Sunday, 10 July 2011

[Updated] Source Code mix. Jake Gyllenhaal is 'a complete hero' (who's not afraid of worms) and a Pandamonium Interlude

Updated to add this incredible Source Code mix from Tomi P, via the wonderful ManMadeMovies. Incidentally, for Brits here, I saw today that Blockbuster will be getting the Blu-ray and DVD of Source Code a couple of weeks early (29 July).

Hollywood might be abuzz with certain royal visitors, but if there's one thing that's really raising the blood pressure it's the big news that there's now only one day to go until Jake Gyllenhaal's Man Vs Wild airs in the US. That's just one day and then the lucky other side of the pond people (or at least those who aren't eating noodles or spaghetti when it's on) will be able to rewind and rewatch Jake eating worms, rotten sheep and even more rotten reindeer on a loop. Bear Grylls has been talking about this special episode in which Jake shows himself to be a 'complete hero'.

WDW Pandamonium Interlude

Yesterday, upon winning tickets to Paramount Studio's Kung Fun Panda event
Pandamonium in the Park we set off for Althorp Park (where Princess Diana grew up - this post appears to have a royal tinge...). This was not as easy as it sounds thanks to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone shutting almost every road between us and there. Nevertheless, many hours later we reached the event - and saw that they had already got Po cornered.

Before embarking on the longest drive back through thunder, torrential rain and sun, there was the pull of the local Althorp pub.

Many thanks to Paramount for the tickets!


mermon said...

It looks like you had fun, Kate.

It's very nice of Gryll to say so many good things about Jake. Surely, he deserves it. It seems they like each other, have some mutual respect and admiration. I'm sure Jake's episode will be great for opening new season.
Thank you for that video. Nice to listen to Bear Gryll with British accent. And I'm always pleased to hear someone's saying good things about Jake.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! We did once we got there... took hours!

I love this interview. It sounds like Jake and Bear will be friends for quite some time. I loved the Will Ferrell episode but this is something else. Jake dares things one wouldn't expect Will to try! Bear has a lovely accent - I think there's some Eton in there :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Night all! Is it really Monday tomorrow already?

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the nice post, as always I have to wait till evening to hear some sound.
But it looked to me like Jake found a new buddy to hang out with as well.
Have a good week everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Back at work on such a beautiful day! And today is Man Vs Wild day!

Thanks so much Mrs JG and you too :)

Susan said...

The bad thing is - I have no DVR, so I can't record Jake on Man vs Wild tonight. :(

The good thing is - someone, somewhere will find a way to post it on YouTube or another site almost immediately, so I can enjoy it over and over again online! :)

What a week this will be! Jake risking his life, braving the dangers of an arctic wasteland and Harry Potter risking his life, braving a final showdown encounter with Voldemort! Both will survive! Although this is the "end" of Harry Potter, Jake will continue to bring us adventures on film for decades, I'm sure. He'd better. I'm counting on it.

BTW, Kate, what element of Bear's accent includes some Eton? what does an Eton accent sound like? Y'all all sound amazingly alike to me... most of the time...

Susan said...

The Discovery Channel is running a Man vs. Wild marathon today, showing promos and clips from tonight's episode with Jake every few minutes!

I saw Bear eat a giant insect a little while ago. YUCK! The worm had to be better than that!