Wednesday, 6 July 2011

'I'm up for anything' - Bear Grylls subjects Jake Gyllenhaal to more peril (and rotten sheep) - 3 more videos

It's relentless - the peril that Bear Grylls cavalierly throws in the path of our intrepid Jake Gyllenhaal, who is seriously impressing the media with his courage and ability. We've had rope shimmying countless metres into the air across a small canyon, despite a fear of heights. But now there's more. In this post's videos we have Jake demonstrating that the best way to find a snow cave is to fall in to one as well as discovering that rotten sheep mixed with volcanic heat in a confined snow hole does not smell like your usual roast dinner.

There is also a video in which Jake seeks to explain why joining Bear in Man Vs Wild was the action of a sane human being and not the result of a bad bet.

'I have done nothing to prepare for this situation' says the Fittest Actor in Hollywood. 'I feel like that's somewhat appropriate. Everytime I've seen the show I've just thought what would it be like to be there with him and that's why I'm here. I'm looking forward to everything. I'm up fpr it. I'm up for anything.'

'For me it's all about discovery. I want to experience things and discover new things. I have a fear of heights, a regular fear of heights, I think. Wading through frozen water? Huuuh. So a little bit of fear, a little bit of excitement. I can't wait.'

I'm particularly impressed with how Bear gets away with calling the volcano Eyjafjallajökull E15. Isn't that cheating?

Note to Jake: please be advised that camping with Brits is not normally like this. Usually, a pub features somewhere.

Here are the videos:

For good measure, here's the video from yesterday of Jake's terrifying hirewire act.


Anonymous said...

OMG ! I am not sure I can watch the full episode. The small videos are almost more than I can stand :-) It's breathtaking... I wouldn't have been as brave as Jake has been at this adventure. Well done, Jake and Bear ;-) Good to know they went back safe.
Thanks, Kate for updating us so good.
I have some difficulties to watch the first video. It stops after some time and I can't start it again. Is there anyone who has the same problem ?
Have a nice evening everyone.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the videos, Kate.
I'd really like to have a word with Bear. He'd better take more care of Jake next time they go on an adventure together.
My heart nearly stopped when Jake went over the edge of that volcano hole. And then Bear's "Jake?" cry didn't make it easier.
"It's better for the more experienced one to stay on top." - Yeah right, Bear, you just go on thinking that!
Getting more proud of Jake by the minute! Way to go, babe!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Christina! These are amazing videos! I am so so impressed with jake and I must say this is amongst my most favourite of Jake's projects - I love it. I'd love to see him do more documentaries - wildlife etc. Wonderful. Sorry you had trouble with the first video - it should be ok later. I think these things are getting a lot of hits at the moment but they should calm down. Have a good evening :)

My pleasure, Mrs JG, I love them! I am so proud of Jake - he's challenged himself and set such an example. And I laughed at that bit too!

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for those videos and gorgeous pictures. I hope they will be added to the puzzles site. I would love to take care of them :)
I like all those videos very much. But why they show us so much. I would prefer to have some mystery. But maybe we focus better on the details seeing it in pieces?
The film with Jake going down in volcano - I just hope, that behind Bear and camera was an army of strong men, holding that rope, cause I don't think Bear alone could keep Jake safely, hanging on that line. When he called Jake's name and it was a silence for a while, even if I knew Jake survived, I held my breath waiting for his answer.
Oh, Jake don't be so brave, you have to take good care of yourself for your fans!

I like very much all the things Jake said about his fears and excitement.
I hope they didn't eat that sheep. For two days I would rather stay on crackers than to eat unknown meat.

BBMISwear said...

I can't believe the excitement over this show! It's all over the internet - so many sites reporting it - you'd think it was a movie! Ha Ha! I'm glad Jake's appearance on the Discovery Channel seems to be a success. Maybe there will be more of him doing stuff like this in the future *one hopes*

Fun stuff...can't wait to see the whole thing (I think)!!


