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'Where's the relaxing chilling out in the wild?' - Jake Gyllenhaal on Man Vs Wild plus a WDW Interlude

Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance alongside Bear Grylls as Men Vs Wild has attracted some attention. I'm amused to see that some sites are comparing Jake's epic two-day stint with Will Farrell's comparative walk in the park which saw him eat his emergency rations within a minute or two of the chopper landing. And that's nothing against Will, it just says a lot for Jake and his intrepid heart. Now that we've seen the show, it's good to hear something from Bear about it. Thanks to Mermon for the heads up.

Here are some excerpts from Bear's interview with the LA Times: 'Shara, my wife, saw him on some chat show, and he was asked what it is like to be famous. He said, "It's great, and if the paparazzi get to me, I just ring up my buddy Bear Grylls." And I go, I don't even know him! So I emailed him and we started talking about going on a proper adventure. He was a fan of the show, and once we made the schedule work, we did it quite spontaneously.'

'I thought Iceland would be good because there's lots to do. I was like, "The weather will be cool and it should be pretty mellow. We'll do a bit of climbing, and we'll just kind of jump into it." But he was thrown right in on the deep end. We did have some crazy conditions -- some of the worst weather I've seen for years. The wind was so strong that they literally had a jumbo jet blown sideways at the airport. And there we were, 5,000 feet up on a mountain trying to get our backsides out of there in one piece. Jake was saying, "Where's the relaxing chilling out in the wild?"'

The spare rope over the gorge: 'That wouldn't have held him. That wasn't a safety line -- that was a helping line for him to balance. And if he ran out of puff, I could have helped him across with that. But I was pretty confident that he'd be OK. We worked out afterwards that it was the equivalent of doing 180 pull-ups.'

'I always have to have kind of a weird conversation with these people's insurance guys, where they ask me, "Can you guarantee us that these actors will be safe?" And I go, "Well, no. I can't." Then there's a long pause on the other end of the telephone. But you can't predict what's going to happen in the wild -- that's what makes the show edgy. There's a significant element of unpredictability out there, and I can look after him to my utmost ability, and my ability is OK.'

'You've gotta admire somebody when they step out of their comfort zone and put their life in somebody else's hands. I was very clear with him and said, 'Come on your own and trust me.' He did incredible. What I like about the wild is when you're squeezed, you see what people are made of.'

Many thanks to IHJ for the caps.

WDW Interlude - Festival of History part 1

Never mind Iceland storms, today I aquaplaned my way through the drenched English countryside to the first day of English Heritage's immense Festival of History in Northamptonshire. Thank heavens the sun did come out and so there was plenty of time to ogle at jousting knights, battling gladiators, charging British guards, a tortoise of Roman soldiers - and then there were the World War 1 trenches. An excellent day -way too much to see. One minute you could be watching a reenactment of the Battle of Bosworth, the next you could be marvelling at a frenzy of Jacobite gunmen and horses at full charge while General Patton ambles by. Here are some pictures from today. I'll be back there tomorrow so I have no doubt there'll be more. And did I mention the real ale tent?

There is also a historical fiction literary festival taking place there, which I'll be reporting on elsewhere. I'll put a link here.

Not everyone enjoyed it...

Pictures from WDW.

My review of Adjustment Bureau is now up at MB.

Here's my report on the Festival of Historical Writing that also took place this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Jake was a trooper and trusted Bear to get him through the Wilds of Iceland. He said he was up for anything and he certainly was.

I'm glad you survived, WDW, your trip through the wild English countryside. I trust you escaped the gallows and weren't hung.

(I've been watching a show on DVD called the Tudors, Henry the 8th was no 'prince' among men so to speak.)


mermon said...

I finally went through that long article about Brothers in last post. Interesting comparison between two version of the movie. But they focused only on that horrible killing episode. They made mistake and called Sam Cahill - Tommy, who was Jake's character.

