for clotted cream, which I've heard can be very dangerous.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! After another night in a tent. I'm definitely starting to miss some home comforts. And you are so right about the clotted cream 00:51 :)

Morning Mermon! I hope the rain stops.

Hi there BBMISwear :-) I had a chat with Duncan on Twitter last night about the mystery of the missing commentary on UK SC discs. Some reviewers did get a commentary. So fingers crossed.

Ged! So good to see you, my friend!! I do hope you and yours are well. I'm so glad you're back here!

Have s lovely day everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Back home tomorrow! I've missed you all! A lot to catch up on :)

Anonymous said...

I would be dead sleeping in a tent. My bones would refuse to obey me. They would feel abused and abandon me.

paulh said...

Hi, WDW.

The next time you decide to spend a weekend in a tent, set it up in a pub, so you can get your necessary refreshments.