Anonymous said...

WDW I got nervous watching Jake go across the rope. I don't have a big fear of heights, but I still wouldn't want to be dangling above a canyon on just a rope between me and the bottom of that canyon. Jake has guts. I have to wonder is this why he didn't jump off the cliff on BBM or was it because he was away doing promos for TDAT?

it was mentioned at that time Jake was afraid of heights (he sure got a work out with heights while working on POP)


Anonymous said...

BBMISWear I wish Jake would do more TV appearances. It certainly is more exposure for him.


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@BBMIswear: I guess they got like a ton of material of Jake and Bear - they could recut it and make it into a full blown feature film.
I think it would be a box office hit.
Or yet better - they do a full season of Bear and Jake "Men vs. Wild", so they get to go to hot places too!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! So glad everyone's enjoying the videos - even if they're watching them through laced fingers!

Looking at that sheep, Mermon, reminded me how fortunate I am to be a veggie :D

I do hope so, BBMISewar! :-)

I wouldn't fancy it either, Sweetpea :) I think fear of heights mixed with not wanting to get injured for Jarhead, which he'd worked so hard to get.

Morning Mrs JG! I would love that! I have a bit of a thing for Bear and have done for years so it's such a treat to see Bear and Jake in a show together. Yes, I want a whole series of their adventures!

Have a good day everyone :)

TD said...

Hi Kate, gosh im so looking forward to this but whenever will we get to see it? I wish he would do more stuff like this!

LadyEkster said...

Jake, my hero! Blimey, I've got sweat all over my palms and these were just small parts of the episode. 'Gyllenhaal Guts' is the exact right title for this.

Sasha, I love your idea of an entire Jake & Bear series. Visiting all continents, all types of weather, all sorts of challenges... what an exciting idea. :)

Have a nice day everyone! I have the day off from work 'cause I have a wedding. I blocked Friday as a day off as well so I'm already celebrating weekend. :)

Jules said...

Hey Kate, on behalf of a good English friend of mine who happens to love Jake too, do you happen to know when this episode will be aired in the UK?

It looks like she was able to find all the episodes listed except this one!

Thanks, and thanks for all the video updates!

Have a good day, folks!


Susan said...

I'm just happy to see that notice at the beginning of each clip, a reminder that there is a whole crew of people out there, not just Jake and Bear, and they do take safety precautions. Still, this is quite a nerve-wracking way to start my day! I'll have to stick with something more soothing, like the puzzle - another thing I've become addicted to, apparently.

I wouldn't mind seeing Jake with Bear in a different climate, but I'd rather have him in movies where the danger is all make-believe!

Yes, BBMISwear, this episode is getting a LOT of attention online. One of the man-boy-geeks I work with tried to take me by surprise the other day and inform me that Jake would be on the show with Bear. He seemed disappointed that I already knew about it, and amazed that I had already seen video clips. When will they learn not to underestimate a Gyllenhaalic? :) I think he was just trying to get me back for telling him a thousand times that he needed to see Source Code! ;)

lily sawyer said...

According to People he also ate a worm (video was included but didn't have time to watch it, nor can I find the link atm. gotta run)

thems good eats :D


Jules said...

It's here, I'm sure Kate will post it soon:,,20507831,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello all! Yes, a post on the way just as soon as I can escape the evil clutches of my employer :D Back very soon!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Oh, M rs. J...Gylls & Grylls in a hot place! Tanned..rippling..glistening.. please remember I'm in the hospital for my HEART, lol! But it definitely would be worth the risk!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

New post! OMG I can hardly stand to watch the worm munching video!

Hope you're better soon, Gyllenhaalisgr8

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! I meant to say to Jules that it's not clear this episode will be on here and if it is it'll only be on satellite and cable. But don't worry. We'll get round it so watch this space!

Jules said...

Thanks Kate, I'll pass the comment to my Brit friend!

x x x