Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena's research for End of Watch takes them to a gang shooting at an anti-gang event in LA

As the message spreads around Los Angeles that Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are riding around with the LAPD (disguised as actors riding around with cops), hoodlums are falling over themselves to provide inspiration for End of Watch. Late last night (Wednesday), Jake and Michael witnessed a gang shooting at the anti-gang event Summer Night Lights at Van Ness Park. Fortunately, no-one was seriously hurt although they may have to rethink the event. It was all caught on video.

As if tearing apart a rotten sheep broiled in volcanic sulphur while inching across a ravine having just crossed an ice-gripped torrent wasn't enough for Jake...

Disappointingly, Variety revealed today that Jake is no longer in talks to star alongside Jesse Eisenburg in Now You See Me. We must wait patiently once more.


mermon said...

I think it's a pity Jake is no longer a part of Now You See Me. It seemed to be quite interesting. I wonder why. I hope he has something equally good on his mind.

A gang shooting at an anti-gang event - it sounds pretty weird. As I understood - they arrived after the shooting, so there was no big danger for them, but anyway Jake's life is quite exciting lately. And after hanging on the rope not much can scare him again :).

Susan said...

Mermon, I was interested in Now You See Me, too. Now I'm not half as interested as I was when Jake might have been in it!

You gotta give Jake (and Michael Pena, too) credit for wanting to "get it right" and do justice to their LAPD characters in EOW. I wonder if they will take a break from the late-night ride-alongs for now? Probably not. I just hope Jake doesn't get addicted to the testosterone-laced adrenaline rush from crossing ravines on a rope and (sort of) responding to a gang shooting with the police.... But it's pretty good publicity for a movie that is just getting underway, isn't it? :)

paulh said...

There were shootings and car chases in a movie I saw today. It was called "Horrible Bosses," and there are five Jake links in it:

1. Jennifer Aniston, who was in "The Good Girl"
2. Jamie Foxx, who was in "Jarhead"
3. Barry Livingston, who was in "Zodiac."
4. Dave Sheridan, who was in "Bubble Boy"
5. Brian George, who was in "Bubble Boy."

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Yep, seems like Jake likes to live on the wild side for now.
I think that the LAPD officers might appreciate it, if somebody tries to look into their way of doing things, instead of doing it how they think it looks good on screen.

And I think Jake will be rather nice company. If I were an office on nightshift I sure wouldn't mind to have someone like Jake riding along.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Writing this on my new lovely phone :)

Hi Mermon! I doubt anyone was in any kind of danger but how exciting!

Same here Susan :) I think Jake should go for a calming hobby for a while. Get the old cookery books out!

Hi Paul! I'm looking forward to Horrible Bosses. Fingers crossed for next week.

Definitely, Mrs JG. It's good to see Jake taking his research so seriously, as he seems to for everything :)

Have a wonderful day - Friday!

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