Saturday, 13 August 2011

Duncan Jones on working with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake's back on the streets filming End of Watch

I'm in London this weekend at Empire Magazine's Big Screen (my report of meeting Harrison Ford is here) and so time online is short but here is a catch up with Jake Gyllenhaal. It's topped by an interview that my friend Becky did for DIY Films with Duncan Jones for the UK release of Source Code in the UK. It's interesting to hear more aboout Duncan's campaign to have the film released in China. There was a question about working with Jake:

'We had a great time. Jake is a real joy for me to work with. Some people have found him difficult - I don't know why - but I found him absolutely lovely. He's incredibly smart and very funny - sometimes too funny. [laughs] He's a lovely guy - always throwing ideas at me, and always getting me to experiment and try stuff out, and go beyond where he thought the role was on the page. There are a lot of really great moments in the film when the audience is getting a good laugh, because Jake is going a little too far! It also helped that we had Michelle Monaghan with him, because the chemistry really helped.' Do read the rest of the interview, it's a goodie.

Meanwhile, Jake was back out filming End of Watch with Michael Pena on 9 August. More guns were involved. Long ones this time. I'm detecting a theme. Yesterday - 12 August - Jake was back at The Other Place, the Medical Center in LA. Thanks to IHJ for the photos, there are many more there.

You can read my review of the wonderful Troll Hunter plus a report on the Empire Big Screen Q&A at MovieBrit.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Have a good Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

Morning everyone,
just had a little time to catch up with the last posts. Nice Pics and stories. Like them very much.
I think, you have an incredible time in London, Kate :-) Meeting Harrison Ford ! Enjoy all of these days there !!!
Good to hear it's quite silent in London at the moment. Come back safe.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

mermon said...

Very good interview with Duncan. Same on Duncan. Such a nice guy. I like the way he talks about Jake. I wonder who thinks, Jake is difficult to work with. I hope, not a fellow cast member, rather a director. Jake likes to involve in a process of movie making, having his own ideas, maybe somebody doesn't like it. Duncan obviously appreciates it.
I don't get that police work with camera working. Is it something normal for American police to tape the action?
Again, nice Jake's pictures from next to the Medical Centre. And one more time Jake in good mood. Maybe the paps were saying something funny to him.
Thank you Kate for finding the time to post the news in your busy time.

LadyEkster said...

Hello darlings! I'm sort of sleep-walking the entire weekend after a far too busy agenda this week, so I'm not entirely trusting my typing at the moment. *grin* I'll keep it short: have a great weekend all, big Gyllenhugs!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for commenting Christina, Mermon and Lady Ekster!

I think the 'difficult to work with' label came from Zodiac. But it's certainly not a typical label for Jake.

Had a great day! Jakewise it was good to see Roland Emmerich. There was also a very long line of autograph hunters for him. saw some great clips of movies plus Guy Ritchie was here. A highlight for me was Troll Hunter followed by a q&a with the director and lead actor. Excellent film!

It all finishes tomorrow and then a lot of writing to do. You can read my view of Titanic 3D over at it would be so great to see Jake here for this!

I hope you're all having a good Saturday!

BBMISwear said...

I just did some catching up from the last few posts and enjoyed it all! I really have been loving the MANY EoW set pics that keep surfacing - Lookin' Good! :-)

Great entry on MB re: your experience with Harrison Ford WDW! I commented there as well...busy days!!

Have a great rest of your weekend all...especially you and all the fun you're having in London WDW! A quiet one for me (which NEVER happens) so I'm enjoying it (and will probably look at more "police officer" pictures - hee hee)!

Until next time...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) I'm so glad to see you! I'm going to sleep for a week after this weekend... hope work won't notice.

I saw Troll Hunter at the Big Screen tonight along with a Q&A. Both were marvellous. My report is now up at MovieBrit

lillyrosesNjake said...

Couple of things I remember from past interviews-Moonlight Mile-Hoffman said Jake wasn't prepared with his lines when they were filming-making it hard for the director and co-workers. Jake also constantly changed the wording of scenes from take to take. That is why he suggested Jake do some stage work which he felt would help him in his films. I know there was not smooth sailing on BBM with the director Lee. Jake thought he should be getting more direction and feedback from Lee. And on Jarhead, Jake fought with some of the castmembers including his friend Peter. Zodiac had problems with Fincher, the director again. Jake supposedly didn't like the multitude of takes and direction of film. Brothers had him and Tobey fighting for most of the movie on a makeup artist and (probably-the writer signaled) past personal issues as old girlfriends I have read (Dunst and castmate Portman)that both dated and roles they both had been up for and Tobey won out on.

Jake, in one inteview in the last couple of years, alluded to him asking others about him being difficult to work with and he was told he was-but he never went on to say what was going on-but later on in that interview he said he has tried to be more prepared on films and know his lines on day one. Portman alluded to problems on Brothers between Tobey and Jake and she tried to be the go-between on the many issues and not take sides.

I don't believe Jake is difficult said...

"I think the 'difficult to work with' label came from Zodiac. But it's certainly not a typical label for Jake. "

Thats the only time I heard that about Jake but luckily for him Fincher is known as a difficult director to work with, sorry WDW but he can be a jerk and I think overrated. 100 takes and you use the first take, that sounds like a narcissist but Fincher is still better than the dude who destoyed batman.

mermon said...

What a nice discussion we have here. I found something Moonlight Mile director said about Jake - "Casting the role of Joe was a struggle for Brad Silberling in large part because he was casting a younger version of himself. After an eye-opening discussion with director Cameron Crowe, Silberling found his 'Joe' in actor Jake Gyllenhaal. "When I met Jake, it was indeed as if I'd met a younger version of myself. The search was over." - so even if Jake was not always well prepared, at least a director understood him well. :)
I have a feeling that Jake really will be a director or producer one day, cause he's so much more in the movies making than acting only.

LadyEkster said...

This is interesting indeed! :-)

I was thinking: doesn't it simply depend on the types of people one works with and the (lack of) chemistry between personalities?

People who are as grounded as Jake seems to be can be a pain in the a** because they are confident and not scared to voice their thoughts. That can be intimidating or frustrating to people with a different personality. But put someone as strong and creative next to that person and -wham!- it works.

And, of course, we rarely learn first-hand what really goes on on film sets. The gossip blogs/shows/mags make it all way too blurry. :-S

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for the interesting discussion - sorry I've not been around today - but I'm back now! Very glad to be home...

I think Jake challenges himself and sometimes his style has been different from the director's (Sam Mendes for example) but it's admirable how Jake has sought out challenges. I like that. The results have been fantastic. Which reminds me, Jarhead is on ITV at 10.15 tonight!