Sunday, 14 August 2011

As Source Code is released on DVD in the UK, Jake Gyllenhaal talks about making movies (and George Clooney)

Source Code is out on DVD and Blu ray tomorrow in the UK! In other words, not every Monday is horrible. The good reviews are coming in plus more press from both Duncan Jones and Jake Gyllenhaal. There is a whopper of an article about Duncan and his film in The Mail this weekend, while Jake pops up in the UK OK! magazine.

Via Digital Spy: "'I'm in the business of playing characters. That's what I'm in," he explained. "That's what I want to try and do. The ability to tell stories that you care about, it does give you a great opportunity to do that... I didn't grow up in a Hollywood way. I grew up in a family of people who made movies - and continue to do so to this day.'"

Via Music Rooms: “Being on a movie set, there’s just no way you won’t end up a rounded kind of person as everybody gives each other sh*t all the time. That’s what makes movies... If you surround yourself with the people who actually believe in the work that you do then it’s impossible to lose a sense of yourself... I admire somebody like George Clooney, who has people around him who are actually working in the field.”

For a report on the release of Source Code, please check out Man Made Movies (and I'm not just saying that because I wrote it!).

Pictures from WDW and IHJ.

My report from the Troll Hunter screening and Q&A is up at MovieBrit.


Monica said...

If you surround yourself with the people who actually believe in the work that you do then it’s impossible to lose a sense of yourself...

Great words Jake!
I would love to see Jake working with George Clooney.

Today I took my nephew to watch Super 8. What a great movie. Scary, funny, exciting, great special effects.
One of the best films of the year and best summer movie.

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for the link to The Mail article about Duncan Jones. So many good staff in there. David Bowie seems to be a great dad.
I found a clip with Duncan obtaining Bafta's for Moon and his very touching speech. And unbelievable, he was in suit, looking good.
Duncan Jones BAFTA
So Duncan lives with Rodene in LA, just like Jake.
I wonder if they meet sometimes. He's really a great guy. I'm looking forward to his next projects.
I believe, Jake helped him by choosing him as a SC director. To earn money for next, more independent projects.
I would really love Duncan and Jake to work together again.
I am happy for such a good sale of SC dvd in USA. Cross fingers for the rest of the world.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Back at work and ridiculously busy :(

Me too, Monica :) I loved Super 8. Definitely one of the best films of the year. At the moment, I can't rate Rise of the Planets of the Apes highly enough either.

My pleasure, Mermon! I remember watching Duncan collecting the BAFTA. Everyone was so proud. The Blu ray double play is the best selling disc on UK Amazon today :)

Have a good day everyone!

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I've read the excellent article about Duncan and continue to be amazed by him. I also can't wait for his next projects and I'm hoping he'll cast Jake again sometime.

Super 8 is definitely destined to be a great classic. It will be the "ET" or "Goonies" of its generation, I'm sure.

I'm so excited that you liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes so much! One of the things that was so good about it was how it paralleled most of the major themes/sequences in the original - except flipped on its head with the roles of the apes and humans reversed. I want to see it again!