I like that interview with Bear Grylls. He what! He gave himself an enema in the middle of an ocean! Why? Did anyone watch that episode?
Bear says, that he emailed Jake, not even knowing him. I wonder, how he got his address. I would gladly email Jake too :)
"Where's the relaxing chilling out in the wild?" - so Jake was hoping for it in cold Iceland? By the way, do you remember the guitar he had with him at the airport. Pity he didn't play on it in the episode. He could play at night in an igloo. In the candle light, drinking water with chocolate. But of course it would be difficult to carry it with that big backpack, in bad weather condition. I've just imagined Jake climbing the rope with a guitar on his back. The picture would be epic!
BG:"What I like about the wild is when you're squeezed, you see what people are made of." - good text. So I think, squeezed Jake showed all his courage, greatness, good shape and internal beauty.
I would love to read what Jake has to say about that adventure and Bear.
It seems Kate, that you had your own adventure at the Festival, but with a better weather than Jake. It looks like a lot of fun. I hope that this person on a rope was a volunteer :).

BBMISwear said...

I loved the bits from Bear about Jake and their adventure - thank you WDW! I too am looking so forward to hearing what Jake has to say (unfortunately no press junkets coming up - and we know how much he would talk about it if he had some)!

I laughed as I read this post, WDW, because I was reading along about the Iceland adventure with my heart beating and getting that nervous feeling all over again and then it goes right into your interlude that looked like quite a different experience - ha ha! Nice pictures!

Off for more tea...


Zodiac said...

Hello everyone! Hello WDW!

I've just seen Source Code. Finally! But it was so complicated that I couldnt' quite grasp the whole idea:)

Anonymous said...

"Not everyone enjoyed it!"


I always love your interludes.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Back from a second full day, this time with Mr WDW too. I am exhauuuusted! And again the sun came out :)

Hi Sweetpea - yep, I made it unscathed :)

Thanks Mermon for taking the time to read the article - that isn't good about the error. ooh, I don't like the sound of that episode! I've seen some of them but not all. Thankfully, not that one!

I don't think Jake would have got far with the guitar on that trip. Maybe he imagined something completely different? He needs to be interviewed about it.

My pleasure, BBMISwear :-) I was very lucky only to have the Roman army and some scary medieval knights and Napoleonic rifleman to contend with! (Mind you, the food there wasn't much better than the worms...)

Zodiac!!! So so good to see you my friend! I hope all is well with you. I'm glad you saw Source Code but it's definitely one to see more than once. Very happy to see you x

Thanks so much 16:53!

I hope you're all having a good weekend :)

LadyEkster said...

The spare rope over the gorge: 'That wouldn't have held him.
WTF?! That made me angry, seriously. So, should Jake have lost his balance that would have been the end of him?! I really really hope there have been safety measures taken that we couldn't see on screen...

I agree though with the others that I would LOVE to see and hear Jake talk about this.

Thanks for the interlude WDW. :-) Aquaplaning - yep, same here. And they're expecting bad and wet weather for the rest of July, boohoo!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! We really have to hear about how Jake faced his fears like that. That crossing was well above and beyond what almost anyone could do - incredible! But so dangerous.

Ooh, bad luck with the weather :( It's quite showery here but when the sun's out it makes me forget the showers - almost...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Here's my report on the Festival of Historical Writing that took place at the same place this weekend. An amazing event!

Susan said...

Loved the post, Kate, loved the interlude, and LOVING the look of the new blog For Winter Nights! When do you sleep? One of these days I'm going to go AWOL from work and spend most of my waking hours doing things I really love. Thanks again for all the wit and entertainment you provide!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Monday... that was a packed weekend. Flew by!

Thank you so much, Susan! I am compelled to write. Can't stop myself. Sleep takes a very distant second place :) I'm very glad you take the time to read it!

Have a good Monday everyone! Hoping to see Harry Potter later if things go to plan.

Susan said...

I saw Harry Potter on Saturday. It was MAGNIFICENT! EPIC! Seeing all of those characters from those wonderful books brought to life on screen with such care and attention to detail has been one of my favorite movie viewing experiences ever. I'm looking forward to introducing my grandchildren to the Harry Potter books when the time is right!

"16:53" said...

Loved reading about the Historical Ariting Festival on your blog. Had no idea you're a fan! For some light reading fun, try Steven Saylor. His Ancient Roman detective series is one of my favorites.

"16:53" said...

I meant "Historical Writing..."

Anonymous said...

Nossa aqui na Alemanha tem até corrida de quadriga. Tem um festival de idade Média ótimo, Kaltenberg, na Baviera!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I loved HP! Loved it. Cried almost all of the way through. I was in a right state at the end. And I'm not even that big of a HP fan! But brilliant.

Hi 17:15! I do like Saylor, I've read most of his novels :)

I'm sorry, 22:23, I'm not able to understand your comment :(

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